#H50 10:14 – A Man’s Best Friend

Oh, how I love how they are using Eddie in the show this season. Never thought when they first introduced him in Season 8, that they would be able to incorporate his character like this. Well done to the writers, his trainer and Alex. It really made this episode with Eddie as member of the Five-0 team, worthwhile to watch.

The show was never really willing or brave enough to let the hero Steve McGarrett show signs of severe suffering from his past traumas. It might be good or bad – I for one did not really advocate that rout for his story.

However, they did use this situation with Eddie, just like last season with Noelani in 9:22 and even before that with Cath in Season 4,  to have Steve mention his traumas and how having a purpose and support from those close to him, helped him to cope with it.


Again some great and subtle continuity for the season, to have the Vet from Episode 10:04 come over to examine Eddie and even discuss what happened with her and Steve dating and not dating.

Steve’s face after the Vet left said so much  – the subtlety in Alex’s acting blows my mind every time. He does not need big traumatic situations to show how he just creates a  character with feelings.

Weird how they never even considered the fact that Eddie also traumatically lost his 2nd handler, the DEA office in Hawaii (Episode 8:02), as any cause of his PTS? But I guess they had to rush fleshing out this story and investigating in order to give time for the other part of the story.

I hope they explore the fact that there is a cute, seemingly single, neighbour living next to Steve. Really great to see that he actually lives next to other humans.

I do not care much for the way Adam’s story is turning out, but after this greeting between him and Steve and seeing Steve’s face, I have some hope that there might be some good story material here that they are working with. I guess the next few episodes will give us an answer to that.


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31 responses to “#H50 10:14 – A Man’s Best Friend

  1. mamayorkie

    Did they establish that the next door neighbor is single?

    At least we know what happened to his relationship with the Vet. She took “It’s me, not you” very well and has moved on. Personally, I would have kicked him in both shins.

    Eddie did very well as our favorite canine actor.


    • About the neighbour – it is all debatable. And from there my use of the word ‘seemingly’
      She does say that they came from Connecticut and that she would like her son to have some of it someday. But then she says she would have her students help her move the plants and that made me think that there is no man to help her with it. Lots of potential there.

      About the Vet – personally, I would have liked him to be more honest with her and maybe just mention the fact that he was undercover in Mexico for two months and that his mother actually died in his arms, since their date.

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  2. D. Havard

    Steve and Eddie. It was Magic! Loved how close they are. Eddie isn’t just Steve’s dog, he’s Steve’s friend and his support.

    So…..the girl of Danny’s dreams is someone he meets in a bar, has a nooner with in a public toilet (EWw). And then she dies. What a surprise….not.

    Loved Steve’s face as he was hugging Adam. You could tell he wasn’t buying what Adam was trying to sell.

    Lovely lovely pics.

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    • mamayorkie

      The whole sex in a public bathroom scene was the fantasy of a twelve year old boy sitting in a classroom, unable to concentrate because of raging hormones.

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      • Dq

        Danny is a detective. His brain above his waist never thought that a single woman hanging in a bar by herself during the day, might just be looking for a lonely man to hit on with some money that she could roll? This is the girl of his dreams? These writers couldn’t write a descent Hallmark movie. Awful! I hope he gets a S.T.D.

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  3. Nancy 13

    I thought the bathroom sex was gross. Most public restrooms are not all that clean. Eww is right!

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  4. Except for the bathroom scene I really loved this episode. I have a funny feeling about the girl . Weird how they met and the way she looked at him like she had more info, Not a big fan of Scott but his acting was good in this story and he wasn’t really his jerky self, Wondering if maybe she doesn’t die .Steve and eddie story was excellent except really no need to get the girls involved, Yes always loved how alex can tell a story with just one look. You can tell he is not trusting adam for one second.


  5. I thought this was one of the best episodes in a while. Great all around but I wish she would not have died. 😦 And I agree I love the way they are incorporating Eddie.


