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A plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

Our friends from Mostly Five- 0 ask for support to convince the person who compile the Hawaii Five-0 DVD’s at the end of the season, to include as much footage as possible from Alex’s episode, including maybe a director’s cut version of it. We would like to support them in it. For that reason we also want to share it here on our site. Thank you for your support!

Mostly Five-0

A Plea for H50 Season 10 DVD Package

We, as fans of Hawaii Five-0 have a heart-felt plea for this season’s DVD set.

Please consider adding the lost (cut) scenes from Episode 10.07 to the Season 10 DVD set. Knowing so much more was written and directed by Alex O’Loughlin, we feel certain much was left on the cutting room floor. We wish you could share with the rest of us!

Maybe we can even hope for a director’s cut of this amazing episode?

Your consideration of our request would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely and thank you,

Mostly Five-0 Blog

(Visitors of this blog, if you agree with our request, please either comment or simply sign this post. Or like the post on Twitter. Please spread the word.)

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