#H50 10.09 – Steve Without Steam

The annual Thanksgiving episode.

Time for family and friends and loved ones …… and of course those are the times when you remember the dearly departed

In the past some of the thanksgiving episodes included Steve’s real family – and it is indeed as many commented last week, sad that Mary has not been mentioned in the whole Doris being dead situation. Not even a peep about a memorial or burial or cremation.


So nice to see that Junior just still stays with Steve after all this time. So naturally and easily. Good friends with great respect for each other sharing a living space.

They manage to juggle the huge cast around the cases rather nicely these days, ensuring that everybody gets some screen time, but …….

…… Episodes like these kind of make me wish that H50 seasons were shorter and that Alex could be involved in all parts of all the stories.


The stories of the other team members are good for the overall story of the show, but for me as an Alex fan, they do not matter much.

If he was part of those stories and how they unfolded , I would of course enjoy them a lot more.


A H50 raid without Steve as part of it, kind of feels weird.


Blue room interrogation without Steve is just not that interesting

But also as an Alex fan, we do understand that because of the workload and circumstances around filming, the season gets long. And we appreciate the fact that Alex gets some breathing time during the season while filming.

Alex as Steve looked so serene during the final scene

Eddie as part of this season is great. He adds a lot of warmth to the show.

There is  a feeling that the Ohana gatherings this season are more natural. Not just a lot of people who we hardly care about, together.

The gatherings make more sense and the absence of some of the families, like Grover’s and Danny’s get some explaining. Those are the small moments of continuity that this season seem to have.



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26 responses to “#H50 10.09 – Steve Without Steam

  1. Great recap! Love all you do, thanks. Also, if anyone is interested Alex is noted 3 times in the most recent Watch Magazine (that CBS puts out).

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  2. D. Havard

    I always love your summary and the pictures. Like you, I prefer more Steve but am happy to get what I get.

    I was thinking that, like Joe, Doris was cremated and that they will have a funeral for her some time next year.

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    • Like I said to those who commented last week, really doubt if there will be any form of memorial for her. Not really a lot of people who knew her and who would attend. Maybe the show will surprise us with something beautiful and meaningful.
      But it still would have been nice if Mary was mentioned at all at this stage.

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      • Kathysr

        No memorial, but maybe a private visit to either a grave or a crypt (ashes) by Steve (maybe with Mary.) Steve is struggling with her death. We don’t know how Mary feels about her mother. Her mom abandoned her for her entire life. So maybe Mary is done with the whole thing. Why honor a mother who was never in her life?


  3. mamayorkie

    I am unsure how much time has passed since Doris died. The whole time line seems a little fuzzy to me but maybe something was mentioned to explain it and I just missed it. It would be nice if Steve mentioned having spoken to Mary that day. She must also be suffering.

    So Steve is still grieving and most of the team is supportive. That is a plus. Not sure why Flippa’s Mom is now a character because she is being written as someone more concerned with money than family in a very an unflattering way. This is certainly not what I would have expected the writers to do when she would also be considered ohana. If it is an attempt at humor, then I am not sure if greed gets laughs. That is just my take.

    I guess the writers were too busy trying to make Danny seem to care about Steve’s welfare by concocting the mold story. It would have been more effective and believable had Danny risked his life to find Steve when he was missing like Junior and the other S.E.A.L. team members did. He didn’t show up for that but he did show up in time for the meal.

    We did learn one thing, though. Danny and Rachel are trying to make their relationship work but are not quite there yet. That will probably happen before the season finale.

    At least we are getting some continuity this season and all of the various people in Steve’s life are staying in character.

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  4. Kristine Blackman

    Danny had no intention of finding steve but shows up later pretending to care for steve ,no he doesn’t just thinks he’s important. Thank God for junior he cares a lot for Steve ,Danny is a waist of space ,kick him out of house junior for Steve’s partner

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  5. Kathysr

    Here’s my take on why Danny didn’t go with Junior to rescue Steve. Remember when Steve originally planned the op? He told everyone that he was going ALONE. After eight weeks, Junior managed to locate him. Junior then decided to go to rescue Steve. Danny realized that this was a SEAL-level mission. Danny’s not a SEAL and doesn’t have that skill set. So Junior took along SEAL buddies to bring Steve back. Danny’s lack of SEAL skills could have jeopardized the entire rescue operation.

