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Talking About #H50 Episode 10:07 – #H50E1007

In anticipation of Friday’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, we have saved a few posts related to the episode, for this week. This is one of them.

We also include some of the promo pictures for the episode here.

All I can say is (that) Alex’s episode is powerful and meaningful. I won’t get into anything that happens in it, but it is an episode not to be missed.


It takes Hawaii Five-0 to a whole new level.


It was just a privilege to watch him work on it. He is such a professional and so dedicated, and I’m excited (to see) what the future holds for him.

Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)

September 2019 (SOTB)

Interview by : Angela Gerstner

For: German Serienjunkies

Alex and Dennis – SOTB 2015

Promo pictures – Episode 10:07



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