H50 10.04 hd (27)

One response to “H50 10.04 hd (27)

  1. mamayorkie

    The episode from Criminal Minds was (I think) was called The Big Wheel I have always considered this AOL’s finest work. With just a look, and relatively few words, we got to know Vincent and what drove this character to kill. It was one of the few times I actually felt sympathy for a murderous monster and he was certainly one. That’s to Alex’s credit that he could make the audience feel sorry for this man. Working with a child actor who was also amazing is never easy.. We see that Eddie is the H50 “child” he is working with now. The affection that he has for this animal is real. His facial expressions when he talks to him and the expressions on Eddies face are precious. Without a love in his life, Eddies is the next best thing. I think Eddie likes to be kissed.

    As for how Eddie is injured I can only say that Danny went down even further in my estimation. He is responsible for Eddie winding up in the Vet’s office. Any responsible dog owner would not have done what he did but I suppose since it wasn’t his dog he didn’t care. I wonder why the writers allowed this scene. It makes the character look bad but maybe that is their point. And this is just the second time in four episodes that we have seen a Steve McGarrett who bears absolutely no resemblance to the character we have come to know. Really,it stretches the imagination that he would need Danny’s help to get a date. Women should be tripping over each other just to meet him. Which brings me to this question. Why? I hope that this is not the new season 10 version of the restaurant story.. That was a mistake and so i this. Cringe worthy.

    The fight scenes were beautifully done. I even like Quinn but still don’t trust her.


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