    I’ve said this many times over the years. Danny has an ex-wife and two beloved children to live for. Steve has no one really close in his life. Where is Mary? Far away and not really part of his life. Danny wants to be here to be a part of his children’s lives and to perhaps get back together with Rachel. Danny has very powerful motivations to stay on Earth. Steve really doesn’t. Steve has always plunged head-long into life threatening missions. Before Danny met Steve, I doubt Danny ever did that. You can call him a coward or call him a realist and a survivor. He has a powerful spiritual desire to stay here on earth for his beloved family. And for Steve.

    Just looking at everything with a different point of view.

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    • Kathy, your summary is completely correct. Danny did not belong on that mission. And he was written very much in character.
      I just think it would have just been better if Danny looked more involved with finding Steve and setting up the “rescue” . More urgency in helping Steve and Doris.
      I sometimes get the feeling they end up writing Danny’s caring as artificial because it doesn’t come naturally. His caring looks out of place. Intruding on Steve’s doorstep and bringing him coffee that is not wanted. It is as if they have to make it happen, because the natural story does not allow for it.

      As for Danny wanting to stay on this earth, that has been Rachel’s problem all along in her wishes for Danny. It has not been that she does not love or be with Danny. I have always been of the opinion that she was scared that Danny’s job is to dangerous and that the job is more important to him that she is. Being a detective might not be as dangerous as a mission in a foreign country, but still more dangerous that a job where you do not carry a gun all the time and chase bad people.

      Danny however has not always been portrayed as wanting to stay alive at all cost – I can recall Episode 5:18 where he made a decision that made it look like he is prepared to die. I know it was written as if he made the decision to save Steve & Grace, but it all did not really make sense. And then it was actually Doris’s intel at the time, that saved his life. So Danny actually owed her his life for that one.

      And I agree, Danny has got good reason to avoid danger and be alive. And he does not have the skill set for such a mission – but in a few other circumstances before, the team and Danny were portrayed as having the skills for such a mission. Only in recent years did the show make use of their 2 SEAL’s Steve & Junior and an outside team for such mission and not include the Five-0 team members for it. Much more realistic.
      And having said all the above, I feel that everybody has been written very much IN character this season.
      And I get the feeling that they are doing specific stuff with characters (and specifically here I talk about Danny and how he is acting) to set up future episodes as well. More so than maybe in other seasons.
      Guess we will have to see 🙂

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    • I agree with your first part of your comment. D doesn’t have the skills for such a mission. Even the times he went on a kind of mission, like in North Korea, he wasn’t really relevant. He was just… there. Heck, he most of the time doesn’t have the skills, guts, whatever to be a member of this Elite Task Force. His complaining, questioning and stupid fear-bitching endangered their missions and the team not just once.
      Can’t agree with your second paragraph. If Danny would be honest with himself he would have quit long ago, if his powerful motivations are that strong he still would be married. Sorry, but D is no survivor. He even said so in 4.19 (?), when they were buried under all the rubble. He is someone lying in fetal position on the floor waiting for it to be over.
      Steve’s the fighter, the survivor, he showed us on so many occasions, without his will to live he would be dead for a long time. And his motivation? LIFE! Steve loves life. He is capable to enjoy even the smallest things in dangerous situations, like parachuting in dangerous areas right before disarming a dirty bomb. Haven’t seen anything of this with Negative Dancy.

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      • Kathysr

        lol how about Danny Downer? I’ve called him that for many years. And yet, even though he doesn’t have the skill set for those missions, he’s saved Steve’s life on several occasions. He saved Steve’s life in the pilot episode. Steve DOES continue to charge into situations which could get him killed. Danny moved to Hawaii to be close to daughter. Rachel had remarried and moved on. It’s only been in the last year or two that she’s been available again. I think Danny’s mulling over life decisions now. I agree with FOYeur, they’re writing the character in a very specific way to justify some upcoming important storylines. At this point it’s not at all clear if Danny and Rachel will reunite.

