#H50 10:13 – Steve & Miss Manners

So I guess this episode was about etiquette – Elite Golf Club etiquette, how to handle bullying etiquette, divorce etiquette and Yakuza gangster etiquette. And maybe even some more subjects and the etiquette around it that we might have missed …. 😉

Not much more to say about the episode, other than that Steve looked gorgeous as usual.

And cute

After this lesson in social skills, we will have to wait until the last Friday of the month to see the next episode.


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21 responses to “#H50 10:13 – Steve & Miss Manners

  1. Alex is always beautiful!

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  2. D. Havard

    McGarrett Lite. I liked it. We needed it. Life has been grim in 5 O land. When he told Danny about being bullied, didn’t it make you want to hug him……a lot!?

    Adam. WTF! Why does he always have to choose the worst path.

    Pics, as always, magnificant.


  3. mamayorkie

    When the best thing we can say about an episode is that Alex looked good we are in trouble.

    They must have filmed this episode in record time. Adam was on his own in Japan–no other regular cast required. Tani was on her own at an an empty headquarters –no other cast required (except for the last scene) . Junior is off being a sailor–no other cast required. Quinn is giving a deposition in Court, about what we don’t know but again no other regular cast required. Grover is playing golf-no other regular cast required. No car chases (if you eliminate the silly golf cart stuff) , no bullets flying and no one jumping off roofs. Everyone could have arrived for work at 7AM, read their own lines and been home or on a plane by noon.

    But then we have the obligatory “see Danny and Steve are still best buddies” once a year episode or, really, just ten minutes of a episode. Steve’s presence at a school meeting for someone else’s child was absurd. If Rachel couldn’t make it, (unexplained , of course) , and the other child’s parents couldn’t make it, then it would have been cancelled. But then we couldn’t have the Ohana moment at Casa McGarett where they seem to have brokered a peace between warring children with the skill of skilled diplomats.

    Give Steve his own happiness. Give him a family of his own. Stop killing everyone who means anything to him.

    I deleted this episode almost immediately. It is not worth a second watch.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Mamayorkie, you’ve really made me LOL! I have not watched this epi, but I love the way you describe it and the way you approach the whole H50 present show. Plus you have said a honest-to-God truth: ‘When the best thing we can say about an episode is that Alex looked good we are in trouble.’ If I were Mr CBS, I ‘d made it mandatory for Alex to live in an aseptic environment when he’s not on duty to make sure he preserves his good looks, since it seems they are the guarantee that the show will go on no matter what.

      Of course there are some rare gems, such as the epi written by Alex himself where incidentally he was not looking at his best though he was brilliant both as a writter and an actor.

      Beauty vs Talent. Guess what prevails?


    • Dq

      This episode was brutal. No Junior at all. No Quinn at all. Tani being at the office alone was weird. Why wouldn’t she call Steve to tell he had caught a case? Why was he there at all? Solving the bully situation was stupid. Who knew that was only needed a few beers and a dog for everyone to be nicey and nicey. The worst thorn in my side was Danny make a big deal about the others parents not coming to the meeting. Hello! Rachael wasn’t there also. I guess the reconcile story is dead. And Adam is going back to 5O is going (how?) to be a spy for the Yakusa? At least Grovers case was humorous. And Alex looked beautiful despite the story. These writers are getting worse.


    • lindae5o

      This episode was a waste of time, except to see Steve. Mamayorkie, ‘obligatory’ is the right word for the buddy-buddy scenes. It’s laughable. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the writers’ room when they have to include Danny in scenes. His indifference to the show, for whatever reason, must make it very difficult for them. If Scott Caan left, I wouldn’t care, but less of Steve really hurts. Lenkov seems obsessed with the reboot running at least as long as the original.

