#H50 10.08 – Steve in Mourning

After all of last week’s excellence and excitement with all  the momma drama, we are back to basics, or are we?

There  is a subtle difference in the continuity of this season. I wonder if it might be because one of the main cast (in this case No1 on the call sheet), is now listed as producer? It makes for better viewing to see that something small that happened earlier on, is remembered and continued.

Not much more to say other than, hope you enjoy all the screencaps that Paula made from the episode!


And I guess in the end Danny did not bring Steve home, but he might still be on the couch on the mainland, calling and texting and wondering if Steve is okay? All while everybody else is doing their job alongside their leader, solving cases ……


The loss ….

Not many people can say that they buried their mother twice….

Life goes on, but the memories and the pain will come and go …..


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29 responses to “#H50 10.08 – Steve in Mourning

  1. mamayorkie

    I don’t think that Alex being listed as a producer has anything to do with this. That is an empty “honor” that most of the writers get which has zero influence on what the boss wants to do. In other words, if Alex wants a story to have a certain feature and PL wants the same thing, then Alex gets what he wants. Everyone is happy.

    The word “producer” is not magic In this case it sounds good but has no power behind it. If there is any continuity, no matter how subtle, then PL may be planning an arc where Steve finally deals with all of his trauma. I hope so. It should have been dealt with years ago. If we see that then it may be the beginning of the end. We will know more as the season progresses and other open story lines are concluded. It looks to me like the road map PL has chosen is to tie up as many loose ends as he can this season.

    I know that there was no other choice but to write Doris’s death but I still cannot see why they killed Joe White.

    The losses that the character Steve McGarrett has endured would have knocked down a herd of charging elephants.

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    • Cassiopea 1000

      Thank you for the screenshots, FOYeur! Alex/Steve looks really drawn, as befits a son who has just lost his mother in tragic circumstances.

      I have to disagree with you, mamayorkie. The word ‘producer’ is not magic, as you say, but it’s not a mere honorific title. As far as I know, a producer does not necessarily write or suggest a story, but ‘Within the production process, a producer can oversee, arrange, manage, and begin every single aspect. They are involved in every single stage of the overall production process’ (words from Wikipedia, not mine). In France and Spain (I don’t know about other European countries), a producer is in addition very much involved with financial matters. He’s the one who has a heart attack each time the star is having one of his or her tantrums or if rain or wind make an unwelcome appearance, thus delaying the filming, which means higher production costs.

      So whatever the role of an American TV show producer is, I think it’s good news that Alex will act as one. I think the final products where he takes part as a producer will gain in quality.

      Interesting too to note that Alex is now past restricting his career to acting. He’s covering all aspects of the movie business. We may see less of him on screen, but he’ll certainly be very active and won’t let us to forget him.

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      • mamayorkie

        We can agree to disagree.

        The official meaning of the word “producer” is correct but this refers to someone like like Lenkov, not AOL or any of the other writers who are listed as producers on the screen. For this group it is merely honorific. The title which Alex now has does not mean he can walk up to the EP and say move over, this is how we are going to do things now. His only power comes when he negotiates a contract renewal and can make demands which are either met or not. I truly believe that PL will try to accommodate Alex in his requests as long as it does not interfere with what he wants to do himself. . It is in everyone’s best interest for the star and the producer and the network to get along. Everyone knows their place, everyone understands their responsibilities and everyone does his/her job. In the end, the network really holds all the cards and we have seen from what happened to DDK and Grace Park that they they will go only so far in what they are willing to negotiate. Everyone is expendable and no one is irreplaceable in their eyes.

        It is only a small segment of the fandom that is clamoring for AOL to usurp PL’s job, not Alex. He understands where his power lies and where it does not. Lenkov will likely allow him to direct another episode for H50, maybe even Magnum or MacGyver.. And that will be good for his career, but to believe that the word “producer” in this case means anything more than an empty title is only a fan fairy tale and not magic.

        I stand by what I said previously and really do not wish to get into this any further so my coffee is ready and it calls me.


        • Cassiopea 1000

          mamayorkie, I am rather amused by the fact that you and I disagree all the time. Probably my fault, since your comments are always intelligent and full of good sense.

          So as a penance, I will agree with you (just this once won’t hurt!) on one point. Killing Joe Whight seems pointless. Epis with Joe were always interesting, as was his relationship with Steve (plus I have a soft spot for Terry O’Q’ since ‘Lost’).

          Enjoy your future coffees in peace, dear mamayorkie, and sharpen your keyboard for our next disagreement!


          • mamayorkie

            Any opinion that is sincerely held.is of equal value. I rarely see anything as black or white For me everything is usually shades of gray. Life would be boring if we all agreed with each other all the time. Let us promise to never be boring! That coffee this morning was excellent.


      • TV producers and Film producers in Hollywood are actually two different types of roles. Film producers provide the resources (and money) to make the film as you mentioned those in France and Spain do.

