#AlexOLoughlin & Friends with some more #MMA & #BJJ fun

Loads of fun for Alex over the weekend. Some more footage for you to enjoy.
We repost some of it, because it was added into our earlier post at a later stage and some of you might have missed it.
  • This adorable video with a message to Debbie (posted by DMRTT):
staygoldcarter The great Dan Henderson. Thanks for a great night @tjaythompson @bellatormma and Alex!
Saturday’s are for the boys (and girls) congratulations @ilimanator on your victory. GREAT night of fights!

iamdanelittle So stoked to meet Alex O’Loughlin #HI-5-0 and Dan Henderson at @bellatormma. Had a great time 🤙🏾

clarklittle  Good times last night with my son @iamdanelittle at the @bellatormma event. We got to watch @ilimanator win her title defense, met some mma #legends, and 5-0 boyz. Thank you Chris @shove_vone and @bellatormma for the hospitality. Awesome night!!! Can’t wait till the next fight!!! S)(oots! #danelittle#clarklittle🆑 photos by @thefoxidentity
eganinoue  Thank you @renzograciebjj for alway teaching me something new! I will never forget when Renzo and I trained in Brazil at Barra Gracie Rio when I was a blue belt. He didn’t make me tap once but you took me from one submission let me escape to the next submission let me escape to the next submission and he kept doing that to me over and over again. That was the best gift that any jujitsu instructor has ever given me. I learned so much and I’ve always train that way. You taught me something then and still till this day. Thank you Renzo for being my BJJ mentor.
#bjj #bjjlife #bjjlifestyle #grapplingunlimitedhawaii #eganinouejiujitsu #eganinoue #renzogracie #renzograciebjj #h50 #alexoloughlin #rodrigograciejiujitsu #rodrigograciejr
BJJ brings the gangsters out! We have the Gracies, Egan Inoue, Hawaii 5-0’s Steve McGarrett and myself, getting tangled on the BJJ mat. Love this work! #Bellator #bjj #mma #fightlife #oahu #hawaii #catzingano #WhyWeFight #jiujitsuwayoflife
  • And some of our own holiday fun …….

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays to all of you!!



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  1. Glenna

    Or happy Hanukkah. Keep the gifts coming.

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