#H50 10.12 – Steve McGarrett, The Presence of Greatness!

All in all this was great entertainment. The flow of the episode somehow reminded me of the Hawaii Five-0 pilot, where certain things needed to be established and the story unfolded around it. Several stories and two TV shows coming together.

Steve – Just gorgeous

Man of action

Alex and Jay really have a good rapport and it can easily be seen with how Steve and Magnum work together on screen. Some easy banter and fun to watch.

The way how Steve tells Grover just how great driving the Ferrari was, is some awesome fun. (Kind of sure Alex also enjoyed the chance to drive the car).

Steve McGarrett – The presence of greatness

It is good to see some continuity with the Adam story and I certainly appreciate the effort, but the Tani & Adam phone call did seem kind of odd and out of place in the episode.

Great nod to Joe and a reminder of all the people Steve lost

And in the end they even got me to watch my first Magnum PI episode, even with the knowledge that Alex would not be in it.

At least Eddie got some screen time. Also Steve’s name was mentioned often and with great fondness and respect. It kind of felt that he was very close at hand, even while not being part of the episode.


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10 responses to “#H50 10.12 – Steve McGarrett, The Presence of Greatness!

  1. Hate it that they were not on P.I. that of Steve and Lou. But at least Tani and Quinn gave the men girl power. Hope next time.


  2. Debbie Fischer

    My man!

    Debra a Fischer


  3. D. Havard

    I wasn’t expecting very much considering the last crossover was terrible (Macgyver) but I did watch the 5 O portion and it was very well written and everyone did an excellent job. I enjoyed it very much and will be watching the Magnum portion tonight.
    As usual, you did an excellent job on the pictures of Alex.

    I agree that the Adam/Tani conversation seemed weird and out of place.

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  4. mamayorkie

    I was hoping to like it and it was a pleasant surprise to see how well Alex and Jay were able to work together. I am not a fan of Tani and Junior getting together at this point. if the writers are going in that direction then I think it is too soon. But I do like Quinn and Rick. That could be fun since they do not work together. Maybe we will get some mentions in later episodes.

    Adam’s role is confusing. Is he good pretending to be bad? Is he bad and not pretending at all? Is his new girlfriend leading him back into the family? Can we trust her? Maybe she will become her father’s successor instead of Adam. Apparently this arc is going to last a while.

    So many questions……………..


  5. Angela

    Loved it. But poor Alex looks like he had some allergic reaction to aftershave or something his beard and neck are red. Been there it sucks.


    • Hi Angela.
      Not really sure what you are talking about. Allergic reaction?
      Clearly Alex did not shave, so I can’t see how that could have been caused by shaving cream.
      The bit of redness that is there, in a few of the shots, looks more like sunburn to me. Many scenes for this episode where shot in the harsh Hawaiian sun. And also one of Alex best friends visited the Island that week and from what I saw, they also spend a lot of time in the sun during that time.

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  6. vanduyn

    Great shots!! Thanks 😊

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  7. gracenotpark

    As Intense as ever!👍🏽😘🥂

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  8. Kathysr

    Since Steve McGarrett and Thomas Magnum are both in Hawaii, I can see lots of possibilities for cross-overs as they stumble into each other’s business by accident or by design. The actors have good chemistry. I LOVE the car scene! Steve really does need to drive everyone’s car!! And they really are outside driving, no green screen garbage this time. Alex’ hair is blowing all over the place. I saw photos of the cameras on the car, and the Ferarri is COVERED with equipment. It looks really claustrophobic to be behind the wheel with all that equipment in front of you. Magnum really drives the Ferarri on the show.

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