They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is Kind & Gracious

Last year I missed out on some of the little stories around Alex.

Thanks to a busy Bee and our horses’ posts on Instagram today, I stumbled onto this little encounter gem from back then …….

  • Two women and their posts of the same story about Alex:
Blanche Murray· 26 September 2018
So I go for my early morning walk, and Hawaii 50 have been filming for a few days less then a block away from our house. So we have people ride their horses through the neighborhood, and she tells me as she was passing thru with her horses, one of them pooped right there. Alex O’Loughlin was nice enough to hold her horses while she cleaned up. Pretty Cool. — feeling amused.
kailani477   A little help from my friend… Alex O’Loughlin held the horses while I cleaned up the poop.#funwithMcGarrett#HawaiiFive-0
kailani477  Alex was kind and gracious. Aguacero liked him too💖
(Unfortunately, this page is now private and the link no longer works)
This is so sweet.
I just love reading about these encounters with Alex and his acts of kindness towards people.
For me, his actions embody what I understand the Aloha spirit to be.


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10 responses to “They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin is Kind & Gracious

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Aww! That is kinda gross, but he is so sweet anyway! Great picture 😁

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  2. ‘Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.’ Leo Busaglia. So true, especially when we think of Alex!


  3. There is no horse Pooo that will ever get between Alex and his true kindness to his fans. He is an amazing man and so worth our admiration.

    For me it’s been 12 years and counting. His shine has never dulled. He’s always been the brightest star closest to the earth and well grounded.

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  4. Lulu

    This man is the kindest, most down to earth actor in the business. Yes, Kath40, his shine has never dulled.

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  5. I’d like to meet Alex and have a cup of coffee or whatever he drinks ,and just talk. I love his accent !


  6. Cindy

    Love this! So true of the comments below. I also would just love to sit down and talk to him as well. I think the difference between Alex and other celebrities is he has never forgotten how he was raised or where he came from. Some celebrities tend to forget that in my opinion. The state of hawaii should make him their ambassador for sure. He does embody the aloha spirit for sure. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

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  7. Kathysr

    Alex is kind, sweet, funny, patient and giving when he meets people. I love his interactions with fans at SOTB. I looked forward to those videos every year and I really miss them. I love his Aussie sense of humor. He’s down to earth. Remember the video of the mother and daughter who met him and the daughter burst into tears? Alex took the daughter into his arms in a loving embrace to comfort her. That’s a special human being.

    Alex is the real deal. The fortunate people who either get to meet him or who work with him all rave about him.


    • Cassiopea 1000

      Lovely words, Kathysr. I seem to remember that you actually met him in person, right? So you know!


      • Kathysr

        I really wish I had met him! Not so far. I’ve read wonderful comments by people who’ve met him and others who’ve been lucky enough to work with him. We’ve seen selfies and videos of those lucky people who’ve met him. He is special and he stands apart. He’s kind, gracious, humble and funny. He appreciates his fans and he’s all about the work. He loves his family.

        Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people were like Alex?


        • You may be right. And I´ve never seen anybody who is so much loved and respected by everybody like Alex is. It´s amazing and beautiful to read all those comments of the people who met him or worked with him. He must be a special person.


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