#H50 Episode 10:07 – The Day Steve’s Mother Died? #H50E1007

It was a real entertainment pleasure to watch how every sentence and picture of this episode was cared for and conducted by Actor Director Alex O’Loughlin.

A pleasure which also caused me pain on a few different levels ….

Before I say anything else about this episode I just want to make one specific mention about Kurt Jones and the great cinematography! He and Alex make a great  team to create visual effect and storytelling. (if he would also just spell Alex’s name correctly on his IG posts, that would be great – sorry but I have to mention it because it bothers me (a lot)

  • Then also the stunt team, great work (as usual on the show).
  • Flow of the episode – great writing and editing. (Every time I had a question, it was answered in a later scene.)
  • In this stand alone rogue episode, giving the whole team at least something to do and integrating them in the story – very well done to the writing and directing of that.
  • Having real Ex Navy SEAL’s around as friends to portray the operation going down – a great luxury with great professionnel effect! And you can see the real life camaraderie among the 4 of them (Alex, Beulah, Stephen and James). I especially enjoyed the few moments of humour which they provided for the episode.
jonesydop Always amazing working with Navy SEALs. I have so much respect for what they do / did for our country. And to have guys that know how to “Run Guns” is a pleasure to behold as a shooter. I’m proud to have these guys in front of my camera and to call them friends. Mahalo for your service boys. Now let’s hit the range 🤙🏻🤙🏻 #NavySEALs #Devgru #specialoperations #cinematography #cinematographer #DP @murthaskouras

And of course great material written for some stellar performances by Alex and Christine (and everybody else who played a part).

Every time over the years whenever mother and son met, the two of them were nothing but a pleasure to watch.

Thank you for that Christine! You made Doris real.

@HawaiiFive0CBS the remarkable #alexOLoughlin, @HawaiiFiveOCBS The remarkable, dreamy #alexOLoughlin, my favorite TV son, wrote and directed and starred in this killer episode last night on #cbs Now on @cbsAllAccess.

The thought that stuck to my mind after agonizing about the outcome of this episode –

Hawaii Five-0:

A Television procedural show with fantastic character based story moments from time to time (like we got in this episode), but never any real story arcs that run a course. 

Sadly, the timelapses and lack of continuity and building up of the characters for a satisfactory development and  storyline (arcs), just does not exist on the show. 

With all the beautiful screen capture from the episode, I will just leave you with a few more random thoughts and quotes about Steve and Doris from past and present episodes …..

When exactly did mother Doris McGarrett die?  That day twenty eight years ago in Hawaii when she blew up her car and left her husband and children thinking she is dead? Or now in her son’s arms in Mexico?

Steve in 2010: You know, I never would’ve left the island. I never would’ve joined the Navy. Or missed every holiday, every birthday, half of Mary’s life. The day that car exploded, it made me who I am. (Epi 1:13)

If we should ask Steve whether he would  rather never have known that she was still alive, or suffering the agony of having her for a while, just to see her leave again and refusing to return.

What would his choice be?

  • I am not ready to lose her, Junior. I just pray to God my decision to go in there is the right one.

The episode took us on a rollercoaster ride of whether Doris could be trusted or not. And whether she was worthy of love or not?

Although her actions landed him in that situation, she also ended up saving his life twice during the course of a few minutes (even while in the agony of being mortally wounded) and also refusing to reveal who he is to her. We can maybe say that her last action in life was saving her son.

  • Just so you know, Shelburne outfitted that sub and Lucia’s Bentley with audio and tracking devices. She stayed on target till the end. She did her job.
  • I Just wish she realized all she had to do was get on an airplane and come home.

  • From the minute that woman walked out of my life, the only thing I’ve ever wanted is to have her back in it.

  • So I don’t know how I feel, but I do know that we don’t get life on our terms, Danny. It’s life on life’s terms or not at all.

