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#H50 10.09 – Steve Without Steam

The annual Thanksgiving episode.

Time for family and friends and loved ones …… and of course those are the times when you remember the dearly departed

In the past some of the thanksgiving episodes included Steve’s real family – and it is indeed as many commented last week, sad that Mary has not been mentioned in the whole Doris being dead situation. Not even a peep about a memorial or burial or cremation.


So nice to see that Junior just still stays with Steve after all this time. So naturally and easily. Good friends with great respect for each other sharing a living space.

They manage to juggle the huge cast around the cases rather nicely these days, ensuring that everybody gets some screen time, but …….

…… Episodes like these kind of make me wish that H50 seasons were shorter and that Alex could be involved in all parts of all the stories.


The stories of the other team members are good for the overall story of the show, but for me as an Alex fan, they do not matter much.

If he was part of those stories and how they unfolded , I would of course enjoy them a lot more.


A H50 raid without Steve as part of it, kind of feels weird.


Blue room interrogation without Steve is just not that interesting

But also as an Alex fan, we do understand that because of the workload and circumstances around filming, the season gets long. And we appreciate the fact that Alex gets some breathing time during the season while filming.

Alex as Steve looked so serene during the final scene

Eddie as part of this season is great. He adds a lot of warmth to the show.

There is  a feeling that the Ohana gatherings this season are more natural. Not just a lot of people who we hardly care about, together.

The gatherings make more sense and the absence of some of the families, like Grover’s and Danny’s get some explaining. Those are the small moments of continuity that this season seem to have.



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#H50 Cast Help Make a Wish Come True ……..

A heart-warming story of how @BeulahKoale with #AlexOLoughlin & Jay Hernandez and the #H50 cast and crew, made time in their busy schedule to help make a little boy’s wishes come true.

It was not a planned or scheduled encounter, but those involved found means and time to make it happen.

Cooper is a 9 year old boy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1

  • Here is the story from all side, with a few of the pictures:

Sorry for being MIA the past week but WOW what a week!!! Cooper was granted a Make-a-Wish trip to Honolulu Hawaii. We left last Saturday and got home this morning!! We had such an awesome time. Make-a-Wish set us up with 3 excursions 1) Chief’s Luau, 2) Dolphin Quest – swim with and learn about dolphins and 3) a personalized tour of Pearl Harbor Memorial. These were exceptional! We also squeezed in visits to Diamond Head, Punchbowl Crater and Memorial, the beach, and Dole Plantation.

But the icing to all of this cake was tracking down where Hawaii Five-O was filming and getting to meet Beulah Koale (Junior) and Alex O’Loughlin (Steve) then discovering they were filming a crossover episode with Magnum Pi and getting to meet Jay Hernandez (Magnum). These are two of Cooper’s favorite shows and boy was he thrilled beyond belief to meet these guys.

We were able to watch them film a couple scenes and see the rest of the cast at work too. I can’t thank Make-a-wish enough for this amazing opportunity for Cooper and our family. Everybody was so kind and caring. ❤️❤️❤️ Hope y’all enjoy the pics

  • From Beulah:
My boy @moks1 walks up to me on set and says, “bee, there’s a kid outside who is dying to meet the cast, can you go out and meet him”. Not only do I get the chance to meet this amazing kid and his awesome family. Our film crew (Ohana) turns up and sees what’s going on and make sure this kid has the best time of his life.
Props get me dressed up in tac gear, @kanoadahlin gets him a the five-0 slate, we show him @katrinalaw five-0 badge from props (it’s the most shiny 😂). We end up in bringing them into the green room where Cooper gets to meet the big dogs, Al and @jayhernandez001 .
Cooper loses his mind and breaks all our hearts at the same time with his love and his families love.
Cooper if you get a chance to read this, give your mum a massive hug, because if it wasn’t for her finding out where we were filming this wouldn’t of happened.
Your an amazing soul and you will make a great detective one day. I wish you all could be seen how our crew dropped almost everything to make sure Cooper had a great time with us while we were working. @moks1 thank you uso. ❤️❤️.
That’s ALOHA.

Alex signing Cooper’s shirt

  • Message from Coopers mom, Crystal to Beulah:
Hi Cooper’s mom here
I don’t know if you check your messages or not, but we just got back home to Houston and I wanted to send you a huge thank you and a couple of the pictures we took with you.
I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your day to truly make Cooper’s trip to Hawaii incredible. He was hoping he would find y’all  filming somewhere and I honestly didn’t  think it was going to happen, boy am I glad I was wrong. 
Cooper has had to deal with a whole lot more in life than anyone should ever have to (his condition of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and all its side effects, plus losing his dad to car accident before his … (sorry this part of  her message is not on the picture Beulah posted)
(Next picture)
 …… Also a huge to this guy below for helping make it all happen. I can’t remember his name, but he was awesome.
Thanks again, Crystal

Jay signing Cooper’s shirt

  • Just to add something from Coopers profile on Facebook, written by his mom:
Cooper and I lost Cooper’s daddy Jason on December 18, 2012. Jason was a devoted father and husband. He loved us both so much and was so proud to be Cooper’s Daddy!
  • You can see more of Cooper’s pictures here

Always great to post these stories.

There has been a few of them over the years.


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