@ChristineALahti Excited About Upcoming #H50 Episode – #H50E1007

Another post for this week while we are waiting for Episode 10:07 of Hawaii Five-0 this Friday.


Christine Lahti Tweeted: 
@ChristineALahti Next Friday! #H50 Doris is back! #AlexOLoughlin wrote and directed!
Steve and mom through the years:


Do you still remember how we met Doris?

To refresh your memory, you can read it here:

The Steve McGarrett Story – No #48 (# H50 Epi 3:01)

You can also read our thoughts from back in July when we first heard that Doris will be back:

#AlexOLoughlin – A Wish Come True?


“It’s been a blast to be asked [in my sixties} to be such a kickass woman!”

– Christine Lahti

TV Guide

Nov 2019

It is absolutely wonderful to see Christine Lahti so excited about the episode.

(I really do hope it won’t be her last on the show 😥 )


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4 responses to “@ChristineALahti Excited About Upcoming #H50 Episode – #H50E1007

  1. Magnólia

    Adoro ver Alex e Christine juntos. São magníficos. 🎸🎶

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  2. She’s a great woman, great actress and has good taste. 😉
    After reading the interview again you posted on instagram, and what Alex said about Steve’s relationship with Doris, how her disappearing and her behaviour after coming back he thinks affected Steve I am even more excited. Couldn’t agree more. Even after coming back she wasn’t “emotionally available” for Steve. So so true!

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  3. CassG

    I’ve always found that the eps that have had Steve and Doris storylines were definitely the choicer ones. The chemistry between the two in their roles as mother and son is perfect. They made a great choice in selecting Christine Lahti as she is and always will be a terrific actress. I do hope we have not seen the last of her. With Alex at the helm of this ep I am truly looking forward to it.

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  4. Kathysr

    Love her, love him, they’re great together. Finally, a Steve-centric story! I hope that Steve and Doris are able to reach a place of mutual peace and emotional reconciliation. And I hope that it’s not the end of Doris. As he is with everyone, Steve has been loving, forgiving and accepting of Doris’ odd behavior, faked death, inexplicable disappearances and her inability to be a true mother to him. Bottom line, whenever she needs him, he shows up.

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