They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin Is Dedicated

It looks like during this past weekend, Alex enjoyed the privilege of another private session of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in his garage with a Master in the sport.

Pictures and comments posted on Instagram by Eighth Degree Coral Belt Master, Pedro Sauer:

pedro_sauer_ Have the pleasure to share some Jiu-Jitsu in a 3 hours private with a great dedicated guy #alexoloughlin and @gracietechnicshonolulu 😉😎🙌🥋🙏🏼
(With them of the picture is Black Belt, Rylan Lizares from@gracietechnicshonolulu)
  • And also a beautiful compliment towards both Alex and Scott and the others with this picture:

pedro_sauer_Got to hang out with those great guys #hawaii50, incredible super down the earth #alexoloughlin #scottcaan dr @gracietechnicshonolulu@real_deal_dr_peter_weller 😎🙌🥋🙏🏼

Another confirmation from those who meet him of Alex’s dedication in life and being just an ordinary dude with his friends.


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7 responses to “They Say ….. #AlexOLoughlin Is Dedicated

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Love it! Seeing him happy, healthy, and a joy to be around makes me happy he’s my favorite actor 😁


  2. Thanks for sharing this. Alex is such a great guy.


  3. Great to know that Alex is having a good time and that he’s sharing his passion for BBJ with his buddy Scott The Victim (of his hairstylist, I mean).


  4. dq

    Do you think Scott has his hair that because he wants his, or do you think he has it that why of a project he is working in Los Angles? Surly no ones has a haircut that because it is appealing.


    • I think it is high fashion at the moment. He actually already kind of had it cut that way last season as well if I recall. I do not always look at him that closely.
      In Blue Bloods Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) also have this cut. Somehow it kind of works for him.


  5. CassG

    Love it!!❤❤ Always a pleasure to see him in this mode as he works hard both in front and behind the cameras. Thanks much FOYeur!😊😊


  6. Sue

    Think Scott’s haircut doesn’t do anything for him. Looks like he is trying to be “stylish”. He needs to realize that he is not in his 20’s anymore.


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