#H50 10.04 – Steve, the serial dater?

For some reason (maybe because Alex is working with Eddie more frequently lately) a part  of one of Alex’s old interviews about his role in Criminal Minds came to mind. (I think Eddie’s name can be added wherever he mentions kids)

TV Addict:  Before accepting the role did the old Hollywood adage about not working with kids or animals ever cross your mind?

Alex: (Laughs) That’s the old rule man, no kids or animals! But I love working with kids, I’ve never not enjoyed it. But then again maybe I’ve never had a bad kid.

The thing about working with children is that there are no walls there, no barriers between you and their vanity.

When you’re working with adults, we all have vanity, narcissism, whatever we have that has to do with our ego can potentially get in the way of our work.

With kids there is a purity and an innocence regardless of what character they’re playing within them. And so to tap into that is just extraordinary to work with because it’s so true.

(A few things said here that might be food for thought about working with different types of colleagues and the outcome of it )

But let’s first get to how I feel about this episode in general ….

You know that feeling that you get when a family member or a dear friend makes an ass out of themselves in public?

That is kind of how I feel about this episode.

You want to cringe on behalf of the family member or friend, but then you think, “Life is just supposed to be fun – and I do love them dearly and the show is just entertainment”.

And then you laugh and just go on with life.

You also remember why you are here – this gorgeous man ….

……. and on top of that a talented actor

Staring at him and watching him be multifaceted Steve, yet again, makes it all worth your while

But maybe trying too hard to make McDanno be funny fails the show yet again ….


Things to like about this episode:

  • Just one case, with the whole team working on it.
  • Eddie and Steve!
  • Great stunt work.
  • Grover painting clear pictures with his words. Chi knows how to deliver a line #justsaying
  • The many faces of Steve as delivered by Alex

This whole dating game of Steve, is yet another interesting idea that goes horribly wrong in execution, I guess ….

They could at least give us more shirtless (or even naked) Steve in the process

…. that might maybe even ease the pain!


How glad the writers must have been, to know that they have the whole cast available at once and on set for this episode …..

Do you think we will ever see any of these “dates”again?

Well at least they are giving a few pretty girls some screen time and a #h50 credit to their resumé.



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27 responses to “#H50 10.04 – Steve, the serial dater?

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Thank you for this! Couldn’t agree more. Danny is a great friend, who you sometimes just have to humor, and ignor, as lovingly as possible 😆


  2. I remember this interview and think about it a lot when I see him with Eddie or some kids. The old rule doesn’t apply when it comes to Alex, he is awesome in these scenes (remember Lucy or the chinese boy?), he not only holds his ground, he shines.
    As for the episode? Sorry, it was a pain. Steve is so OOC, Danny was an absolute jerk having fun humiliating Steve and hurting Eddie. He should mind his own business, he is the last one who should give relationship advice. Ugh. And don’t give this man a pet ever. Either he wants to bring them to the pound, or give them to total strangers or he does something so stupid, every other dog owner than Steve would have kicked his a//. I would.
    The Alexpressions were strong in this episode and a lot of fun, just look at Paula’s pics! ❤ And I enjoyed Steve's new sidekick riding shotgun so much more. He's cute and even has facial expressions!

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    • Dq

      Agree the episode was painful. Agree to never go to Danno with relation help. Don’t understand the Rachel situation. When his mother in law warned him to “go good to her”. When has he ever not been “good to her”? She is the one that leaved him for someone with more money and then cheated on her husband to be with him. And the lies about Charley was both to Danny and her husband. If the kid hadn’t gotten got sick she would never had told Danny. Want that either of them want her is ridiculous. This is the second time that Steve has been an idiot about dating a woman. Really!? We never saw his relation with Catherine began but he seemed comfortable on his first date with Lynn. A hope this story doesn’t continue. It is even worse then the restaurant story, that went way, way for too long. And is just as stupid. Sorry for any misspelling

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      • As far as I remember Rachel left him because she couldn’t deal with him being a cop. She met Stan some time later.
        I think Steve is pretty fine with dating a woman if he isn’t interrupted, berated and forced by someone who doesn’t know decent behaviour.

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        • Dq

          You’re about that she didn’t like of him being a cop Best scene would be for him and Rachael to go back to NJ and him open his restaurant


  3. I think picture # hd 42 is the best thing ever. There’s a reason it is 42, as it’s the answer to all questions about this epi.


  4. Kathysr

    Steve – Stop listening to Danny!!!