What did Alex accomplish with this episode? I guess it is in the eyes of the beholder. And each one of us will see what we want in it, depending on the perspective of where we stand in our own lives.

Was it an easy way out for a character that served no real purpose after her dramatic entrance? Or was it the only real way her torturous story could have ended?

For me there were no real answers to why and how Doris ever existed, like so many things on H50 that we will never know. Her history was that she was there as loving mother for 15 years of Steve’s life …… she “died” ….. she returned as a plot device to explain Wo Fat’s existence and death and Steve’s torture at his hands (twice) …… and then later used in a weird story to celebrate 150 episodes ….. and then what was the purpose of her character from there on?

Earlier this week, somebody here said that Alex most probably wrote this episode out of necessity for his character and his story. Did he really wrap up his mother’s story and give satisfactory closure? Or did he just kill the ghost of Doris past, to prevent her from being just another plot device along the road somewhere when needed?

Steve: I was tortured over Shelburne! I was tortured! Joe, Jenna Kaye paid with her life. I deserve answers. I want answers. I want them right now! (Epi 2:13)

I guess neither Steve nor us will ever get those answers now …. (or did he find it in her diary and just left us guessing?)

Alex in 2016 (Interview for 150th episode):

TVGuide.com: Do we get to see any more of what McGarrett finds in the box from Doris?

Alex: Not to my knowledge. To me, the way that read and played was that it was like Doris said, “Look, I left a diary there of my deepest personal secrets and I want you to read it. I want you to know who I was. I want you to know who I am. I want you to know the things I haven’t been able to tell you, the things you might not know. I want you to have those. I want you to have that piece of my heart.”

So, it felt like a really beautiful movement in the correct direction for this relationship between mother and son. It felt like a great thing of trust from her, and it felt like an olive branch. Like her just saying, “Look, when I say I want to give you transparency, I really mean it. Here’s me showing you that.” So I think that [scene is] a lot more about their relationship and what happened in the relationship between these two than any government secrets or anything.

Song after Doris died:

(Click on the link to listen)

While I was watching it and seeing Doris physically and metaphorically being wrapped up, I felt this desperate need to know the meaning of the words of the moving song ( Gortoz A Ran) by Lisa Gerrard & Denez Prigent also used in the movie “Black Hawk Down” that they were playing during the scene.

Translation of the lyrics:

I’m waiting

I was waiting, waiting for a long time
In the dark shadow of grey towers
In the dark shadow of rain towers
You will see me waiting forever
One day it will come back
Over the seas, over the lands
Over the lands, over the seas
To steal me on the trunks
It will come back full of spray
In the dark shadow of the black towers
Will come back the blue wind
To breathe my wounded heart
I will be pulled away by its blow
Far away by its stream to another land
I will be pulled away by its breath
Far away by its stream, wherever it wants
Wherever it wants, far away from this world
Between the sea and the stars
  • I’m Sorry about your mother Commander ……
You wrote and directed her send off, on your own terms.

Well done!!



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23 responses to “#H50 Episode 10:07 – The Day Steve’s Mother Died? #H50E1007

  1. Magnólia

    Amei, Adorei seu artigo ❣️
    Alex, um homem de talento têm de lhe dar mais oportunidades será um desperdício se não acontecer.
    Grata, Foyeur e Paula 💐 🎶


  2. stevemcgarrettlover

    Wonderful episode, all the way through, way to go Alex! I did NOT like it when Doris passed, but loved that they said I love you to each other, for real this time. No lies, no half truths, just the full truth. It was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. Once Hawaii Five-0 ends, which will be so sad, I do hope that Alex continues to use his talents, and I know that if he creates a show, and writes and directs it, it will be awesome, and I will happily watch it. The ending, with Danny showing up to save Steve, and the bed comment was the funniest and best part, aside from when Steve took down the SEALs, including Junior! So fun!


