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#AlexOLoughlin talks about Steve McGarrett on #H50

The transcript of a small part of an interview with Alex O’Loughlin from back in 2013, where he tries to explain his approach to his character, Steve McGarrett.


What makes him (Steve McGarrett) a hero, is the same thing that makes him human, you know. It’s why I’m always fighting for the humanity of this character. Of any character.

Now look, ultimately at the end of the day, this is a TV show, and that’s it, you know. But I have to approach it like it’s any other …. You know, I want to it to be more than that all the time. And I try to …. I never watch it. I watch one episode a year, because I am at the premiere and I have to. Cause they take photos of me, and if I’m sitting there like this, [closing his eyes] it looks weird.

But I don’t like watching myself back. But I love doing it. I love being in the moment.

And so, the humanity, that’s the answer. The humanity of this guy is the same thing, that makes him a hero. And that’s the thing that makes him flawed as well.

So, I hope we get to explore more of that shades of grey, because that’s where it is interesting.

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