#H50 10:17 – Steve and the Wacky Crime Writers.

Despite the fact that there were two storylines and an added two separate continuous story arcs as part of this episode, I still found it more entertaining than most other split episodes. At least the two stories have a literary connection, which kind of connected them in a way.

And there is always some fun and good humour when Harry is around.

My thoughts after Tani and Junior finally sealed the deal – maybe one or both these characters are about to leave the show. That is if the show actually got renewed for Season 11.

Beulah has been doing other projects lately, and Meaghan is getting married soon. Guess we will have to wait and see if this relationship will have a future beyond this season …..

Same goes for Adam. Ian Anthony Dale started his own production company and also directed his first episode – will his character leave the show or will he stay on regardless of his new projects?

I found it really funny when I saw comments on IG and Twitter about Junior’s return. Many thought that Junior was still kidnapped by WoFat’s wife after what they last saw of him at the end of Episode 10:12.

Those people do not know about cross-overs and storylines continuing and ending on another show that they do not watch.

Thousands or maybe millions of people are not on social media and do not follow the shows religiously behind the scenes. They just watch it each week for fun. They do not know about these hidden things, and Junior leaving on a mission soon after he was kidnapped (and found on Magnum PI) can be really confusing to many.

Hence my lack of enthusiasm for cross-overs…..

It looks like the Adam and Yakuza story arc is hopefully reaching its end soon. Yeah!

Steve greeting Meaghan’s real-life fiance (aka 0007) 😀

Every time I see Harry (Chris Vance) on H50 I get the feeling that this is another James Bond audition for him. But realistically looking at his age, he is just 3 years younger than present 007, Daniel Craig. On the other hand Alex is 5 years younger than Chris, but looking at all the injuries Daniel sustained during the making of his Bond movies, I would not wish such physical harm on Alex at all.

It seems that the end of this season will also have some of the old McGarrett family story arcs in it … and it looks like there will even be some Wo Fat there with it as well. Maybe we will get some answers to some of those old questions we have about Steve’s dad and Wo Fat. But I guess in true H50 fashion we will end off with more questions than answers on that matter ……..



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35 responses to “#H50 10:17 – Steve and the Wacky Crime Writers.

  1. mamayorkie

    Thank you for these great pictures.

    I enjoyed this episode more than some others. Loved seeing Harry and was nearly delirious with joy when Steve offered him a job bur crashed to earth when he refused. Still, just maybe he will change his mind or do some free lance work with the Task Force and be in a few more episodes if the show is renewed.

    I think Adam is working as a double agent but it doesn’t look to me that Steve knows just yet. I do wonder if he will pay with his life if he gets caught. A new character is entering the mix, and I can’t see how another person is necessary unless someone else departs. As for Tani and Junior, it would be out of character for the show to give any couple happiness unless they are leaving or the show is ending. They are trying to wrap up many story lines including the Champ Box which I never felt was satisfactorily explained. Hiro was very interested in it and maybe that plays to what is going on with Adm.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Mmmm, I like what you imply in your post. More Champ Box? Great! We really know very little about its contents. Hiro/Wo Fat could be interested in the Japanese postcards, the military medal, the Sherlock Holmes’ drawings and the bank account nbr found by Joe, yes, but the match box, and even Dad’s recorder were useless to them. Oh, and the famous key, of course. But what else was there in that box? Why did Laura Hill risk her life to return these items to Steve? Why do they not reveal Mom’s diary contents?

      And why did they kill Wo Fat? I started to miss him one second after Steve shot him. WF’s character still had a long way to go, had the writers chosen to keep him alive. But then ”…and it looks like there will even be some Wo Fat there with it as well”, says FOYeurt. Yum! By way of flashbacks, maybe?

      In any case, the writers have such good material to work with that it’s really annoying when they try to captivate us with restaurants, ohana meetings Chez Steve, pointless love affairs and the such.

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      • Peter posted something about some of the Champbox secrets in the final.
        And Mark was on set – so I guess there will be Wo Fat flashbacks.

