#H50 10.11 – Seems Steve’s got a date at last ….. with Mrs Fat?

As usual Steve was a pleasure to watch….

Great to see Alex is no longer hiding his Trident tattoo with stupid plasters since the start of this season.

 It looks like Steve now knows, Danny will be Danny and there is no use in fighting it.

Not sure why Adam was not immediately arrested after walking away from Five-0? He so much as admitted that he was involved with the robbery and abduction of a man.


…. this man is just plain gorgeous!!

Okay, so Steve and Danny find all these empty crates where the weapons were stored in, yet when they watch the footage of the robbery, Mrs Fat’s men are loading the van with crates?

Funny how Mrs Fat just knew where Junior would be, in order to make contact with him.

Interesting how all those files of Mrs Fat never mention her close affiliation (or even marriage) to Wo Fat.

I guess we will never understand the mind of H50 criminals?

Mrs Fat lands on Oahu and immediately starts killing her dead husband’s associates. Why?

And the next thing, she sets up a sale and then kills the buyers. Why? Just to send Steve a message?

Funny how Mrs Fat just randomly shoot everybody, but somehow knew that one guy will be injured just enough to survive and be able to give Steve a message? LOL

So I guess Mrs Fat is the new Big Bad Wolf and she was the one who also had Cullen killed at the end of Episode 10:03 … or staged his death maybe?

And now without Danny’s help, Steve found himself a date to die for ……. another wife set on revenge??


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23 responses to “#H50 10.11 – Seems Steve’s got a date at last ….. with Mrs Fat?

  1. mamayorkie

    Not sure what the deal will be with Wo Fat’s widow and what we can expect. Will this be another revenge attempt on Steve’s life?. It’s been five years already. Was she in mourning all this time?

    We just got through with that woman who brought her kid to the gunfight in the Season 9 finale and I still have no idea what happened to her or the child. Did I miss that resolution? Is she dead, alive, is the kid OK? Is she living with Steve like everybody else? Does anyone know what happened to her?

    Do you think Mr & Mrs. Wo fat had a child who will carry on if Mrs.Fat fails? Oh, I hope so—- It will be so novel and unexpected!

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    • She was in Jail in China.

      I couldn’t agree more on the rest of your comment. Mockingly funny, just like we like it 😀

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      • mamayorkie

        Do you think Doris got her out of jail before she died? And what happened to Daddy Fat? PL said after 707 that it was not the last appearance for anybody. So we did see Cath again in S8 and 9 and we did see Doris in 1007, so…………does that mean that Mrs. Wo Fat knows where her father-in- law is? Are they working together? Did you believe that man just wanted to see Steve to apologize? I did not but maybe I am just plain wrong and overly suspicious. . Maybe he is in therapy and needs to say “sorry’ to a bunch of people? Will he become Ohana and will Steve hand him a badge?

        This is getting soooooo good. I can hardly wait for answers–any answers.

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        • LOL. My money is on the badge. 🙂
          I think they indicated back then, that the whole thing of Steve’s visit to Yao Fat was set up by Doris, in order for her to find out where they were keeping him, so that she could get him out of there.
          I think if somebody actually knew where he was, it would be Cath. She went with him and Doris.
          Have we ever gotten any real answers for anything in regards to Wo Fat? … Think you will have to keep on waiting 😀

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          • Dq

            This stuff is really getting crazy. I am reading between the lines now. But, Doris was supposed to kill Papa Fat younger in her CIA career. Is it possible she had an affair in order to get close to him. She had a relation with the Columbian drug woman to get close to her. It seems allowed for women agents to use sex to lure the “baddies” in order to kill them. Remember, Catherine is now a female CIA agent. Who knows what she is doing for her job. When Steve had his sit down with Papa Wo, he talk Steve that he had never stopped loving Doris after all these years. Maybe she fell in love him also. Maybe Wo Fats mothers killing was not really an mistake. Maybe she took baby Wo because she loved the father. Why did she go through so much danger to escape him after all that time. Remember, all the years that Steve and Wo Fat were fighting, Wo Fat knew about Steve and Doris, but Steve dind’t know about the history of his mother and Wo. What mother does that!! I can understand the regret of what happened to Wo Fat, but come on, Steve was her blood and flesh son! I think all this with Mrs. Wo is revenge for how Doris screwed her husbands family completely. Two generations. Did we every find out why Papa Wo was jailed for life? And after Doris helped him escape, where is he now? If he is alive, maybe he is behind all this now. Just a theory and sorry going all so long and any bad spelling.


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            • Steve also helped Yao Fat escape – it would be really bad if he now wants to harm him. After all, if Steve and team team did not save him and Doris, they would still be in captivity.


              • Dq

                But he went there to save his mother only. He helped him to escape only because Doris insisted. I never believed the story he gave to Steve that he understood why he had to kill his son. Huge holes with this story. What crime that he committed to be jailed in a “black hole” for life. Seems it was something big. Why would Doris feel so sorry that she thought he didn’t to be jailed for so much time. When Doris, Catherine and Papa Wo flew away, where did they go? Doesn’t that make him a fugitive? I think he is still alive and he has partnered with his daughter-in-law for revenge. Either way, Doris was a terrible CIA agent and an worst mother.


                • The weirdest outcome for me after that episode, why Doris and Cath could still be IN the CIA after they helped somebody escape from CIA prison?
                  I just think that there was no real plan for either Doris or Cath after the writers used them for effect. They were both just used as plot devices on several occasions.

                  Nobody, apart from Alex actually cared about those characters and the impact they had on his character of Steve.
                  There is no logical master plan

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                  • Kathysr

                    Good points, FOYeur. How could Doris and Catherine still be in the CIA after they staged the escape of Wo Fat’s father from a CIA prison? Nothing makes sense on this show!!

