They Say … #AlexOLoughlin was the nicest by far!!

Have been looking into the stories behind many of the old Alex O’Loughlin pictures which we saved over the years. There are so many old and new fan encounter stories that we never posted here before.
Over the course of the next few months we will be featuring some of them …..
  • Here is one from way back in 2012
Joan Desmarais Hinkle 5 August 2012The highlight of my trip!!!! — at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.
Joan Desmarais Hinkle 6 August 2012 Ok, so I had to share him after my solo pic!! Saw the rest of the cast but he was by far the nicest!!
The film crew was absolutely wonderful to all of us. We hung out with them for a few hours, watched them film episode 2, gave us drinks and just had a blast!! — with Nick Hinkle and Billy Herten at Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.
If you have had your own encounter with Alex, even if it was long ago, and would like to share it with others, you are welcome to let us know.
We have done a few of the stories in the past, some just brief encounters and others with more detail over.
Many of the stories featured in other places, get lost because sites are closing down and and pages are deleted.
For easier access, we have created a page with links to the stories that we have posted over the years:

Fans Meeting Alex 

We are forever grateful to those who are willing to share their encounters with Alex online.
You are part of the few lucky ones who got the chance to experience Alex in person.
By sharing your stories, we all get a glimpse of who he is and share in your fun.


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2 responses to “They Say … #AlexOLoughlin was the nicest by far!!

  1. Oh what a treat, FOYeur! It is always so much fun to re-visit some old Alex-stories. Thank you.
    (Btw, seeing old pics like this one am I the only one missing the two little dots? Am I weird? And now I start to miss the trident (which I think is awesome!) too, esp. because they stopped covering it in the show. Halleluja!)
    I remember other stories, but I don’t know where I’ve read them. And some I’ve been told personally, and all of them, everyfreaking one of them, had only wonderful things to say about Alex. Especially with ‘on set’ encounters he stood out. Always taking the time, being humble (“Hi, I’m Alex” <- as if we wouldn't know), funny and generous.

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