  6. CassG

    First and foremost I love Steve and Eddie’s relationship! The love and the need for each other is really special and beautiful as they both are. The filming of the opening scenes were amazing! I jumped several times because of the realism of the cars zooming by and each of them being in imminent danger..OMG!!! I was happy when that scene was over! Later when Eddie went thru several examinations his face and his ability to play his part were amazing! I felt bad that he had gone thru the traumas he’d experienced. Something both he and Steve have in common. That face!! When he was with Steve in the car and on the couch on Steve’s lap… OMG!! A true bond.

    I’m glad we found out about the date but I was disappointed with how things turned out esp about the fact he never called her again. It seemed out of character for him but he is only human and was dealing with additional trauma of a major kind and although he went back to work which was obviously therapeutic for him I think he still could not deal with much else. I liked her as she seemed nice and I felt hopeful esp for his sake.

    As far as Danny and the mysterious female is concerned how old is he by the way????? Always so much so called advice for his buddy Steve. Spare me please!!!!

    Steve’s face speaks volumes without uttering a word. It should be interesting to see how things develop between him and Adam going forward.

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  7. Throwaway22

    Danny’s storyline seemed weird and pointless. We get it, he’s unlucky and something bad will happen to every girl he meets. The writers are turning this into an bad western

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  8. vanduyn

    Thanks for the goodies 🙂

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  9. Kind of wonder if when the so called CIA thugs went to kidnap most of the team with the Magnum PI crossover if they did something to Eddie? That led to the P.S.T.D. thing?! Would not be surprising


    • I think that they kind of feel that they established the fact that the smell of the flowers triggered the PTS – doubt if there will be any further exploration into it than that.


  10. Cassiopea 1000

    Eddie is really a great actor and the living proof that no words are needed to express emotions. Steve and Eddie are a perfect pair!

    I wonder if Alex has developped a special relationship with that dog. Even if he’s well trained (the dog, I mean), they do seem to love each other for good.

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  11. Lee Ann

    Not a bad episode, hope sweet Eddie comes along just fine and ‘Danny’ stays out of bars – strange storyline. WHAT is Scott Caan doing with his weird haircut? It seemed to be filling out & now it is all super duper close on the sides & floppy on top. Looks awful!

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    • mamayorkie

      Although the expression “mutton dressed like lamb” usually is used to describe a woman, in this case it applies to Danny’s “do” big time.


  12. stevemcgarrettlover

    I loved and hated this episode for different reasons. The whole part with Steve and Eddie was magical. Sweet, heartwarming, and wonderful acting by the best actor in the world, and the best dog actor in the world😊🐶 Danny’s storyline was interesting….. to say the least. I felt so bad for him when she died, but I know that his ohana will get him back to normal. I didn’t mind how he acted with the woman, since he hasn’t done anything of the sort for about two and a half years. Plus, when he got angry, and honked the horn so hard, so that the trucker stopped, in that tank top? The muscles and that bulging vein? Awesome!! Now, Alex needs to wear a tank top, and do some muscle and vein flexing. (Is vein flexing a thing??) Great pictures!!!


  13. I just watched the episode and I am blown away by the McEddie parts! This dog is such a great actor with actual facial expressions. More than just one. And as you said, FOYeur, Alex’s subtlety in acting is just wonderful. He touched my heart. The McEddie scenes and especially the scene when Steve talks about his life with Tani and Quinn made me tear up.
    Whereas the part with the ‘woman of questionable taste’ (hey, we and Danny never got a name…) made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. So D had a one night stand with a married woman, a one night stand with an abuse victim and a quickie in a public restroom with a woman with no name he just met in a bar? What a lovely guy… And the rest was overly dramatic on so many levels that I first got annoyed and then bored. Watching paint dry during a downpour would be more rewarding so I decided to give my ‘after vacation’ nails the attention they deserved.
    And now I am trying to figure out how to edit my episode because it would have been terrific with just the rest. I even enjoyed Tani.
    And Steve doesn’t trust Adam. Not one bit. Either he finds out that Adam is a spy and punches his lights out, because Adam is this eternal loser caused by own fault – or he comes clean with McGarrett (without our knowledge of course) and Steve comes up with a plan to take down the Yakusa guys and in the end it’s surprise surprise for us because Steve knew all the time.
    And please show, let us see the beautiful neighbour again.
    Steve needs someone! He is not a guy for public restrooms. And that is a good thing.