        Yes, so many great stories that they started, but then never fleshed out and used to its full potential. Especially the whole Wo Fat & John McGarrett story. We never got answers about what really happened between them

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      • mamayorkie

        I was so sorry they killed Wo Fat but that occurred in Season 5, ( 507) where non renewal was a very real threat. If you recall, the criteria for ratings was different than it is today. In the original series with Jack Lord, Wo Fat was not apprehended until the series finale, so I wonder if PL wanted to eliminate the character but do it before 525 when we might have expected it if there was no renewal. Now Mark D. returns in flash backs or when Steve is delirious because he is such a great actor and plays the villain beautifully against McGarrett. If PL had a crystal Ball and could see 5 years into the future, would Wo Fat have escaped death? We wouldn’t need flashbacks.
        As for John’s story with Wo Fat, I have always believed that John knew a lot more than Steve realizes, including that Doris faked her death. I have never forgiven him for neglecting his children after he sent them away, especially Mary whose life was a mess. What kind of father admits he hasn’t been in contact with the children he sent to be cared for by Joe and Aunt Deb but has plenty of time to watch over a teenage fatherless Ellie. His own kids were both motherless and fatherless. I wonder what Chin Ho Kelly made of his admission since he considered John his mentor.

        I know some fans love him but I am no fan of John McGarrett. It is just my own opinion.

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        • Cassiopea 1000

          Yes, it would be good to see WF again, though I don’t know what he can possibly contribute to the story. Even if he is delirious, Steve won’t find answers. He might, but the writers would have to make a really outstanding job. Ah, I have it! Alex will write a fantastic flashbacks epi during his hiatus, which means we will have a S11. So says my own 5G Crystall Ball, that is configurated to meet my requirements/wishes.

          As to John McG, I’ve never really liked him myself. To send his teenager kids away after they had lost their mother in such tragic circumstances was cruel, especially as they did not really know the reason why. I’m not even sure he was such a good cop. He said all he did was to protect them, but Steve was all the time in mortal danger because of Dad’s secrecy. And as you say, he had time for Ellie, but it has never been mentioned that he visited his own kids in the continent.

          With such a father and mother, it’s a wonder Steve is not a sociopath!

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          • Dq

            I have always not liked John. Finding the post cards from Japan seems that he knew all the time that Doris was alive. Between Doris and John not warning Steve about Wo Fat having a major bone with the Mcarretts put Steve at a huge handicap. Wo Fat seemed to have only a probable with Steve. Her natural son and not his adopted son. Of course her killing his mother and his father being jailed. I don’t think he ever went after Mary. He is a SEAL. Pretty tough man. I think he could have taken the truth. Aunt Deb was a lovely woman and stood up to the line as will she could. However with John dropping Mary, a 5 year old kid on her life, killed any kind of career she could’ve have had. John should have told Steve about Doris is alive. And Doris should have told him about her history with Wo Fat. Terrible parents. No kind of soft soaping can make it OK.

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            • I think WoFat tortured Steve twice with the idea that Steve knew stuff that he actually did not know about at all.
              All that was the fault of Joe and Doris (and also the fact that Steve was in Navy intelligence), that created the idea to Wo Fat the Steve knew things about Shelburne and Wo Fat’s father.
              To me, John is the most tragic figure on the show.
              I wonder if we will ever know if John, in the end, knew that Doris was still alive.


  2. Magnólia

    Bonitas fotos!
    Tenho pensamentos contraditórios em relação à renovação da série. Por um lado, gosto de ver Alex todas as semanas por outro lado penso que Alex estagnou sua carreira por estar há tantos anos no mesmo trabalho.
    Embora tenha tido a chance de mostrar o seu talento na direcção.
    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur! 🎶🎻

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  3. D. Havard

    The whole “let’s kill 4 strangers in order to get more publicity for a book deal” seemed to stretch the bounds of plausibility. The whole storyline was extremely contrived and unrealistic.

    And Harry, who was supposed to be extremely knowledgeable entrusted the one person with his money who immediately decided to keep it.

    Both storylines were rather MEH!

    Alex and Scott stood around and looked pretty. They didn’t have a lot to do.

    Junior and Tani sizzled! Now THAT is how you sizzle. (And what I want for Steve.)