        On the other hand TV producers are often employed by the Network to be showrunners of a series which they (the Network) make and provide the money for. That producer showrunner oversee all of the creative process. In this case Peter
        On the other hand we get that sometimes the star of a successful television series can have a degree of influence over the creative process. And that is Alex.
        In my eyes, on the one hand you are correct ( that it is not just honorific ) and on the other hand Mama is correct (Alex definitely does not have much influence in the process and overall story.)

        My comment in the post, is far from suggesting that Alex now is the showrunner with lots of creative power and I feel Mama maybe judged what I was trying to say too harshly.

        And here I definitely agree with you Cassiopea >>> I think the final products where he takes part as a producer will gain in quality.

        And I hope that is true for H50 now.


        • mamayorkie

          I was not trying to judge you harshly and I am sorry if I made you feel that way.

          I just get so frustrated when I see parts of the fandom believing that now they will get their fondest wishes because Alex has the word producer after his name. If there was something real to be gained by having that, wouldn’t Scott have asked for it along with his negotiated work schedule? He could have insured that Danny would have been written with dignity if that word was all powerful. And if he had real feeling for the show, why hasn’t he written or directed episodes? That is apparently where his love lies and what he happily does in L.A.? I believe the answer is that he knows it is empty and would rather have different perks.

          And who says he only misses five episodes? We have seen eight episodes so far and how many of those has he missed? How many did he make only a fleeting appearance in?

          I think we can support Alex better by encouraging him to continue to suggest stories which may be agreeable to PL, hoping he gets more opportunities to direct, and perhaps find another project which excites him professionally.


    • Mama,
      As far as Steve’s mourning process goes I feel that they are dealing with and portraying it quite well. Those flashbacks are very real, just as going on with your life is also very real.
      I know people react differently to anything in life and with death of loved ones as well.

      I am not sure how people want Steve to react differently or more severely to all his loss. Of course, the pain is sometimes unbearable, but you find yourself dealing with it, and life goes on.
      You cry when you need to and then you go on and you can still be happy!

      Death is the most certain part of life. And losing people and even more than one that you love, is part of it and then life goes on.

      Although not as violently (with guns and knifes) as Steve, I have lost more people (with similar relation as his), than what or who he lost in the last 10 years of the show. And that all happened in the last 7 years of my life. I do not want to bore anybody with my losses, but here I am surviving it and I feel the need to mention it on this occasion.
      What I do know is that death by illness can feel more violent for the loved ones of somebody, than sudden death. To see someone you love, suffering until their last breath, and having to be by their bed for days, weeks and months, is just as traumatic as having them killed instantly by force.

      And I have in fact survived that proverbial heard of charging elephants (and even more), which you describe.

      I found that even trying to find outside help by talking to a phycologist, merely ended up in the realization that nothing and no one can miraculously solve your pain over those losses, but you can go on and be happy.

      Life goes on!

      After hearing my story in 2 sessions, she didn’t even know how to respond. So much for trying to get outside professional help, I thought. And then I knew, you can go on with life, without totally falling apart and without being knocked down by that force that you mentioned – you go on …… just as Steve will go on.

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      • mamayorkie

        You seem to have had more than your share of loss so early in your life. I have no idea why some of us get more unhappiness all at once in this life but perhaps your time of joy is just about to begin and it will erase all that was bad or at least make it more bearable. In the end, life has a way of evening out all the bumps, so I believe in my heart you deserve and will have a smooth ride from now on.


        • Thanks.
          I mainly wanted to make the point that I know from experience, that even with tremendous losses, one need not fall apart. You CAN still be happy and still enjoy life.
          And that it is not unrealistic that Steve can still function normally without debilitating PTSD, even with such great and multiple losses..

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  2. I was surprised by a pretty good episode. I even enjoyed the second storyline.
    But what was really excellent was Alex’s portrayal of Steve, a Steve still kinda in shock, a devastated Steve, a Steve so full of hurt and pain. His Steve was kind of ‘reduced’ for a lack of a better word, he was more quiet, had a low voice and you could feel that Steve desperately tried to not losing it. So very well done, it made me feel for him so much.
    I have to agree with you on the “subtle difference in the continuity of this season” and I do think it has to do with Alex being a producer. No one will know for sure about his influence, we all can only guess, but the difference is obvious…
    >>And I guess in the end Danny did not bring Steve home, but he might still be on the couch on the mainland, calling and texting and wondering if Steve is okay? All while everybody else is doing their job alongside their leader, solving cases ……<< I love you, FOYeur! Exactly my thoughts. And that is the problem with someone being a part time worker, it doesn't help the likeability of the character.
    Thanks for the wonderful screens, Paula. I don't know why, but Steve alone on the couch in his office really gets me… Sniff.

