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#H50 10.12 & #MagnumPI Crossover tonight – promos

At long last it is Hawaii Friday again, and this time it is Hawaii Five-0 crossover night with Magnum PI. Some looking forward to this for a while now and although I am not a big crossover fan, it seems kind of exciting.

Of course anything with Alex in it, is exciting for us. 😀

Seems like a lot of action and witty one liners will be served.

And according to showrunner Peter Lenkov there will be lots of easter eggs to be found. (for those who know the shows well)

Peter: “There are a lot of Easter eggs that are nods to the shows. We’re playing into the fact that the audience knows the shows well and these characters are discovering each other for the first time. It’s very fun.” – TV Insider, 2 Jan 2020


Promo videos


Enjoy your viewing tonight!


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