  4. “The whole “let’s kill 4 strangers in order to get more publicity for a book deal” seemed to stretch the bounds of plausibility. The whole storyline was extremely contrived and unrealistic.” – That is more or less 50% of all the crimes on the show. And sadly I think in real life people have killed for a lot less reasons than this. And I think Steve realized from early on that she was a bit crazy. Not sure that her assistant looked like the murdering type though.

    I think Harry was pressed for time to get a plan in action. Actually, a miracle that there was somebody there the get his money back – maybe an old lover was not the way to go 😉 😉
    And I do not think Alex ever just stands around looking pretty – all these expressive faces in the pictures, I think, proof that. 😀

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    • D. Havard

      Sorry sorry, FOYeur, didn’t mean to demean Alex, just that he really didn’t get to do much. The most intense scene was the one with Adam. Here’s hoping this week will be better.

      I think the Adam thing may be coming to a head soon. I just hope it doesn’t get him killed, although he may have to go into hiding.

      I did read in the Star that the person he was talking to last week was a Fed. So maybe it’s a triple cross.


      • No need to apologize. I did not see it as demeaning him. 🙂 (I understood what you meant)
        I really do hope that there will be a good story behind the Adam thing – but I do not have high hopes for it.


  5. CassG

    These pics are wonderful and as far as Steve/Alex standing around looking pretty I say Yay cause he is that!!😍😘 For me seeing him was it with this ep. I do like Harry but was not thrilled with his storyline.
    I don’t know but I am not really feeling Tani and Junior as a romantic couple. There is something missing and an awkwardness I see between them at times. They seem better suited as friends. We shall see!

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  6. This episode was an Alexpressions feast! What a pleasure to watch. Just Alex’/Steve’s facial expressions while talking to Suzanne at the end were freaking hilarious. Although there wasn’t much action he did way more than standing around…
    Dannoying’s ‘you can’t read’ lines for the umpteenth time are so tiresome, tedious… and – well – dannoying.
    Don’t really get the purpose of Harry in this episode, I think that storyline was redundant. And please end the Adam story. Working for the Feds, double agent, triple agent, whatever, I no longer care.
    I feel like the only one not feeling the ReiRey vibes. Maybe because I don’t like Tani, maybe because I think Junior deserves better… I don’t know. It’s not there for me.
    I was wondering what/whom Steve was thinking of watching the fireworks. Joe crossed my mind… because of the last beautiful sunset they shared. It was Steve’s face they showed that long so it was meaningful, at least I hope so. Or it’s just because he is the prettiest of them all, lol…

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      You’re not the only one not feeling the vibes between Tani and Junior. In my case, it’s clearly because I don’t like Tani either. My aversion to her started on the 1st epi where she appeared, when she was rude to Steve. And it annoyed me greatly when he failed to put her in her place. There was also that epi when she showed gross disrespect to Lou, an experienced SWAT captain, calling him an old man in the most rude way. There are many other epis where she shows a fine disregard to hierarchy. I strongly believe in hierarchy and respect as it’s the only way a team, any kind of team, can work smoothly and successfully. but I suppose that when it comes to fiction, all is permitted.

      And I absolutely adore Junior. With Joe gone, he’s now my favourite character after Steve (and Eddie!). So, yes, he deserves better.

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      • Exactly! Respect is the keyword. She doesn’t have it, is smug and cocky. I don’t get it. What are her achievements? She was thrown out of the academy. And then the stunt she pulled with Adam’s gun. Ugh.

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  7. In the beginning there was alex and action and great writing and woo fat , champ box, etc . Great cast no annoying episodes I want that back. The excitement., Steve really into his cases hanging people off of buildings . Really no need to kill off woo fat.No need to keep us in the dark all these years. To have Harry in the episode and no 007 action really why? Hoping for some drama some excitement some passion in the ending episodes, Stayed all these years for alex and occasional great episode . I
    want more,

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    • Dq

      Just my opinion. It the early episodes there were more and noted guest stars. James Caan, Sean Combs, Carol Burrnett Vanessa Marcella (spelling?) Nick Jonas and so more. I guess budgets don’t allow for big names anymore. Or PLs lost in interest. Those episodes were started and over in one night. They were fun and/or dangerous but the fans enjoyed to see these familiar stars. I miss them.


