They say …… #AlexOLoughlin is a ‘Rockstar’

Something caught my eye a while back when I watched the video that was taken at the Hawaii Five-0 200th Episode celebration and cake cutting, way back in September 2018.

Chi McBride made a long speech on behalf of the cast, but we want to post just this small part of what he had to say.

Transcript of the short video clip:

Chi: And this dude [pointing at Alex]. I cannot tell you ….

[Everybody cheering and clapping]

Chi: …. I cannot tell you how deeply appreciative I am that you welcomed me on this show, early on.  You’re a Rockstar.

Alex: Love you.

Chi: We love you and have great affection for you, as a man and as an actor. You f@cking rock man.

These words about Alex, coming from Chi McBride, reminded me that during an old live interview with Hawaii News Now at SOTB in 2012, CBS Entertainment Chairman at the time, Nina Tassler  also referred to Alex as being a Rockstar. Unfortunately that interview was never recorded or posted, which is a pity because as usual she was waxing lyrical about Alex.

Alex will be the first to say that he is just a small part of this big operation of producing the show and we know that is true. We have said many times, that although we devote our attention on this site to him, we know that no man is an island and that of course he needs all those around him. It is just great that on so many occasions his colleagues have referred to the central part Alex’s  welcoming nature and his work ethic plays for them on a personal level and towards the success of the show.

Link to video clip:


Original video recording made and posted by Billy V on Sunrise


  • Here is a simple description of what the word ”Rockstar” mean in general, when being used in this regard?

Rockstar – A person who always delivers the goods. If they say they are going to do something they do. Rockstars tend to downplay their success and don’t like the attention. They simply deliver consistent results.


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4 responses to “They say …… #AlexOLoughlin is a ‘Rockstar’

  1. D. Havard

    “Practically Perfect in Every Way” 😆


  2. This definition of ‘Rockstar’ is tailor-made for Alex. That’s absolutely him!


  3. CassG

    Without a doubt that definitely describes Alex! ❤


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