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#AlexOLoughlin and Friends – #H50E1007

Alex’s long time friend, the actor and acting teacher, Yure Covich, who graduated from NIDA with him,  posted this wonderful message in July regarding Alex’s filming of this week’s episode. We kept it to post during this week for our build-up towards Episode 10:07.

From Yure on IG:


My best mate writer/director/actor (fancy hat wearer)🤣
There comes a time in this gig when the stoke you get for the people around you, and their accomplishments, far outweighs the stoke you get from your own achievements.
It truly is the best feeling ever.
Love ya homie!
Too bad you don’t get to keep the beard. There can be only one…only one.


In April 2015, Alex taught an Screen acting masterclass at Yure’s acting school in Sydney.



 We never posted the few pictures and comments from the Screen acting class, and thought to do so now.

From two of the students of the day, actresses and twins Karina and Raechelle Banno:

karinabanno  Great shot of me on the sticks while #AlexOloughlin does his thing during his   @75percentoldschool masterclass! #ForTheArt #JustACoolerActingClass #LifeOfAnActor #BehindTheScenes #Actor #Actress


A beautiful book from a beautiful man. Thank you  @75percentoldschool for such a life changing day with Mr Alex O’Loughlin.  #75percentoldschool  #yurecovich   #alexoloughlin #actor #lifeofanactor #acting #letterstoapoet #rainermariarilke #inspirational

  • Alex & Malia with Yure at the  Honolulu Fashion show on 20 November 2015

Malia, Alex and his long time actor friend Yure Covich (Picture taken by Karen)

It is really wonderful to see how one of Alex’s friends also get excited about his work as writer, and director and actor on this episode.



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