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            • gracenotpark

              Good questions. Annoyingly, Show will never give us answers…😏


            • Jan Schagen

              Oke Cath was CIA agent geworden omdat ze gedwongen werd door de CIA. De veiligheid van Steve en Hawaii stond op het spel. Cath heeft achter de schermen veel gedaan voor Steve en Hawaii. Dit wordt vaak vergeten. Cath heeft is haar CIA werk veel techniek gebruikt doch ze heeft hierin Steve nooit bedrogen. Dat kon ze niet. Want Steve is was en bleef haar grote liefde. Doris heeft wel veel kapot gemaakt. Hoe meer je verhaallijn leest hoe meer je ontdekt.


  2. Thank you for these photo captures — they are exquisite!


  3. D. Havard

    There’s something going on in Danny’s life that he doesn’t want Steve to know about. He seems to be hiding out at Steves.

    Mrs. Wo Fat seems to be as nutty as her husband…and as obsessed with the McGarretts. Something to do with Doris….or Greer? I remember before she died Greer told Steve there was “more to it,” whatever that meant.


    • I doubt if it is anything sinister, like Danny having something wrong in his life to hide from.
      I see it only as the writers trying to write Danny in order for him and Steve to have some personal connection again. It does not come naturally, so the writers always need to invent something. And it normally turns out to be some sort of terrible disastrous story idea. To name but a few …. Therapy, Liver transplant, Restaurant …. all things many of us would rather forget about the show.
      They need to somehow keep Danny at Steve’s place for what looks like to me, another shipper baiting Valentines episode – from what I have seen on Peter’s posts, that is.
      I doubt if Mrs Fat will tie in with either Doris of Greer. I think her connection is with Cullen or just pure revenge.
      I think Mrs Fat’s main obsession with the McGarrett’s is Steve who killed her husband – nothing more and deeper to it than that. But of course I could be wrong.

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    • Robin Dunker

      I have wondered about the “more to it” comment too. I’m thinking maybe she had Steve’s child & was hiding the child from him. Steve would make an awesome father!

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      • Hi Robin
        I had the same feeling as you during the episode. I was sure that she was about to tell him something about a child at the time. But then nothing.


      • mamayorkie

        I always wondered whether Cath had a child while she was in Afghanistan. Not Steve’s child, but perhaps one as the result of an attack after her presence was betrayed in the small village where she was staying.

        It would explain why she decided to remain there. If I were writing it, and clearly I am not, i would have had Cath told that the child died at birth so there was no reason to her remain. She and McGarrett were always supposed to have that talk which would have then been very painful to her but necessary for Steve to understand why she didn’t come home.

        Then in E. 603, after the show was renewed and PL didn’t want a married Steve, I would have had that mysterious call be from one of Doris’s CIA friends that they thought her child could possibly be alive and did she want to be part of the team that tracked her attacker and perhaps find out if her child survived. That would explain her conflict at having to lie to McGarrett about where she was going and why she cried in the taxi.

        Maybe she is still searching. There could be a wonderful finale where Steve helps locate Cath’s child and they live happily after after.

        But I don’t write this so who knows what it all means, except all indications are that Mcroll is endgame.

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        • Jan Schagen

          Cath heeft in Afganistan geen kind gekregen. Ze is nooit zwanger geweest dus ook nooit bevallen van een kind. Laat dat helder zijn. Ze moest in Afganistan blijven omdat ze gedwongen werd door de CIA. In de taxi moest ze huilen omdat ze gedwongen werd een CIA missie te aanvaarden. Ze moest ook op de veranda tegen Steve liegen over nepal uit veiligheid voor Steve en haar zelf. Als ze geweten had dat Steve haar een aanzoek wilde komen doen was ze nooit naar Afganistan gegaan. De verhaallijn is hier helder in. Lees het en u weet het. Ondanks alle verdriet pijn en gemis blijft de serie boeien toto het einde toe. De verzoening van Cath en Steve is dan een feit en mogen ze voor altijd samen verder gaan. Mooi toch !!??


  4. Debbie Fischer

    Ms. Fat??


  5. Just hope that the new so called Miss Wo Fat can bring it up a notch like her now deceased husband. And really Steve can’t shake him off his back dead or alive. Wo Fat must have other family members in the mob.

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  6. CassG

    I agree with you FOYeur. There were many things occurring that I thought were a bit odd. The only thing that wasn’t odd of course was gorgeous Alex/Steve. Love the pics!!

    More Fat problems!!! OMG!! I thought we were or I should say Steve was done with that name and all it represented in his life. Now we are going into Fat part 2?? Whatever this run will be I hope it’s over with quickly for Mrs Fat!!!

    By the way can’t we get some follow up on his dating life? Has it occurred? Is he having any organic vibes as yet from choices we’ve been privy to? God knows he couldn’t bring her home as home seems a bit crowded!! Anyway it would be nice to see some pleasantries for a bit for Steve.

    Cheap Danny needs a place of his own. He’s a grown *** man. He needs to find himself a place if it is fact that his place has a problem until his is ready. I could see him now if Steve even dared to bring a date home interfering. He wants to be there for Steve?? He could very well do it at a distance!!!

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  7. Kathysr

    Great analyses from everyone. I can’t remember the plot lines anymore, so it’s all new to me. I suspect that Mrs. Wo Fat is revenging her husband.
    I can’t believe that Adam has joined the Yakuza. He struggled for years to get out of that life. His love for Kono brought him out of the Yakuza and his love for his present girlfriend is taking him back into the Yakuza?

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