      • I think it’s got a lot to do with budget – a bigger group of permanent cast and most probably higher packages for the main stars over the years.
        But also Hawaii being far away from mainstream Hollywood (resulting in higher costs to accommodate big stars)
        And of course, with 235 episodes in the bag, many of the available people have been used over the years and also some of the big names were killed off and can’t really return without a good flashback story.
        I do not really think Peter lost interest – H50 still remains his flagship show and biggest success story thus far.


      • Cassiopea 1000

        Yes, the problem is probably a budget one. Though as we in Europe don’t know many of the guest stars, only the very notorious ones such as James Caan (and in his case only if you are a ‘The Godfather’ fan) or Joan Collins, we don’t really feel the present ones are not such big names. At the most we say hey, wasn’t he the guy who was in Blablabla show? That happened to us with Terry O’Quinn, DDK or Jorge García, whom we knew from ‘Lost’ but whose names we did not know/remember. Even the great Carol Burnett, who is really a very well-known lady in the entertainment business in America is in general unknown to us, especially if you are from a younger generation. And you’d be surprised at the number of Alex fans here in Europe who don’t know his name (not a very easy one for non-English speakers) and refer to him as Steve from H50! So we don’t really feel we’re missing anything, as Dq (BTW, who is Sean Combs?).
        So now that H50 is a renown show, in America and elsewhere, maybe the producers don’t feel the need to spend lots of money on prominent guests stars and prefer to invite them on newer shows that still need to be consolidated. Just saying.


        • Sean Combs, also known by the stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Puffy, or Diddy, is an American rapper, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, record executive, and actor.
          He played undercover police officer Reggie Cole in Epi 1:21 of H50.


        • There has been some fairly well-known people on the show over the years. But I must agree, especially this season, there has not been real big names on the show. But there has been a few who have done there fair share of acting in the industry.
          Rob Morrow as Wes Cullen might have been the best known of them all – well to me at least. Pity that they killed his character off so quickly – or is he really dead? One of the big unanswered questions of this season – who was he involved with and who planted the bomb in his house?


          • mamayorkie

            I always felt that they should rely more heavily on local talent (which they do for minor parts) and leave the occasional big name performers to only those very few episodes where they could bring something special which no one else could do. That’s rare so maybe it is also a question of their agents and those who book on the show having a relationship where if there is a guest role and the name actor/actress has some free time and doesn’t mind flying first class and staying in a 5 star resort, then that is how they fill the part. Perhaps the feeling is that some of the guest stars will boost ratings, but I am not sure if that is the case or if there is much of an effect. Maybe someone else here can tell us if the viewership goes up significantly when a famous person gets a guest starring role.

            Carol Burnett is a legend, much as was Lucille Ball, but today a generation of people only know her from TV re-runs Her take on Scarlett O’Hara and her dress made from drapes is a classic. ( I don’t know if this short scene is available on line but if it is it would be worthwhile to see it.) Some smart writer who actually reads books could have easily had Aunt Deb look at those old curtains in Steve’s living room and quip that they would look better as a dress.

            I wish they had not killed her, Joe White and Wo Fat off as they did. Each of those deaths had a significant impact on Steve McGarrett’s life and I do understand why the writers inflict pain on his character for the sake of drama but enough, now. Isn’t it time for Steve to find happiness and for the viewers to celebrate with him instead of wondering what illness/loss/betrayal he will have to deal with each week? I know at the end of the series PL will try to fix all of these problems for each of the main cast but I am getting tired of waiting. Although how he fixes Radiation baffles me.

            The obligatory Ohana scenes at the end of the episodes in Casa McGarrett are not the kind of happiness I mean.

            I believe we will have a season 11 and I think PL has know that from the start of season 10. I base this on absolutely nothing concrete but my personal feeling. Or I could be wrong.


            • Dq

              Carol is a truly legend. I was disappointed that she didn’t do the little tug of her ear after the song at the restaurant. She did that all the ended of her shows back then. Younger fans would not remember that. And of course, Joan Collin as Mandy was in complete Alexis Carrington role. It was hysterical. Ah, memories.


  8. D. Havard

    Kinda off topic

    I HAVE to ask: what is that commercial playing on Instagram about? Cat toys, female products? Funny as heck but…?

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