#AlexOLoughlin talks about Steve McGarrett on #H50

The transcript of a small part of an interview with Alex O’Loughlin from back in 2013, where he tries to explain his approach to his character, Steve McGarrett.


What makes him (Steve McGarrett) a hero, is the same thing that makes him human, you know. It’s why I’m always fighting for the humanity of this character. Of any character.

Now look, ultimately at the end of the day, this is a TV show, and that’s it, you know. But I have to approach it like it’s any other …. You know, I want to it to be more than that all the time. And I try to …. I never watch it. I watch one episode a year, because I am at the premiere and I have to. Cause they take photos of me, and if I’m sitting there like this, [closing his eyes] it looks weird.

But I don’t like watching myself back. But I love doing it. I love being in the moment.

And so, the humanity, that’s the answer. The humanity of this guy is the same thing, that makes him a hero. And that’s the thing that makes him flawed as well.

So, I hope we get to explore more of that shades of grey, because that’s where it is interesting.

Link to Video:


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10 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin talks about Steve McGarrett on #H50

  1. mamayorkie

    And here lies the heart the problem. Alex needs to watch the final product occasionally. Because when he is filming scenes that are usually not in order, he gets a distorted idea of what the episode will actually look like after it gets edited to show the EP’s intent. His understanding and the reality of what is being conveyed to the viewers may be different.

    Many actors dislike watching themselves on the screen and it is understandable because they can be too harsh on themselves. But I still think it is a necessary and helpful sacrifice if only done sporadically.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      I think Alex is a perfectionist who will never be satisfied with his work. He’s bound to find one thousand flaws in his performances where we see none. But I’m not sure he should watch himself. He might decide he’s a lousy actor and feel he’d better stop acting, or he might have fits at realizing how different the final product is in comparison with the way he would have handled the script himself. Being such a sensitive and humble man, not watching himself may be a way to protect himself, not from criticism but from having to reassess himself with every step he takes.

      Or maybe he simply thinks that what’s done is done and there’s no going back, so it’s useless to waste time watching himself.

      Now is when FOYeur rummages in her magic data base and find us an interview where Alex explains why he never watches himself. Come on, FOYeur! You can!


      • mamayorkie


        I have never been a perfectionist, having learned early on that perfection is like fools gold. It looks like an admirable personal characteristic but it is unattainable and only causes unhappiness for those who try to achieve it. I strive for almost perfect, understanding that I may not ever come close to that. And that knowledge that I am not a supreme being and can just do my imperfect best and the world will still keep pinning, keeps me sane.

        I am not suggesting that he watch every episode. No, but just a few scattered here and there so he can see how the final edit of his work plays on the screen. As a director he probably now knows that by now.

        None of us get to avoid doing the hard things in life, So just not doing them because we will be super critical of ourselves is unhelpful. It robs us of the opportunity to grow and try to get to almost perfect, which is still terrific in my book and just as difficult to reach.


        • Cassiopea 1000

          I agree with every word you say, and at the same time I deeply disagree with you.

          I am a perfectionist myself and am rarely fully satisfied with what I do. Perfectionism can ruin one’s life, granted. As you say, perfection is unattainable and this can be a cause of constant frustration. But perfectionism can also help one to improve, to find new, more effective, sounder or wiser ways to work or to procede. This has worked for me, and I’m happy with this characteristic of mine.

          I think that as a producer/writer/director/actor, Alex will be more inclined to watch his work, because he’ll need to see if all the elements in which he has taken part are coherent and balanced. But watching himself delivering his routine lines around the magic table in H50 quarters, for instance? How can that contribute to his improvement as an actor? I am convinced that deep down, he knows perfectly well how he looks and sounds without having to watch himself.

          I’ll just add that I’m not a psychologist, that I know nothing about actors, and that I think I have a lot of nerve talking about what Alex thinks or feels as if he were a dear friend. But then, nobody is perfect!


          • mamayorkie


            “I agree with every word you say, and at the same time I deeply disagree with you.”

            That is a wonderful line! And attitude! (Almost) perfection and very high praise from an admittedly shameless imperfect person like me!


  2. lindae5o

    This is a great interview clip!! Thank you.

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  3. I love his Australia accent!

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  4. I don’t know if this will get me kicked off but I wanted to comment on the last episode. I thought it was quite well done for Steve and Eddie’s part, actually everything except the Danny stuff.

    1. I thought he was still in love with Rachel? If so, why seek out someone else? I thought it was wrong…hooking up with her in the restroom, then renting a car, etc., etc.
    2. Did he really walk away at the end? Isn’t that illegal (cop or not) to leave the scene of an accident? It wasn’t believable for me.
    3. What is with his haircut?

    I feel that they did the “reunion” between Adam and part of the team quite well. You could tell that Steve didn’t trust him. I also felt that the interaction between Steve and Emma was a good one. He was able to acknowledge his shortcomings especially in a relationship.

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    • LOL – we are not in a habit of “kicking people off the site”. Especially not if what you comment is mostly true. And we, in fact, can’t kick anybody anywhere on here 🙂
      Danny did say that he and Rachel decided to just be friends and that is why he was open for a new relationship. He was there with a rented car ( he did not rent it just to take her home.) – maybe his work car was in for a service while he was taking his few days off (as he and Steve discussed).
      And, of course, it is all just so that he does not smash his car – it would not have been practical for the long run of the show
      As for him walking away – it was all just for dramatic effect again. It should not be taken too seriously. Just a stupid choice by the writers or director or actor. NO way in real life would anybody just walk away – injured himself and in the middle of nowhere. I would call it ‘Poetic Licence’.


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