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#H50 10.08 – Steve in Mourning

After all of last week’s excellence and excitement with all  the momma drama, we are back to basics, or are we?

There  is a subtle difference in the continuity of this season. I wonder if it might be because one of the main cast (in this case No1 on the call sheet), is now listed as producer? It makes for better viewing to see that something small that happened earlier on, is remembered and continued.

Not much more to say other than, hope you enjoy all the screencaps that Paula made from the episode!


And I guess in the end Danny did not bring Steve home, but he might still be on the couch on the mainland, calling and texting and wondering if Steve is okay? All while everybody else is doing their job alongside their leader, solving cases ……


The loss ….

Not many people can say that they buried their mother twice….

Life goes on, but the memories and the pain will come and go …..



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