#H50 10.10 – Prime Time Steve

Steve, you are definitely in the prime of your life!!

That is clearly visible to anybody.

Just  have  a look and you will see…..

Not sure who decided that the three murders should be related to one another? But yeah, they were ….

All I can say to LouRecycling and donating, much better options than throwing perfectly usable stuff in a dumpster.

I know the show does not have to be our social consciousness, but maybe they could have set an examples towards the reduction of  waste and pollution.


Some things in life are more important that other things …. #justsaying

Always thought the saying was, “We are back to square one ” – apparently I was wrong.

According  to Quinn on the show, it seems that it is actually “to be back to square zero“.

Maybe I am past my prime? 😉 😉

Once again, it seems as if the days in Hawaii are longer than most others around the world. The team solved all the cases – or actually the one related case of all three murders and SOMEHOW Lou, Tani and Junior still got time to clear out the garage as well, because they are already having that promised dinner?

I missed Eddie in this episode …. I know he had no reason to be there.

Just saying  .. I missed him.


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23 responses to “#H50 10.10 – Prime Time Steve

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    I totally agree with you! Steve is in the prime of his life, and I am loving every moment of it!!! 😁

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    • Dq

      Of course he is in the prime of his life. Just think how age his mother and Joe were and she was still a CIA agent and he was still kicking ass. Steve has to mellow a little an let the kids to do the leg work more. And Alex uses his stunt double to use the more dangerous moves. He has become more handsome now than he was when younger. I do like him with more heft on his bones though. More to hold on to. LOL. in my dreams.

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  2. This was an Alexpressions party, clearly seen in your pics, Paula! Steve is the fittest, best trained and healthiest living guy of them all, just saying.

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  3. mamayorkie

    You are not past your prime! Square Zero makes no sense. Square One is where you start. Square Zero doesn’t exist. It was and still is Square One.

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  4. D. Havard

    Quinn as the new Danno? Nah. I’m not feeling it.

    Steve, by the way, never looked better.

    This year is extremely dark. Doris and Joe dies. Adam’s gone rogue. Danny’s gone missing, most of the time. And I’m really missing Jerry, who could always make you laugh.

    And where’s Pickles ?


    • Kathysr

      I totally agree with you. A dark and strange year. I really didn’t like this episode at all. I wonder if Ian is leaving the show. How can Steve keep Adam now? And where IS Pickles? lol, yet another storyline dropped. Just let us know that Pickles has been adopted. I’m wondering if they’re wrapping up storylines and losing people because maybe this is the last year of the show.


      • Peter has be wrapping up storylines since Season 5 – just to have them continue again, when the show is renewed at the end of a season.
        Fact is, NOBODY knows when the show will end. The Network will keep it on, as long as they make money with it.
        Peter might learn the fate of the show a few months in advance, but I doubt if they (the writers) will actually know anything more than 2 months before filming wraps.

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        • Cassiopea 1000

          There is no doubt that if a TV show makes money, a Network will make it last until doomsday if they can. But I think that may be only partially true. Shows like ‘East Enders’, a BBC production with more than 30 seasons, can last and last because nothing really happens. It’s all about the day-to-day life of a group of people: they are born, they live, they die. It is easy for the writers to deliver their weekly piece of work. They just have to watch what happens in their neighborhood and write.
          But a show such as H50 and others cannot be extended forever. Yes, Steve/AOL can be replaced by another leader/actor if he gets too old to maintain the action rhythm of the show, but can the writers follow? After all, really new stories must be devised. At some point, solving crimes and aborting potential terrorist attacks can become boring for the audience if nothing really new happens. And when I say something new, I mean something sound, not idiocies such as the Russian submarine arriving at Waikiki.
          So when you say that writers may not know if the show will go on more than 2 months before starting filming (and as you know a lot about this business it may well be so), it makes me wonder if I am not too harsh in my judgment regarding their work. I’ve noticed that many stories are used both in H50 or NCIS Los Angeles, for instance, though they are ‘disguised’ to make them sound and look different. After all, writers do not have a top hat from which they can extract an intelligent, different, attractive story weekly as if they were magicians.
          All this to say that H50 is doomed to disappear in not too far a future. My opinion.


