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Lucky Maui Teen Visits #H50 set – 2010

Here is one of the old #H50 set visit from way back in 2010, which we have not posted before.

It is another heartwarming story …..

Claudine San Nicolas, of the Maui News wrote:

Sixteen-year-old Chance Esperanza visited the set of “Five-0” recently, where he met the show’s stars and was presented with an official series T-shirt and an autographed script of an upcoming episode shot on Oahu.

“They were OK. They were fun,” Chance said of the show’s actors, who make up a fictional special state police unit answering only to the governor of Hawaii.

He got to shake hands with the cast members and watch a scene being shot in downtown Honolulu over the course of three hours.

But the fact that he got to meet the cast isn’t what makes him lucky.

What makes him a lucky kid is that he has fought back from a near drowning experience two years ago, that first left him in a coma with severe brain damage.  Doctors warned his mother that even if he did come out of it, he may be a “vegetable”.  But he did awake, and through months of rehabilitation, he is talking and up walking again.

[His mother, Tanya] Wong said she was especially impressed with O’Loughlin’s interactions with her son on the “Five-0” set. She said the actor offered his set chair for Chance to sit on while he watched a scene taped in the headquarters of the TV crime-fighting unit.

At the end of each shot, O’Loughlin would ask Chance,How am I doing?”

“He really went out of his way to talk to Chance,”Wong said.

This amazing experience was coordinated by “A Keiki’s Dream”, a nonprofit that helps fulfilling dreams of crisis and at-need children.

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Commentary about Alex on the video below:

Alex O’Loughlin… the lead character really took him on as like a big brother and was really, really good to him.”




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