        Danny was seconds away from death on 9/11, with a gun pointed to his head, nine years before he met Steve. His partner Grace had just been murdered. The sirens saved his life that day. Danny knows he’s living on borrowed time and each day is a gift.

        We just have a different take on Danny Williams.


        • I think it is at least debateble if Danny saved Steve’s life in the pilot. We’ll never know if the guy would have shot him.
          Steve is a SEAL, Naval Intelligence, highly trained, he knows what he is doing and he’s going through the doors first so that nobody else has to do it.
          But to be honest, I really don’t care what will happen with Danny. I don’t like the behaviour of this character and as a member of the task force he has become irrelevant.

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  6. Yeah as really Steve and Danny even were not shown hardly show. And gave way for Adam, Lou, Quinn, Tani, and Junior
    Evil siblings there indeed! Wanting to kill people including their beloved father who had done everything and he gets killed in return as not just evil but spoiled brats.
    Kind of wonder if Alex wants to as a producer make it more of a ensemble? Just saying!


    • I have actually always seen H50 as an ensemble cast since day 1- with the 4 main cast members and characters, Steve, Danny, Chin & Kono.
      Then the added Max to the group in season 2 and then or course in S4 they added Grover and Cath because of Scott and Grace Park’s reduced schedules.
      So in fact since season 4, there’s been an ensemble of 7. Then when Cath left, Jerry was added to keep it at 7.
      When Max & Chin & Kono left, Adam, Junior and Tani were added.
      Then from this season when Jerry left, Quinn was added, which keeps it at 7.
      That is just a quick summary as far as my memory recalls. So for me there is no real difference in the numbers.


  7. mamayorkie

    Many questions which we have regarding Danny may be answered or at least hinted at in the upcoming Danny centric episode later this season.

    Will he be forced to choose between his job and Rachel and the kids? Considering that his job was the reason she left him in the first place it would seem he can’t have both. We watched a whole season of the restaurant story as his retirement dream. R.I.P .that nonsense.

    The character has wanted out for a long time so will this be the means to have him hand in his badge? Danny has had no impact on the story this season because he is so seldom there. .So if he decides to leave H50, they may not even have to hire another actor to make up the number to seven which means there will only be six characters facing kidnapping.

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  8. Well, this was a filler episode if you ask me.
    Steve looked pretty in plaid and I wish it was him with Juns. Or maybe I just don’t feel the Rei/Rey vibes. 😉
    It wasn’t enough of Steve, that is right, but it is okay for me that Alex has some time off. He deserves it.
    And we’ll always have… Mexico. We can always play it again.
    Thank you for the lovely pics, Paula. Love Steve’s handshake with Junior’s mom. It was so heartfelt!

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    • Kathysr

      I have a sneaky suspicion that Alex asked for less screen time this year and to create more storylines which feature the other cast members. I love the Junior storyline with his dad. It’s so real, the emotions deeply touch my heart. Beulah is an extraordinary actor. He’s on another level. I’m enjoying a lot of the storylines this year. Katrina Law is an excellent addition to the ohana. Her character fits right in. All business, no muss, no fuss. And it’s cool that Steve pairs Tani and Quinn on assignments.

      I like the way Steve’s mixing it up this year. I think Quinn is really Danny’s replacement as he fades more and more out of the picture. It’s weird when he appears at the table, then disappears for the actual mission, then reappears at the table or with the gang at the end of the assignment.

      The ratings are going UP each week! That’s wonderful. Amazing. The Hawaii Five-O’s lead in is increasing the Magnum ratings too.


  9. Cassiopea 1000

    5.0 was originally a team of 4 people: one SEAL and leader + 3 cops. I’ve always wondered why and when the idea of adding members arose.