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  4. CassG

    Ohh Mamayorkie I do so agree with you on all accounts!! I also deleted this one immediately. This ep was a complete and utter bore and in most instances made no sense whatsoever! Yes unfortunately or fortunately in this case the only redeeming factor was seeing gorgeous Alex/Steve.
    I hope they will bring a focus to his personal life like putting some life into it. He needs it!! This gorgeous man hanging with his ohana, being uncle Steve, being there for his ohana that’s all good but separating from that to one on one time with a female of “organic” interest would really serve him well. That’s what he is about though serving others. He needs to serve himself and have that personal love relationship back in his life PLEASE!!
    Thanks for these awesome pics FOYeur.

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    • Kathysr

      This was a bizarre episode. The only thing I liked was the Grover story. Maybe he’s looking for a new partner? I hate the direction Adam’s storyline is going. I feel a dreadful foreboding — Someday Steve may have to take Adam out. Is he REALLY becoming the enemy? Or is it all a ruse under cover to take out the Yakuza?


  5. Debbie Fischer

    My man!

    Debra a Fischer


  6. yes it seems the writers are willing to show everyone the door. What was that? Do they not know that they are writing for Hawaii 50 ? Are they throwing in the towel because they cant write a better script than Alex? Adam?!!!!! Teacher’s meetings.?!!!! I could’t erase this fast enough . But boy oh boy does alex look good therefor I will be back for the next new episode which I hope will make more sense,thanks for the pictures !!!!!


  7. D. Havard

    One thing we learned is that Danny’s still living with Steve. Why? And Rachel doesn’t show up for a bullying meeting? I think this is a build up for something happening in Dannyland. Caan has one big episode a year now. I think the one coming up is going to be it.

    And I agree with everyone about Steve’s hair! He never looked handsomer.


    • mamayorkie

      Yeah,I think something is happening in Dannyland. I’m hoping the writers get fed up enough to show him the door.

      Danny always looks miserably unhappy in every scene. There is never a joke-never a smile. When McGarrett isn’t growling, he is grinning and that’s a delight. We don’t see that with Danny–only complaining and a “poor me” attitude. Lots of people get divorced and have parenting issues but that is Danny’s only conversation. The rest of the population gets on with life and tries to do better for themselves and their kids. And he brought all of this trouble with Charlie and Rachel on himself. He got another man’s wife pregnant and whether she was agreeable to this makes no difference. They both share the blame for this one. That whole family needs to be in therapy, including the ones who still live in New Jersey.

      As for living with Steve- we only hear about it and will seldom see any of it because Danny is rarely present these days. My guess is that it is just a means of throwing a bone to McDanno fans so they won’t notice he has become a ghost. I’m not sure how long the show can keep that a secret from them.

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      • Kathysr

        Danny is a ghost and he looks miserable in every scene. He never smiles, jokes or laughs anymore. There used to be great chemistry, love and affection between Steve and Danny. Now Danny is cold and bitter when he’s not absent. Steve seems resigned to the situation. I so miss what used to be a great friendship.


      • Oh Mama, I wish I could like this comment more than once. Miserable, that’s the right word. I can’t even remember if he ever looked different. It is so going on my nerves. And it makes the character one-dimensional.
        Alex owned the screen in every scene he was in. He was shining. His Steve is multi-dimensional.
        And these are acting choices, not writing choices.


        • mamayorkie

          I guess the writers chose to make “Debbie Downer” become “Danny Downer”. It is just painful to watch a character deteriorate so pathetically on the screen and bring everyone’s Ohana mood down. He’s the kind of person everyone tries to avoid. Maybe that’s the real reason why some of the character’s fans will need tissues.


          • Kathysr

            lol, I called him Danny Downer three years ago! He’s been Danny Downer for a really long time. I fell in love with Danny because of his wonderful relationship with his daughter. It gave him drive, purpose, focus, and a reason to be in Hawaii. Danny was lighter, looser and funnier. Now he’s just dour and morose, sad and miserable. Any ideas on why Scott chooses to play Danny this way? I don’t have a clue.


  8. “We’ll always have Mexico.” (leiCa Bogart)

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  9. Alexoloughlinlover

    Alex should wear plaid more often because damn he is sexy


  10. Kathysr

    Alex looks especially gorgeous in this outfit. Love the jeans, cuffs, and bare ankles.


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