#H50 Actor’s Workshop – 2011

Another one of the old articles that’s been here in a draft for many years.
On 27 February 2011 the Cast & Crew of Hawaii Five-0 held a panel for Hawaiian Actors.
This is a short report of the event.
At the end there are a few of Alex’s thoughts at the seminar that day nearly 9 years ago.


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3 responses to “#H50 Actor’s Workshop – 2011

  1. I love this quote of Alex about work ethics. It is so so true. Don’t judge the role you’re playing, don’t judge the script but shine as bright as you can. Everything you do, do it with all your heart.
    As a viewer, if I catch you as an actor phoning it in, rattling it off, showing no connection to the role you’re playing, I come to the decision you’re not interested, not committed (what makes you disrespectful towards the (paying) audience) or you’ve got no talent.


  2. Audrey Manasterski

    Thank you, these are fabulous photos from the beginning of H5-0. ❤️


  3. lindae5o

    Almost nine years later, Alex is as true to his word as in the beginning. He has never ‘phoned it in’. That’s just one of the many things that make him so special. Thanks, Foyeur!!


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