  3. mamayorkie

    I know some won’t want to read any spoilers since they don’t get to see the episode as early as some of us, so I will will only comment on what you have touched on in this post. The cinematography was beyond excellent, as well as the stuntwork and direction (kudos to AOL for that).

    Was this the best ever episode of H50? In my very humble opinion, no. It needed to be done over two episodes, not one because it crammed so much into one hour and could not do it the justice this important story deserved.


    • I do not really understand why you are worried about spoilers?
      Anybody who do not want to see spoilers here, should know by now that we cover the full episode here. Not sure what important part about the episode we left out?
      You are right, it should have been given more time.
      But do not even think that two episodes would have been enough. The story of Doris (and the McGarrett history and continued story) should have been fleshed out from the start and carried on with LOGIC over the seasons. Not dropped like a hot potato to be used or not actually used for many seasons.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mamayorkie

        You are right. And yes, people need to avoid all of these sites if they have not watched yet and do not want to be spoiled.

        As for the show, I guess we all expected the episode to go down as it did, I just wish it wasn’t AOL who wrote it but understand why he wanted to do it himself. Still, this was likely always PL’s plan to resolve the Doris story and he gave Alex the OK to take the lead. I agree that this is one time a longer arc spread over the season would have worked better to flesh out this story.,

        I will add one thing. It is very obvious which person Steve trusts more than anyone else on his team and which actor Alex has developed a true feeling of friendship and brotherhood. It showed in the script in what member he knew would have his six. It looks to me that this is a friendship which will continue long after the show is done.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Cassiopea 1000

          I’m curious to know why you wish it wasn’t AOL who wrote it. I’m not sure PL had any plan at all to resolve the Doris story. After all, lately she was rather a sporadic character. There were many ways he could have resolved it. Just one phone call between Doris and Steve would have been enough. He did not need a whole epi centered on her exit from Steve’s life. I personally think that it was Alex himself who wanted to close that chapter in Steve’s life. And BTW, I wonder how will the Catherine story ends and who will write it.

          If this epi gave Alex the opportunity to write, besides directing and acting, I’m all for it. By now I think I can safely say that many of us have come to terms with the fact that Alex is less and less attracted by acting and that he’s turning his attention to behind-the-screen creative work. Not that after H50 (and I feel in my bones that this is the very last season) he won’t accept any other acting job. But I don’t see him in another lengthy TV show, as once he has created and perfected the character, what else is there for him to do in terms of creative work? A short show as Mary Bryant, yes. Movies, yes. A long TV show? No.

          My humble opinion, of course. I never talked to Alex in my life, yet I sound as if I were speaking ex-cathedra! As I write this, he may have already signed for a 12-season show in a sitcom 😂😂😂 !


          • Alex never phones it in. He’s doing everything he does with all his heart. Alex acting in this episode was stellar. So I think with great scripts (and this was a great one) he especially loves to act. And boy, did he shine!

            Liked by 3 people

          • mamayorkie

            I didn’t want him to write the final chapter in Doris’s life because, as a son who is close to his own Mom, that must have been hard to do. I always understood the character had no way out but death but I still wish it was done differently.

            Now Steve has to deal with the knowledge he couldn’t save Doris and she may be alive if he had not continued on this rescue mission when she asked to to leave. . So I expect or rather hope, they let him grieve over her loss and get some professional help to deal with it. Alex will rock those scenes.

            PL will write the McRoll ending because it will likely be his finale.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. I just watched this episode and I am not my old self right now.
    This was outstanding.
    The cinematography, the colouring, the transitions, the camera through Steve’s eyes, the use of light, the angles.
    The words. THE. WORDS! You know how you feel about a character, a situation, the choices someone makes, but to put it in words is a totally different thing. And Alex did it in an exeptional way.
    And now the acting. The acting. He is always superb but this was on a totally different level. Raw emotion, fear, anger, rage, disasppointement, hurt, pain, devastation, despair, loneliness and badass cool collected action. Wow. Just wow.
    This was the best episode and it deserves an Emmy on so many levels.
    It was the first time show made me cry.
    There was no other way out for Doris, this was her only redemption. There was nothing new he could learn about Doris, but he had to face all of Doris’ looks of her world at once. His mother died 30 years ago in a car accident. Doris died in his arms.

