(Transcript) #H50 Actor Kimee Balmilero Discussing #AlexOLoughlin on Beyond The Lines

Kimee Balmilero who plays  Dr. Noelani Cunha on both Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI got the chance for a delightful interview on Think Tech Hawaii with host Rusty Komori of Beyond the lines.

They discussed a number of subjects around her career. Of course the one subject that always interest us here on Intense Study is Alex.

This is the transcript of that part of the interview as well as our video edit of it. We also include the link to the original full interview. We recommend that you also watch it, because they talk some more about Hawaii Five-0 and other interesting subjects around her career and life and outlook on life.

Hawaii can be proud of  Kimee!!



Rusty: Let’s talk about Alex O’Loughlin.

Kimee: Yes

Rusty: Okay. He’s super awesome.

Kimee: He is.

Rusty: He’s super awesome.

Kimee: Yeah, he is

Rusty: How much fun do you have with him on the show?

Kimee: You know, Alex is a very great person, a human and artist

Rusty: Yeah.

Kimee: And I think a lot of people who watch the show, of course they see him as our handsome lead.  And he’s a fantastic actor. But he is SO grounded. And I think he is a big reason why the show lasted a long time too.

He is very much …. He has the mindset of, everybody is important as well. And he is very humble that way. So, he’s such a …. He has such a great passion for what he does. Not just with acting but with the …  with creating, with storytelling.

You know, recently he just wrote and directed in an episode that was like a movie. I mean it was … it was such an artistic piece of Hawaii Five-0, like you have never it seen before. So, Alex provides such a great strong grounded energy for all of ust … all of us  … all of us … to … to really just do our best.

Because he’s always giving his 100% no matter what. And that guy works A LOT. You know, and he’s been working a lot for 10 years. So, when you see your lead and your leader as someone like that, who is always prepared and always showing up for you, you want to show up for them too. So, he’s really great

Rusty: Yep. The episodes that he directed, I absolutely loved it.

Kimee: Yeah.

Rusty: And it really showcases how great all around he is.

Kimee: Yeah, it showcases that. And it also just kind of reminds you that like, you know …. Like never settle. People might say, “Well he is already such a famous rich actor, why can’t he just stop there? But no, he has wants. You know, he has a passion for storytelling and sharing. So, and he would never say that he is the best at anything, which I really, really like about him too.

So, he just always looking for the next thing. You know, to keep you going. I think it’s really neat.


Our edit of the video:


Full Video:

Thank you Kimee for your kind words about Alex.

You just reinforce what we already know and hear of him on a regular basis.

And it once again make us proud to be his fans.

Happy Thanksgiving to our USA friends for tomorrow!!


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8 responses to “(Transcript) #H50 Actor Kimee Balmilero Discussing #AlexOLoughlin on Beyond The Lines

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Love it! Thanks!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Cassiopea 1000

    First of all, I join FOYeur in wishing a Happy Thanksgiving Day to the American members of this community of ours.

    As Kimee says, Alex is now a famous rich actor. But fame and money have never seemed to be a goal in themselves for Alex, except maybe when he was starting his career, when he had to fight his way into this business and was penniless.

    That he started as a well-trained actor and is now an excellent one (we have all seen the evolution), that he has started to direct, write and produce (and doing it well even at an early stage in these fields), all this shows that he’s a really complete artist, one of those people who will go far into this business, through hard work, artistic sensitivity and deep knowledge of the jungle he has chosen to work in. He won’t be the typical handsome hot guy who falls into oblivion as soon as he’s past his youth. And that makes me a proud fan.

    And of course, there’s his human side. That he takes constant care of the people around him, his humbleness, his generosity with his time for his fans, his kindheartedness, all this makes me a doubly proud fan.

    Naturally, he’s not perfect. He’s no god. He has his flaws like anybody else, since he’s only human. But even so, what a man! WHAT A MAN!

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Lovely to read. Thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I could not agree more to what Kimmie said but she is pretty awesome herself . She signed my Hawaii 50 anniversary book. “MARY, YOU ROCK”.
    Well SHE ROCKS!!!! Double time!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. lindae5o

    I love this interview!!! Alex is just the best in ever way possible. Yes, he’s human like the rest of us, but still manages to be extra special. Alex is the reason this leaky, sodden, boat of a show has managed to stay afloat. I am so proud to be his fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lindae5o

      Sorry, I should have written ‘sometimes leaky, sodden, boat of a show’, and not seemed quite so negative. They do manage to shine occasionally, but that’s due mostly to Alex, in my opinion.


  6. CassG

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving Day wishes and I also wish the same to all who celebrate. Enjoy the day.

    I consider this a blessing to be able to share our personal feelings with each other on the guy that we love. So glad I found it here where FOYeur and Paula laid the groundwork for us to be able to share and view such awesome info on AOL. Truly a blessing and a real pleasure!

    Also. I love this story. Kimee is a sweetie.

    Liked by 3 people

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