#H50 10:15 – With friends like these, who needs enemies?

One thing this episode showed us – Bonnie, and maybe Tani also, still need to learn a lot more about police/detective work. A young man you know is hiding the fact that he carries two phones and your radar picks up other girlfriends and not criminal activity? Really??

And Bonnie also still needs to get a few more skills to spy silently on people and not be seen.

And maybe learn to observe first before storming from a house where you were held captive.

I think the eyelashes need to be credited as a separate star of the show

And Steve’s nostrils were working overtime this episode …

Will never get tired of saying how much I love Eddie being more visible in Steve’s life this season.

Hopefully, there will be a TALK between Steve and Adam after this.

AND after the Valentines episode, Danny will move back to his own place.

AND Junior will be back where he belongs by Steve’s side



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16 responses to “#H50 10:15 – With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  1. Magnólia

    Muito belo na sua maturidade, pena que as histórias não façam jus ao talento e beleza de Alex. As histórias centradas em Steve são muito mais interessantes.
    Saudades das primeiras temporadas!
    Obrigada,Paula e Foyeur!🍀🎻

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  2. Zsuzsa Dné Z

    And Steve’s nostrils were working overtime this episode … I really like this! 😀 And indeed your lashes are unique! :)))

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  3. D. Havard

    I would prefer if Both Junior and Danny move out which means Steve will finally get off his butt and find himself a lady!

    Maybe one with a dog so that Eddie will have a buddy.

    Excellent pictures. The tongue one alone made my day.


    • CassG

      I definitely agree! Danny should hopefully be leaving the nest soon (not soon enough for my taste though)!! Junior I like him a lot but its definitely time for him to move out into his own place and esp if he and Tani are becoming a “thing”. Its time for him to make his own personal comfort zone.

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      • Dq

        Maybe Junior will move with Tani. Or is it too early? Either, he needs to get out of Steves house. Danny also. At least he has a home to do to. Also, Steve and Danny bickering like an old married couple is wearing thin. Like the restaurant story that went all too long. Humorous, but it’s starting to get creepy. Steve telling Danny that he could stay as long as he wants him, almost seems that he is doesn’t want to be alone. As far as I came remember no one has ever lived with him. Lynn had her own place. Even when Catherine retired she had her had her own place. I think when everyone leaves his house his PSTD will come out and maybe he will able to deal it. I hope so. Our boy has had a very troubled life. His mother killing, his father killing, his stint as a SEAL, his mother coming back and and all the lies to him. Joe White lying all his life and then his death, WoFat. Even Catherine leaving him and lying about that. (The CIA gives him classified info often, why need to keep it from him). Everyone close in his life is gone and they all lied to him. And for what?! To protect him?! I call B.S! How much misery can a man take.Well, enough of my ranting.

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  4. mamayorkie

    I deeply resent those eyelashes. Especially since I don’t have anything that nice.

    I kept trying to decide if Grover was saying Bonnie or Vonnie since her name is Siobahn and it is pronounced Sh-von- so I thought Vonnie maybe but who knows.

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  5. Bunty

    Here in the UK we have just seen the episode where Doris dies. This for me was the absolute best episode EVER. It brought back memories of Alex in Moonlight days when his lovely eyes did a lot of the acting. I shall watch it again and maybe again!! 🥰

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  6. Audrey Manasterski

    I agree, these young women aren’t very observant to their surroundings.
    Good to see Eddie in a bigger part, he is such a beautiful dog.
    I also don’t get why his houseguests don’t have their own place, though I know how expensive apts are on Oahu. Mooching off your friends isn’t the way to go.
    Steve does need a life, pronto.

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  7. Cassiopea 1000

    First of all, thank you FOYeur and Paula for these pictures. Nothing compares to you in terms of keeping me glued to a screen, not even Netflix!

    As mamayorkie, I resent those eyelashes. I have said it before and reaffirm my comment, it’s extremely unfair, as no amount of mascara can make my own short ones to look as long as his. But then, it’s not everyone who has had a fair pouring beauty lavishly over a newborn child in his cradle.

    I can’t wait to see this epi full of nostrils acting! Which makes me realize that only excellent actors are able to use any tool at hand to enhance their work. That I know of, no other actor on this planet has been praised for using his nostrils 😄😄😄!

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  8. Oh, I love the title of this post, FOYeur! So true. And stupidly I saw the sneak for today’s episode and obviously now it is Dannoying’s raison d’être sitting on his host’s kitchen counter, watching him doing some work and bitching around. What a lovely houseguest. And I agree with your words about Tani and Siobhan. That was stupid, all of it. But the actress who played Siobhan is really good. Would love to see more of her.
    But thank you so much for the shoutout to Alex’s nostrils. I call them his NoDs. The Nostrils of Determination. They need their own credt like his ER, eyebrow roof, his LoF, Lashes of Fluffiness and of course the famous PoP.
    Thank you for the awesome pics, Paula. Didn’t notice the pink beast made an appearance until now.

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  9. CassG

    My bad for not commenting on these beauts earlier! I LOVE as always being able to gaze at Alex’s gorgeous face esp when taking a little private quiet time out. Nice to be able to depart from craziness to see something or I should say someone who can brighten my day!!😍😘

    Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!! Do enjoy!!❤❤❤

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