    Liked by 8 people

    • leiCa I could not agree more with what you said. The only thing missing for me at the end was Catherine instead of Danny but I was okay with that too because they are brothers until the end. By the look of the preview it seems we are going back to business as usual. It would be nice though if they had a funeral and Mary and Joanie would be back.

      This episode and some episodes like it, in the past, is what makes H50 amazing but the filler in between and dropped story lines (as discussed) make me crazy and bored with the show overall. The only reason I stay is for Alex and for the once or twice a season when we get episodes like this.

      Bravo to Alex for his stellar work on this episode.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I feel that I was the best choice to have Danny there. Alex gave him the due that he deserves as no 2 on the call sheet and as his partner.
        Adding Cath in at the end would have just made it weird. If she was in any other part of the episode, yes. But forcing her in at the end would have been weird.
        And who she is (same job as Doris) might not be the best for Steve right now. At a later stage with more time and after his emotions settled, it would be great if he and Cath could talk about Doris and her world.

        The only thing that was off, was the shipper baiting right at the end. It was done wrongly (with a weird smile from Danny) and it was neither funny nor appropriate at the end of this otherwise great masterpiece.
        I did not even find it worthy of mentioning it in my post…..

        Liked by 1 person

        • “The only thing that was off, was the shipper baiting right at the end.” I didn’t see that or get that. To me it was their usual banter/bickering,

          I understand what you are saying but it would not have felt weird or forced to me. In that moment all I thought was I wish Catherine was there for him. She is and always will be the love of his life,


        • That was a weird smile indeed and I didn’t know what to make of it. At least he wasn’t mumbling, that’s a plus for me.
          I didn’t interpret the bed comment in any way, like obviously the McD’s do. After such a tragedy Steve wanted privacy, trying to sleep and not some snoring friend in his bed.
          I found Junior’s line really funny (At least we will be tortured together)! Junior is such a great friend now, someone Steve can rely on. And I think Beulah and Alex are close friends too.


        • vanduyn

          The smile was a bit creepy but what made me cringe was “this bed is big enough for 2, right?” 😬😬😬😬


  5. D. Havard

    What an incredible piece of writing. And what an incredible piece of acting! Takes my breath away!

    For me, the most telling point of the Steve/Doris relationship was Steve’s nightmare. He couldn’t hear her and she didn’t hear him. Doris always did what she wanted/thought best. And her family suffered for it.

    Like I said, an incredible piece of writing.


  6. Regina Filange

    A while back when we were told that Alex was writing and directing this episode and that I would give Steve some closure to a story I was hoping it was about Doris in the back of my mind. Although I have to say that I wasn’t thinking that he would kill her off.
    I’m so very sad that those episodes with Doris have come to and end,ok maybe I shouldn’t say that because they did bring back Wo Fat at the beginning of last season. I always liked the way Alex and Christine interacted with each other on the screen. Knowing that the only real blood family Steve has left is Mary and Joanie is sad, but the man still has a large extended family in the Five-0 team that he has brought together.

