*** Happy 2020!! ***

It is time to bid 2019 farewell and look forward to the roaring 20’s !!

The 2020’s

wine smiley

The start of a new year gives us that mystical reset button to somehow start a new period of life. Endings and new beginnings allow us the chance to be philosophical and nostalgic – reflecting on the past and contemplating the future.

Looking back at our new year’s posts from each past year, it somehow reflects how our personal lives panned out during that year. However the one thing that these past few years made clear to me, is that a year is not good or bad, because during that one year you might experience something horrible, but something else can also make that specific year wonderful and happy.

Therefor my wishes for my friends these day read more in the line of hopes of experiencing happy and wonderful moments along the line, because wishing for a whole year of only happiness is just not always feasible. And most of the time it is the small pleasures that last longer.

One thing is for sure, the moments spent here with Paula and other Alex fangirls, have been some of the happiest times for me during the past few years.

That is then also my wish for all of us for this new year – lots of more happy moments for Alex, which we can also share here together with you all!

Thank you Jill for this wonderful picture for us to edit.



New Year!


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15 responses to “*** Happy 2020!! ***

  1. Thank you so much for continuously giving us such great pictures to look at, and such great articles to read. Have a great 2020.

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  2. Thank you for everything and Happy New Year from Missouri to all the Alex fangirls. Looking forward to 2020.

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  3. Zsuzsa Dné Z

    Happy New Year, to you and to Alex, me and everyone!

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  4. CassG

    Happy New Year FOYeur and Paula!!! I do thank you for the treasures and pleasures of AOL you bring to us fangirls. They have certainly made my day on many a not so great day. I look forward very much to entering a new decade with you and hearing lots more from you on our gorgeous Alex. To all my fellow AOL fangirls I look forward to our exchanges in 2020 and Happy New Year to you all!!

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  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL with special thanks to FOYeur and Paula for such a great fan site!!!

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  6. D. Havard

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Thanks to FOYeur and Paula for all you do.

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  7. Same to you Alex(Steve) on Hawaii 50! ALOH!


  8. Hope you all have a great 2020. With lots of love and blessings. Peace and mercy to you all. God bless!

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  9. Wonderful moments along the line are so important, you are so right. And you, Paula and FOYeur create some of these amazing moments with this fansite, so here’s to more Alexcitements!
    Happy New Year!

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  10. lindae5o

    Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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  11. Cassiopea 1000

    So true, FOYeur. The 1st of January is the day we hit the reset button, even if deep inside we know that the new year will bring its share of joys and pains, just as the old year did. Yet your blog is a great source of comfort in difficult moments and of added delight when all goes well. So I thank you and Paula. May you endure forever! And even if he will remain unaware of it, I also thank Alex, our gentle and gorgeous man, just for being there.

    May 2020 bring you all health, love and peace.

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  12. Debbie Fischer

    Happy new year Alex(,Steve)

    Debra a Fischer

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  13. Nancy 13

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope 2020 is good to us all everywhere!

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  14. gracenotpark

    I hope you and Paula know how very very much we all appreciate this site and y’all’s fabulous every-which-way soup-to-nuts posts on Alex and his shows. When the world gets me down, this is one of my safe spaces.

    May this year be filled with more happiness than sorrow. And let’s hope Alex does more writing and directing and some dang tv interviews!🥂❤️

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    • Thank you Grace.
      I really appreciate your heartfelt comment.
      Ten years down the line with Five-0 and also Alex’s last movie and last real creative project outside the show. Lets hope there are many more opportunities for his creative side to flourish even within the show.


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