  5. CassG

    Paula, girlfriend, I definitely agree that he is in his prime and he just keeps getting better and better and better…………(BIG SIGH)!! Loved looking at these gorgeous pics. Thanks for the pleasure.

    I have to say that I also missed Eddie as I’m a big fan of his and like seeing him around and being part of the action.

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    • lindae5o

      I wish Eddie could be in every episode. He’s a better actor than a lot of humans we see on television. After Alex, he’s the creature I most want to see on the show. I read somewhere (was it here?) that his owner wants to limit his appearances. Maybe they could be bribed with the best super-duper kibble out there. lol. Woof, big boy!!

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      • “I wish Eddie could be in every episode. He’s a better actor than a lot of humans we see on television. After Alex, he’s the creature I most want to see on the show.” <<<< This is exactly why I miss him when he is not there. He adds warmth to the show – even with his short appearances.

        I cannot see why Eddie's owner /trainer would want to limit is appearances. She makes money with it, why would she not want to have him be there on the show as often as possible?

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        • Kathysr

          I love Eddie, too. The dog is an amazing actor. He responds beautifully to commands. He does add warmth, sweetness and a lot of humor to the show. It was hilarious when he won the couch over Danny! Just sleep on the floor, fella! I got here first.

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          • mamayorkie

            I wonder why Steve doesn’t let Eddie sleep on his bed. Many owners do if they keep a clean animal. He is apparently not allergic to dogs, and the one dog he objected to in season 2 was Danny’s, not his. And if not on his bed, then why not next to it in a big doggie bed? It must have been just a way for Junior and Eddie to assert ownership of the spare room and the couch. I am just surprised that Danny didn’t try to evict Steve.

            Dogs want to be close to their humans to love and protect them.

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            • Sorry, but I don’t let my dog sleep in my bed. None of my dogs. And of course she’s clean, but there are farts (!!!), there’s hair, and sometimes there are ticks. So no. She knows that and it’s totally okay. She even sleeps in her “nest” on floor down, and sometimes she comes into the open bedroom, makes her siberian swirl, sleeps a while and then she happily goes back down to her nest.
              If you have a dog that makes a big fuss about wanting to be with you at night in your bedroom, goes crazy if you don’t let her/him, then it is a 90+% percent chance – not that the pup wants to be protected – but that the dog thinks you are a complete idiot and are not able to live your life on your own.


              • mamayorkie

                Well, my Yorkies slept cuddled close to my side as I slept in front of the TV and sometimes even on top of my head when they were puppies. They were very protective of me because they had no idea that seven pounds does not a Siberian make. My husband banned them from our bed because he was allergic to dogs. But I was their mama and they knew it.

                (They are hair dogs so shedding is not a problem, tend to be less allergic to humans, I have been told, but have NO proof as to whether that is true, and as for rear emissions, they did have access to a backyard for emergency evacuations. Like most tiny terrors, they believed the deed to our home was in their names and allowed us to remain in residence as their servants.)



  6. Cassiopea 1000

    Having not watched this epi, I frankly could not care less if Adam has decided to leave H50 and become a manufacturer of coaxial cables, if Danny is in Oahu or meditating in Salt Lake City, if Pickles is a cat or an android, or anything. Right now it’s enough for me to fill my eyes with these pics of Alex and sink into sheer ecstasy. It’s probably because I’m not getting any younger myself, but I don’t miss the younger version of Alex at all. Years really suit him very well. I add my BIG SIGH to that of CassG’, just to keep the sighing breeze swelling.

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  7. thanks for the gorgeous pics of steve that is all I need . i have a sneaky suspicion Steve may already know more about the Adam situation and he may be doing some deep cover assignment, We shall see the really and truly reason i watch at all is for gorgeous alex, sigh


  8. buttercup4u

    I love dark and troubled Steve like in the end, when on the phone with Adam, his face says everything! Like with Kono, when he talks to her when she is undercover in s2 – very yummy!


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