Some Filming Moments on #H50

Some nice little moments from the #h50 set, all photos and videos taken and shared by NinjAloha50 on twitter yesterday.

We love the little glimpses of Alex.

Notice Alex waving at someone, when seated in Steve´s car.

It looks so cute 🙂

Alex cropped from bigger photos for nicer viewing experience 🙂

And the original photos by NinjAloha50 twitter.

 Thanks Ninja for sharing all the fun for EVERYBODY to see.

You are a star!

We appreciate it!!


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5 responses to “Some Filming Moments on #H50

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Fun! Thanks!


  2. It’s always interesting to see what we usually don’t see. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Dq

    I know that this is off today’s topic. But, I have to comment about yesterday’s intragram. Wish it had been up longer. Could not showing. Towel move was too sexy. Also liked the pec twitches. I think I have some kind of problem. Usually I’m happy to watch any moves from him, but this was just way too much.


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