    I liked this episode. I thought it was well written and paced, with amazing action sequences and an intriguing storyline. It was great to see the whole cast working as a team on a single case. Chi’s comments were priceless, he can really deliver a line. Steve’s looks of death at Danny were priceless too. But Steve as a bumbling guy, afraid to ask a woman out on a date, is just ridiculous. He’s way too cool for that.

    These writers don’t know what to do with Steve and Danny. The bromance is long gone. They both just seem to be irritated with each other now.

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  5. Magnólia

    Muito certa, Paula!
    Uma dor, considero um desperdício de talento e beleza nestes ‘ bromances’.
    Como acreditar que Steve seja tímido e precise de ajuda para conquistar uma mulher?
    Obrigada, Paula 🎶


  6. gracenotpark

    The ep was not good. The case of the week was fine, but since McG had little to do with it, it got 😴😴😴 pretty quick. Show needs to recall that a ton of us ONLY watch this hot mess because Alex.

    The WORST part of the ep, however, what pushed it over the line to one of the worst eps from all seasons, was the disgusting Danno. He wasn’t tryna help his friend. He was quite intent on humiliating him. As if HE has a decent love life🙄. Danno has always been jealous of McG. He has long been a back-stabber, and don’t bring up the liver…over, done with, gone. McG was owed that liver; he literally resurrected Danno’s career and helped maintain a relationship with his kids, all in ep 1. It was high time Danno paid that debt.

    Danno is no friend. He’s a jealous person who relies on McG for a job, who over-uses more vacation time than our current president, and who rarely has a nice thing to say to, or do for, anyone. Why is he still around? He’s pointless.

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    • More vacation than this guy from The Apprentice? You sure? 😉
      Makes me wonder if there’s a special place the combovers meet. A resort? A hotel?
      And are there combover support groups? What are the topics?
      Mon: Help, I’m the host body for my hairpiece.
      Tue: How to hold your hair hostage in three gooey steps.
      Wed: Fun fact. There’s no hair in a bottle of hairspray.
      Thu: Grease – there’s never too much.
      Fri: Squirrel up!

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  7. Anne Collins

    The only scene I really loved was the car scene between Steve and Eddie. That lovable dog I think is part human. Writers please stop making Steve look like a school boy when it comes to talking to women.

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  8. D. Havard

    Just my 2 cents but it seems to me that Steve has always been a bit ackward when it comes to getting to that first date.

    Joe pushed him to ask Catherine. And it took him years before he (finally) said “I love you.” Elle arranged his first date with Lynn. And we all know what happened with Greer! So no wonder he’s feeling vulnerable.

    And Alex plays him so beautifully. Definitely worth the watch, even though you want to smack Danno hard!


    • Dq

      And Danno arranged for him with the divorced teacher.And the thing with Joe was stupid and awkward. too. The two of them in a life and death situation and Joe just starts taking to a adult man to coach like he was a 16 year old kid asking a girl to prom? He is a Navy SEAL! I’m sure he has been around the block a few times.


  9. DoubleL

    This episode was a total bore fest. The crime was lame and I don’t care about the random women and dates. Either get him a regular girlfriend or drop this plotline.


    • Patrick Quinn

      I wish he could just meet just a normal woman on his own.Not a ninja or anyone has anything that has to do his job. He lived on the island till he was until about 16. How can’t he just bump into someone from school.


  10. Karen Fuller

    When Steve was shown at dinner with a woman in the first episode there weren’t this many complaints from you in here about him “dating” that woman (most of you were excited for him).

    Fast forward a few episodes later, all he did was innocently ask out another woman at the Vet Clinic who was a little more “tan” than what many of you like, and some of you are ready to burn your keyboards in disgust. Why is that? Her “tan”? You probably yelled at the tv “how dare he“ and whine in public that he looks awkward. Funny how none of you thought these things when he was on the first date as the comments were more favorable. At least Steve isn’t being a playboy gigolo so let his bud hook him up. Anything is better than that cesspool Tinder. Let the man date whoever he wants and find love again.


    • Hi Karen
      I find your comment really rather amusing.
      Not sure if you are referring to comments here or on other sites? I see nothing like that here. Not any more favorable comments earlier either. For me, you are making a race issue of something that is far from what I would guess any comments here are about. For me without any foundation other than your own weird observation?
      Both actresses are mixed race. One from Asian and one from South American ancestry? Both are stunning and clearly chosen for that.

      Just as a side note, I personally find Dr Emma Okino ( Presilah Nunez) a much better candidate for Steve, than Brooke the teacher. But that is because of who she is as a personality.