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  14. Nancy 13

    Forgot to thank you for the wonderful pictures of Alex! He sure looks great this season with the longer hair. I wish he & the lady vet had connected. Maybe the timing sucked. Hope the new neighbor is single. Steve would be a tough neighbor to live by though, with all that happens at his house! Thanks for this wonderful blog & the great Alex pics!

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  15. lindae5o

    I loved everything about this episode that involved Steve and Eddie. Eddie is an amazing four-legged ‘actor’ and Alex always blows me away with his ‘less is more’ acting style. You can always count on him to deliver the goods. The scene with Adam was so telling – Steve recognized b.s. when he heard it.
    I did feel bad for Danny when his girl Leslie, died. That’s about all I can muster up for him. A quickie in a public restroom!! And why did he just walk off down the road, at the end. His characters’ image would have been improved if he’d shown some concern for the woman, and helped the rescue workers.
    I bet Eddie really likes being around Alex. Dogs always know when they are with good people.
    Thanks Foyeur, for all the great photos!!

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    • Kathysr

      Danny should be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. What the HECK was that? Really! He knows the law. Very, very strange storyline. Don’t understand the purpose. And how much you want to bet that next week it’s business as usual and no mention is made of the accident, the death or its effect on Danny. Everything’s OK!

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      • mamayorkie

        How much of that special drink did he have anyway? Even a small taste should be a flag against having Danny get behind the wheel of a car and the writers should be aware of that. The paramedics would have wanted to check Danny out for injuries and since it was an accident with him driving, they may have wanted to either take blood or do a field sobriety test on him. And he just walks away? Reality would have been the police chasing after him and questioning him. But this is H50 where even the smallest hint of reality doesn’t exist. But I accept that as the price I pay for a show I enjoy. Nevertheless, conveying that consuming just a little alcohol is OK if it is below the legal limit for someone to drive is a disservice to the public.

        Bottom line is that Danny should have remained on the scene, and cooperated with the authorities. But then we wouldn’t have that ridiculous scene of him wandering off into …….nowhere Maybe he gets kidnapped.

        Off my soapbox.

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  16. Catherine McKeever

    I wasn’t able to watch this episode on Friday night, was out with my daughter for the weekend shopping for a wedding but I couldn’t wait to watch it as soon as I came home. Steve and Eddie stole the show! I love how well they work together and you can Steve has a great relationship with Eddie. The beginning scene scared me so much!! I’ve seen that happen where our dog ran out into the street and got hit by a car! I had to hold my breath during that scene!! Alex was so wonderful with his expressions and worry and care for Eddie! I watched their scenes over and over gain. The Danny and his paramour scenes turned me off! He is always so eager to jump into bed with the first woman that pays him any attention. And to do it in the bathroom without even knowing her name! Low morals, no respect!! The way he just left and walked off at the end, I just didn’t understand. Why didn’t he make sure she was attended to and find out if she can be saved? And the fact that he never found out her name? His character this season really turns me off, he acts like a overage hormonal schoolboy! At least Steve and Eddie saved the episode! Their performance was outstanding as usual!!!

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    • Hi Catherine, I found this comment from you in our spam folder – not sure why it landed there. Did not check things there for a while and that why I only came across it now to approve.


  17. Being a dog lover I absolutely loved McEddie and the interaction between them was awesome. Eddie nearly stole some scenes from Steve but as always Alex knocked it out of the park not only with his words but also by his facial expressions. I wish the entire hour was about them. I was too distracted with Dannys hairstyle to pay attention to what was happening in his scenes. It’s a shame because It was finally an episode where he wasn’t whining about something. It doesn’t say much for his character the way he has these sexual encounters who almost strangers. Him walking down the road at the end made no sense at all. What really frustrates me is that Steve has been through so much with Doris dying this year and still nothing from Cath who at this point has to know. What a perfect opportunity to get them together and have them move forward. He sure could use some love and comfort but instead we don’t get a mention.

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  18. joyfuljaj

    Ya’ll said pretty much everything that needs to be said. I’ll just add my own.. more McEddie!

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