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    • mamayorkie

      The writers do not do anything to make Danny look good. It is as though they have thrown up their hands and said why spin our wheels. I can only sympathize. It is impossible to keep hoping the viewers won’t notice that when Steve needs support, he has to get it from characters who are relatively newcomers or worse, a picture of a phone screen shot with nobody on the line.

      The final comment about missing her, referring to Doris, should have been made to Mary, not the guy who didn’t step up when Steve needed help but left it all up to Junior.

      I think the writers are deliberate in “writing” Danny off no longer relevant.

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  3. Erin Bedard

    Wonderful pictures you guys posted love the man.


  4. CassG

    When I see Steve’s face and feel that heaviness that he carries I mourn with him. His face speaks volumes as Paula has so beautifully captured. I also don’t see Steve sitting around in his grief but instead keeping busy or actually immersing himself into his work. Because of how Doris died and no less in front of him I am sure he will have many quiet moments. He always gives such great hugs and this is one time I would just like to see him get a big one without words spoken.
    My puzzlement is where is Mary? There has been no mention since Doris’s death and that seems strange. You would think there would have been a conversation with her, text, something if not her presence???? Seems a bit strange since she has not been mentioned in the storyline. Also are we to assume that there was a funeral and Doris has been buried or is there still CIA and government red tape happening???? I’m just saying!


    • Kathysr

      The death is so new, so raw, and Steve feels guilty. He has to tell his sister what happened. He’s gathering his courage to tell her. I think we’ll either see Steve talking to Mary on the telephone and trying to explain how her mother died or perhaps they’ll write Mary into a future episode. I’d like to see Mary in person. She has suffered from the life her mother chose to lead. Yet she still may be very angry at her brother for causing her mother’s death. I don’t think Mary has ever really understood what her mom did for a living.


      • Kind of sure Steve already stopped over at Mary’s place on the mainland to tell her, before returning to Hawaii.
        We have no idea how much time passed since her death and this episode.
        And Steve did not cause Doris’s death, Doris caused her own death …..

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      • Steve didn’t cause Doris‘ death. He was her only chance, yet she chose wrong. Again. The CIA made it clear that they would kill Carmen AND Doris. And Carmen? She killed everyone of her lovers and it was obvious that she would have murdered Doris at the end after she served her purpose.
        Doris made the wrong, arrogant (and selfish) decisions, leaving her son to deal with the haunting outcome. Again.

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        • Thanks leiCa, you put a lot better than could.
          Steve gave her two chances to get out alive.
          First she hit him through the face with a gun and second time she held a gun on him, while knowing Carmen was around there somewhere with a gun.
          She chose her death and nearly got Steve killed as well.


    • Kathysr

      I predict a future graveside visit by Steve and Mary. The burial occurred off camera.


    • Lots of important stuff happen offscreen on this show. Unless they can use it as part of the show, anything about Mary won’t be shown.
      Red tape and autopsy might still be part of it, and I am kind of sure Doris would be cremated and only the ashes maybe give to Steve or Mary.
      Apart from them, who would attend a funeral in any case?


      • CassG

        I know FOYeur unfortunately. It would be nice to actually see some of these things happen instead of drawing our own conclusions and leaving it at that. As far as anyone coming to a funeral for Doris his ohana would be there for him come hell or high water because of the love they have for Steve. We shall see how things play out. As Kathysr said maybe there may possibly be a gravesite visit by Mary and Steve. I would like to see that happen. Doris may not have been around as she chose the life that she did but she did love them both.


        • Cass, you can see my comment to Kathy. And all you say is true and great suggestions.
          So many people in reviews and comments actually came to the conclusion that Shelburne the spy died now, but that Mother Doris really died 30 years ago.
          Maybe they can go and visit that old gravesite where there “mother” was kind of buried back then.

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      • Kathysr

        I said burial, not funeral. We might see Doris’ grave next to John’s. Then Mary and Steve could go visit them both, like they visited John’s grave in Season three. It’s possible. I agree–all of Steve’s true family would be there, emotionally supporting him.


        • Sorry Kathy. I was not trying to say that your comments are wrong.
          I was kind of sarcastic in regards to how the show handels stuff. We have seen some continuity lately, but I highly doubt if they will do it here.

          All your suggestions would have been great, but that only happens on shows who actually follow through on stories and what happen around them.

          As for her being buried next to him – I don’t think it is possible. That is a gravesite for military veterans and not sure if her service to the country will qualify her to be buried there. (it should actually be)

          Your comment actually got me thinking. She was buried once before – 30 years ago. Wonder where that grave is? And who that body actually was that they buried that day?


  5. Magnólia

    Alex, foi maravilhoso como retratou o seu luto. Tenho esperança e acredito que terá oportunidade de mostrar o grande talento num grande filme ou numa grande série.
    Foyeur, estou solidária com a sua dor e a forma como luta para a superar.
    O tempo vai amenizando a dor e, sim, é preciso seguir em frente.
    Obrigada, Foyeur e Paula 🍀

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