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They Say …… Thank you for your time #AlexOLoughlin

A beautiful fan story posted in October on Twitter.


  • From Rachel on Twitter:

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much x @HawaiiFive0CBS @PLenkov


I just wanted to thank this amazing guy for stopping to have this picture taken with myself and my daughter. He has no idea what it meant us both of us.

We lost our other daughter a few years back and the only thing that would make me smile, even just for an hour, was H50.

We had been to Honolulu twice before and never come close to seeing you  guys film. That Tuesday we got up at 5 am and headed down to the lagoon, still not knowing it was the show being filmed. When we saw the shrimp truck it was amazing.

We sat there for 6 hours watching take after take. Alex was up for the final scene but they had to call it off and I was just so excited to have seen him in the distance although daughter, who had only found out that morning, was sad because she had written three letters asking if for my 40th (which we were there celebrating) could meet him … not fully understanding that fan mail can’t always be read.

My husband knew about the letters and had managed to get Alex’s attention. He was so incredibly generous with his time. She was hyperventilating and I was overwhelmed but his beautiful nature had him calming us both down and making us laugh. She has not stopped talking about the encounter since.

You absolutely made our holiday, year and everything else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mahalo and aloha from Rachel and Sophie (the mad Aussies from the Harbour car park)


  • From Rachel on Twitter (13 March 2020)

Was so lucky to meet this guy in September. He was charming, funny and so kind to my 14 yo daughter, who was beside herself having met him. Must admit my heart raced too. Red heart#AlexOLoughlin #H50


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