#AlexOLoughlin at Bellator MMA #236

Alex enjoying a boys night out, in Blaisdell Arena, watching the Bellator #236 fights . And of course we get to enjoy the few happy snaps with our man there 🙂 Credits in photo captions. If new pics pop up (we sure hope so) we will update this post.

video credit: 66dmrtt

Video credit: staygoldcarter


Credit: sallyslytherin
THE PINEAPPLE PRINCESS IS MY HERO!!! Everything about that fight from the walk out, to the last second of the 5th round was incredible. Also, no biggie, Mcgarrett was like RIGHT there 🙃 @ilimanator @bellatormma #bellator236


Credit: wanderlustwino23


Credit: john_the_boatswain_mate
It’s Commander McGarrett aka Alex O’Loughlin!🤙 #bellator236


Credit: eyesnails IG
As close to #alexoloughlin as I’ll ever get. #callme @hawaiifive0cbs @bellatormma @dazn_usa #bellator236 #hawaiiliving


Credit: keithamemiya
Ilima!!! And Bellator’s Scott Coker and Hawaii Five-O’s Alex O’Loughlin!!! 🙌💪💥🥇#ilimanator #bellatormma #hawaiifive0 #hawaii50 #alexoloughlin




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2 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin at Bellator MMA #236

  1. Debbie Fischer

    What can I do to win

    Debra a Fischer


  2. Zsuzsa Dné Z

    Alex is so humble, so precious he is always ready for a selfie. I appreciate that too .I love it so much ❤

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