      If there are complaints about the dating game, I only see complaints about how it is done – with Danny as idiotic adviser. And maybe from people who believe that Cath is the only love for Steve, and that dating is just stupid. And then there are not even that many here.

      You say: “Let the man date whoever he wants and find love again.”
      and that is EXACTLY what most are saying. Most say, please stop the stupid story of Danny trying to be matchmaker. Weird set-ups form Danny, does not mean Steve is dating who he wants to date – just the opposite. So you are contradicting yourself in my opinion.

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  11. CassG

    OMG!!!! Thank you FOYeur! Bizarre comments to say the least.🙄🤔

    I was not crazy about this ep mainly because of Danny. I find him intrusive as he doesn’t contribute much when he’s around but complains a lot when he’s there part time. He should be focusing on his own situation with Rachel whatever that is going to be and his kids. That’s certainly enough to keep him otherwise occupied. He’d rather meddle in Steve’s life esp his love life. For a so called buddy whom he claims to love and lose sleep over worrying about as he’s said in the past he sure has an ***backwards way of showing it. First of all Steve is a grown*** man and quite capable of making his own choices without a chaperone. If he were a good friend he’d wish Steve well and be there for him if he needed him (one can hope). Not lead him around, absent of leach, and humiliate him or call him on his phone during a date. Seriously? Steve being the nice guy that he is probably allows it as he sees what Danny is trying to do and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but he needs to put a stop to it ASAP! If Danny gets an attitude tough! He’ll get over it.

    Favorite scene was Steve and Eddie in Steve’s truck. Priceless!! 💕💕 Thanks much Paula.

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  12. Karen Fuller

    FOYeur you are in your feelings because? You just told on yourself bringing up race because I did not. I said the new date had a “tan” and the response to him dating her as opposed to the first woman are quite different. Go back and read the comments on here about the first episode. It’s also true on Twitter with a user Julie Bellon almost angry to see Steve ask out the “tan” one (who he has yet to “date”). All he did was ask her out and yet so many of you are upset. However when he was on an actual “date” in 10-1, you all cheered at the possibility of what may happen in his bachelor life. If any of this triggers you, too bad. Smh.


    • Kathysr

      I’ve read all the posts in this thread on this site. I can’t find negative comments regarding the doctor. Most of the negative comments here are about what a bad friend Danny is. He threw the ball which caused Eddie to be attacked. He acted like an idiot in the doctor’s office, blatantly challenging Steve to ask the doctor out on a date. He’s a whiner and complainer, constantly criticizing and belittling Steve. The writers have turned him into a useless, stupid character. I loved the character for many years but he’s become irrelevant. He’s almost never around, but when he is, he’s just obnoxious. Steve tolerates Danny because he still loves him as a friend. Steve is very forgiving of Danny’s stupid and childish behavior. If Danny had gotten my beloved dog attacked, I’d be furious at him.

      I’m not reading other fan sites, so I don’t know what anyone is saying on Twitter or Facebook sites.

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    • I went back and read the comments re: 10.01. And I read the comments here about 10.04 again. Nothing of what you said is true. It’s utterly ridiculous. You’re making a fool of yourself.
      If you don’t agree with what people say on twitter, why complaining here?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Oh my, oh my ..
      Karen, If you want to comment about what others wrote somewhere else, do that where they wrote whatever they wrote and not here. Quite weird to comment on one place about what happens on a place that has nothing to do with us.

      Your tan was in quotes, so I am at a lost of how you wanted it to be interpreted other than that you were referring to race? If you were talking about just a suntanned woman, then I am still at a lost of why anybody would be upset about a woman who is suntanned. Either way, your logic kind of baffles me?

      I was far from triggered about anything (and still am quite measured and calm) – and still fail to see any of the stuff that you seemingly made up in your own mind.
      You keep on referring to you all. Who is that you all?
      You are insulting a group here that does not exist. Everybody comment for themselves.
      Please go elsewhere to throw insults, or comment on specific stuff that were actually said. Not about vague feelings you have about things not on here …..

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    • Dq

      This is the only site that I read. Don’t know other remarks about “tan” from other sites. What is the problem? Wasn’t Greer “tan” also? And there were some of the hottest scene of the shows.


  13. Leah

    Thank you, Paula! Absolutely love your humor. 🙂 Agree with many others – Eddie was the best part of the ep, and I do so enjoy watching Alex relate with him. And thank you, FOYeur, for your replies regarding the “tan” comments. It’s very obvious that was referring to race and totally unnecessary.

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