Tomorrow is #H50 Friday …… again

This Friday #H50 is back with a brand new episode 10:10.
Just a little something from one of the guest actors.
  • From Nan McNamara Schnebly:
nanmcnamara Tomorrow, Friday, December 6, tune in get the answer to this question! Mahalo, @etcandcompanyla, #alexoloughlin, @katrinalaw, @hawaiifive0cbs @cbstv, #jennifercoopercasting *
#actress #selfiewithalex #setlife #hawaii #honolulu #paradise #dreamjob #letsdoitagain

Maura Keilana, socialite or murderer?

With Alex looking like that …. it can only be good!


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7 responses to “Tomorrow is #H50 Friday …… again

  1. Hi, I just wanted to be sure to wish you ladies a very Merry Christmas and again a huge thank you for all your work on this blog. You always brighten my day.

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  2. CassG

    Thanks to Nan for sharing. Love the pics. Katrina is also in the mix and I esp like her in the second pic. Alex of course looks yum.😘❤ FOYeur You’ve gotten the start of my busy day right on track seeing AOL’s face and what a face it is!😍😍


    • It is a nice an interesting idea with lots of merit of course.
      But unfortunately I do not see any real benefit for Alex with this poll. I therefore see no reason to waste much time on it. In fact I voted on it myself.
      If it was a short running poll, where people could only vote once and where the outcome would actually mean anything worthwhile for Alex’s career, we would promote it and even make a permanent link to it here – we have done so in the past for other polls.
      It is great though. If anybody would like to participate, please do so. It can’t hurt.


    • gracenotpark

      So far, he’s in 4th place.☹️


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