    Granted, new characters with new personal stories were needed to avoid wearing away (in want of a better term) the original four. Okay, Lou was a cop and if they wanted to keep him in the show, the obvious and only possible way was for him to become a 5.0 member after he was fired. But Jerry? If he could help the 5.0 force without a badge, why did he suddenly got one? What was gained with that? The Catherine’s story is worse. She was much more of an asset when she was in the Navy than as a plain 5.0 cop with no real valuable contributions. I won’t even comment on the absurd Adam’s case. The Asian community wanted a regular Asian character after the departure of DDK and GP? All right, integrate Adam in the show, but in an intelligent way.

    Now there are a lot of people around the magical table in 5.0 headquarters. All have their little thing to say, none of them is essential to the team (except Steve and maybe Junior), as any of them is expandable per se.

    Now if I go by your comments, it seems the characters are being redefined. And about time, too!

    As I see it, the character that needs more redefinition is Danny. Yes, he has evolved over the years and now his priority is his family. But is it necessary to turn him into a never-ending whiner, an easily scared, thoughtless and immature man? This is not the Danny Steve chose as his partner in the pilot. Scott may not be present in all the epis, but when he is, let him be something of the original Danny, for God’s sake!


    • Kathysr

      I totally agree with you. I miss the original Danny. His priority always was his family, i.e., Grace. He never wanted to come to Hawaii. He was a New Jersey cop, 100%. He only moved to Hawaii to be close to his daughter. As originally envisioned and for several seasons on the show, Steve and Danny were a co-equal team and true partners. The dynamic started to change when Scott asked for less screen time. And I suspect that each year he’s asked for less and less screen time. Even in the episodes that he’s “in” now, Danny’s in one or two scenes at the most. So he’s basically written himself off the show.


    • gracenotpark

      Huh…I have always seen Danny as a whiner, since ep 1 season 1. And he blames any difficult situation on anybody and everybody but himself. I’m actually enjoying this season far more because he’s not in it. Tbh I hope Show remains Danny-lite.

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  10. mamayorkie

    Two things occurred in this episode which are very telling and perhaps define the Steve-Danny relationship. Since it was written by Alex, most likely within the parameters of what was acceptable to Lenkov, I noticed this.

    1. Danny and Grover had different reactions to what Steve was planning to do regarding rescuing his mother. Danny said (paraphrasing) that he ( Steve) was going to do what he was going to do and walked out leaving Steve with the “face” It wasn’t pretty and spoke volumes. Grover said (paraphrasing again) If you don’t try you will regret it for the rest of your life..Two men and two different opinions. Alex wrote this.

    2. When Steve was missing and Junior realized that he might be in trouble, he searched for him. Danny’s comment was Steve told them not to do that. He made no allowance for the fact that they had not heard from him in a long time and he might need help. Did I mention ALex wrote that also?

    Now none of that was necessary and Danny did not have to be written that way. He could have told Junior he was going to join the attempt at finding Steve to see if he needed them and Junior, realizing that he was not a trained S.E.A.L. and would probably get them all killed, could have just given Danny the wrong time and pickup point and left him behind, angry but safe. He would not look like an uncaring jerk. But they chose not to do that.



    • mamayorkie

      I was referring to the episode which caused Steve to run out of steam. Sorry for the confusion. The consequences will last the entire season, I fear.


  11. CassG

    I truly love it here!!❤❤ There has been some amazing comments so much of which I agree with esp on Danny. All I have to say in his regard is it should be interesting on how his storyline plays out with out being the operative word. I also like the idea which was commented about Quinn becoming Danny’s replacement. Her character is right on. She’s a strong character and definitely not a whiner or obnoxious. I loved her working with Steve.

    Steve in this ep was gorgeous and mournful. Beautifully displayed just by looking at his face. These beautiful pics say it all. I also liked Junior’s storyline and I felt emotional when he and his dad got back to the place where they belong. I was happy for Junior’s sake as he is the best.💕 Let’s not forget Eddie who was a bit of comic relief. The couch and the beach chair he has claimed as his personal territory and quite comfortably. I was hysterical how he situated himself on the couch and chair. He too is Steve’s roommate.😘

    My greatest hope is that Steve will find a significant other that he can organically blend with to find personal love which is truly void in his life and he so sorely needs.💕💕💕


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