#AlexOLoughlin & A Deleted Scene from TBUP?

While cleaning up some of my old picture files of Alex, I came across a number pictures where I do not know the story behind them. For me every picture of Alex has potential of a story to share with you on here, even if I don’t know the what the story is. 😉

These pictures below are some of those for which I do not have an answer of why they exist.

Was this scene filmed for The Back-Up Plan, but ended on the editing room floor? And why was it not used?

The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin, Marlowe Peyton, and Carter Sand

As you can see it was a scene of Alex with actor Donal Logue and some children.



The Back-Up Plan – Donal Logue, Payton Lucas, Alex O’Loughlin & Marlowe Peyton

We love Alex with kids in pictures.

It always looks like he creates such beautiful fun with them! 

If there is anybody with more information about the existence of these pictures, please let us know.


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16 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin & A Deleted Scene from TBUP?

  1. Lena

    I don’t have any info about this scene but looking at the pictures they remind me of the scene that Alex did with Anthony Anderson in the park. Maybe it’s a scene that was reshot with him instead?

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    • Yes, I was also wondering if maybe he talked to more than one dad about his fears of parenthood. And that they thought it was maybe too much.

      But I think you guess might be right, because I know that they wrapped up filming in July 2009, but that Alex went back in December 2009 to reshoot some scenes.
      Maybe the one with Anthony was one of them. And that, that is why this one was not used.

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  2. stevemcgarrettlover

    I agree with Lena. Maybe one of the kids was ill, or the guy, so they used Anthony instead. He was funny, though! Great pictures, anyway!😁


  3. Patrice Bader

    I don’t remember Logue being in TBUP. Which character was he?


  4. mamayorkie

    I always feel terrible for the actors, especially children, who are excited about an appearance, no matter how small, only to find out that it is sitting on the cutting room floor. I don’t know about adult male, but I am hoping that Alex did his usual kindness and took a picture with two random kids just playing in the park that day. I prefer no tears or disappointment.for them, just a fond memory.


    • Unfortunately there will be some disappointment for you there, they are all actors. I actually got the info from one of their IMDB pages.
      I have updated the post now with there detail and links to their profiles. They even had names given to them for the parts.
      The little boy has been in loads of stuff since then. And one of the girls as well.
      Of course Donal Logue has been in loads of stuff for many years (I know him mostly from his 91 episodes of “Grounded for life”) and therefore the movie does not show up on his credits at all, like it did for the kids.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      I’ll try to put your mind at ease, mama.

      Movies and TV shows scenes are periodically filmed at my place, and of course the walk-on actors are all local people, children included.

      I suppose that American technical teams work exactly the same as the Spanish ones, so I want to point out that the adults walk-on actors are very well taken care of, and that the treatment to children is exquisite. Even those who have been chosen for a close-up view, with maybe even one word to say, such as “Hey Mom!”, know that their “scene” may be cut out. But the whole experience is great for them, and I’ve never seen one of these children, many of them I know, frustrated or disappointed.

      For those who, even at an early age, want to become an actor or actress, I think the cutting of their “scene” can have a positive effect, as they can see for themselves how tough and frustrating this business can be and they know what they can expect if they chose to follow this path.

      And you know, children are very resilient. I think the adults worry more than they do. Alex was sorry for Taylor Wily’s son as a scene for epi 4.8 (I think it was 4.8) where he had a tiny part was cut. I don’t know about Taylor’s son feelings, but Alex was certainly sorry.


  5. D. Havard

    My best guess is that someone, after looking at a rough cut of the picture, decided it needed more diversity. Hence the change.

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  6. vanduyn

    I only have 2 of these. God bless you FOYuer ♥

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  7. FeliW

    If you look up TBUP, before it’ was released it says Donal Logue is in the film, which he was not. I’m guessing he was cut and that maybe he played the husband of J Lo’s best friend, played by Michaela Watkins? She was married with kids in the movie, but we never saw the husband. That would be my guess.

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    • Hi FeliW
      Thanks, it sounds like a good explanation. One that can easily be true.
      I can’t remember if we can ever see the kids faces, I know that they were playing in the background in one of the scene. Will have to watch again and see – it might be them.
      It is actually kind of strange that we never see Mona’s husband.


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