    Alex did an excellent job with this episode. I hope that he continues to dream up other stories so that he can show off his talents. He needs to be recognized for it. Cheers to Alex and Mahalo nui loa for this beautifully told story🥂❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. lindae5o

    This was an amazing episode. The acting, camerawork and the music (especially in the final scenes) were superb.
    Plot-wise, the vehicle crash where Steve’s contact was killed, seemed unsurviveable for anyone- just normal for HF-O.
    Alex and Christine were so great together. It doesn’t matter that I hated Doris for what she did to her family.
    Steve seemed to be suffering from blurred vision after Doris slugged him on the temple. I was glad that temporary blindness wasn’t a plot point.
    I think Steve was resigned to his mothers’ fate. Alex is the master of subtlety in his acting- no over the top histrionics. Steve’s moments of quiet contemplation were heart-breaking. It hurt to see him in such pain.
    Great job, Alex !! Bravo !!
    I wonder if the two Navy SEALS who came with Junior, are some of the real ex-Seals whom Alex dives with. They were great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, they are those guys from Trident. We have mentioned that in a few posts before. They attended the Blessing ceremony as well, because they were filming this episode at the time.
      They were also the guys (SEAL team) who went with Steve & Junior to save Joe in Episode 8:24


  8. This was just an incredible episode . Many of us are lucky not to know what it feels like to have a parent walk away and rip your heart out, and have to live with that . Because of Alex’s great writing and acting now we do. I think it was great that he got to tell her just how much leaving hurt him and the family, She was just Doris to him not mom . His mom died in the explosion, I think the people that have lousy parents really understand Steve better than most. This episode will stay with me for a long time, Although she was greatly flawed there was still room for her to love him in the end. That was a gift, The writing directing and acting was superb by all involved. Also a touching quote by Alex in the end.”We don’t live life by our terms, It’s life on life’s terms or not at all.” He did an awesome job with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I have so many conflicting feelings about this episode but one thing I’m certain of is that Alex excels at everything he does. He really is special. There were times during the episode that I had to remind myself to breathe. The cinematography was superb as well as awesome acting with Alex directing. The subtleties of Alex performance were outstanding . I felt his pain even though he didn’t overact the emotions. I thought the fact that Doris didn’t want the big payday for herself but for her children and grandchild was brilliant. I loved/hated Doris but she really was a tormented character. In the end I think she regretted some of her choices but communication and nurturing was not her forte. What bothered me is that in addition to Steve losing his mother, he had a big part in it happening. Now he not only has to suffer the loss but live with the guilt thinking that had he backed off she might’ve finished the mission and lived. I so hope that we can see Steve grieve and how this changes him and his outlook on life. Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen as the show just goes back to business as usual after the loss of a beloved character and someone close to Steve. It is this type of episode that I find exceptional. I prefer character driven stories instead of the usual chase and catch the bad guy. I would also love for Cath to go and comfort Steve but I won’t hold my breath. I do hope that Alex gets the recognition that he deserves. I just love that man!

    Liked by 6 people

  10. CassG

    I loved this ep. It was a tour de force on Alex’s part! He’s brilliant and I can’t say enough about him. I also would have liked to have seen this storyline extended because of the content. Like 1) Will there be a funeral that we’ll see? 2) What will happen with those Swiss bank accounts? Even though I don’t see Steve wanting anything to do with that money on his part. I also wonder what affect Doris’ death has had or will have on Steve going forward. One thing for sure is that he needs love in his life. When he was sitting at the airbase waiting for the CIA to pick up Doris’ body and after they took her and he leaned his head back and the tears welled in his eyes and then his body dropped over his lap my tears started falling. He seemed so alone and all you wanted to do was hold him and comfort him as much as possible. I felt for him.
    Junior I have always liked but now I truly love him. He took charge, got a couple of his SEAL Team buddies and they went to help Steve. A true and loving friend to Steve always there no matter what the circumstances may be.
    Steve speaking to Danny at the end was probably best suited (am I really saying this) since he has been with Steve from day one and has gone through a lot with him. Steve would feel most comfortable with him esp regarding personal feelings. I also cried again as Steve starting speaking about Doris just looking at his face and seeing and feeling his pain. After Danny whined about his 10 hour coach flight on the plane and saying to Steve his bed was big enough for two that did give me a laugh after Steve told him no and to sleep on the couch.
    I look forward to seeing what’s next from Alex because this certainly was excellent!


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