#H50 10.03 – Steve the spy

Although nothing really interesting happened in this episode, a lot actually happened. And although it was a split story episode, at least Steve had contact with the team via Adam while he was away.


Things I like about this season:

There seems to be continuation from one episode to the next. Small things, like Grover’s apartment hunting. Also even acknowledgement that Jerry would actual be doing the conspiracy part of the episode.

Many comments on social media about Quinn being just some sort of a replacement for the character of Cath. How much are they alike?


  • Both woman
  • Both military
  • Both dark hair
  • Both pretty and athletic
  • Both feel the need to help others who are victims of war
  • Both understand Steve’s thinking and his world


  • Steve knew Cath long before we joined their story and she was his love interest from the start – Quinn is new to him and supposedly not a love interest.
  • The characters are portrayed by two different actresses. 😉🙄😄


And in spite of comments earlier, for the moment I actually like Quinn and I like the way Katrina is portraying her. She adds fun to the show. She challenges without being nasty. And I like how Steve is around her – Not silly or stupid or nasty. Just real and normal.

Steve in the jungle – always a pleasure to watch.

Only thing better, would be Shirtless Steve in the jungle, killing time …. 😛




My question at the end:

Is Cullen really dead? Was he just a pawn for somebody else? Or is he actually such a big baddie that he staged his death, with Steve as witness to it? Why else introduce this character (and such a great personality as actor Rob Morrow), just to literally blow him up in Steve’s face ….. ?



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38 responses to “#H50 10.03 – Steve the spy

  1. lindal1951

    I missed something. Why is Grover looking for an apartment? I love your columns. I know that this is a lot of work so thank you for all your efforts. I check your website everyday to see if there are anymore goodies.


    • Thanks
      It is just a small little thing – doubt if it will really be part of the story – Grover told Cullen in the 1ste episode of the season that he is looking for an apartment, because he and his wife want to downsize now that the kids left the house.


      • lindal1951

        Thanks, that was one of the options that I thought about except he has such a big beautiful home that I figured a smaller apartment would be less expensive that his mortgage payment.


  2. Renata

    Love this site
    I agree with your inputs. Quinn is not Cath and I think Cath will be always Steve’s love and vice versa, but if it’s not meant to be, I’d rather see him with someone like Quinn ( even though she’s not the love interest, for now) . As you said, Steve is his normal self around her.
    “Only thing better, would be Shirtless Steve in the jungle, killing time …. ” Agree 100%
    And I don’t think Cullen is dead either … As you said, why introduce such an interesting character his to kill him off in the third episode.
    I’m enjoying the beginning of this new season
    Extra points for the new tattoos 😜


  3. CassG

    I’m also enjoying the new season. I do like Quinn very much. I know she is not a love interest but I do like their chemistry together (hint).

    I also notice that Steve seems more authoritative in his role. I think about the tunnel collapse and how he was very forthcoming with his commands. I like it very much!!

    As far as Cullen is concerned, it’s a hard call. Unless he had an underground compartment to drop in immediately I don’t see how he could have survived that explosion as that house was blown to smithereens! It threw Steve to the ground. Of course somehow there is always some way to bring him back. I would like that as I’m a Rob Morrow fan and it would be interesting to see where that plot was heading.

    Finally, shirtless Steve always a pleasure!!😍 We hardly get those anymore. I can’t remember the last time. Feeling deprived, but I do love him in that blue shirt.😘 He is more mellow and sexier than ever!❤❤

    Thanks much FOYeur!!😊😊


    • teachergrl23

      Alex and Katrina do have a very natural chemistry together, which is enjoyable. I liked Steve and Quinn’s banter, especially when she realized she made an unintentional innuendo. lol

      I liked seeing Steve more authoritative as well. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that.


  4. mamayorkie

    There was something about this episode where I just didn’t trust Quinn. Her answers about her conversation on the phone regarding the wife of a Kurd who helped her and was now dead, just didn’t ring true. i think she is involved in something bigger so I am going to pay attention.

    I like this actress but they have made her only superficially like Cath. I think that is deliberate The two characters are not the same. Cath was an officer in the Navy and a little more polished. Quinn is a little rough around the edges. She has more in common with Tani.

    The writers enjoy watching this tiny fandom implode at the smallest thing. Since none of us have any say in the direction of the show, I wonder why so many play this game? If the only reason is to get a return tweet by praising an entire episode without acknowledging the many flaws, then they must have very dull lives if this is their only turn on.

    Unless I see Cullen’s body with a full DNA report, i am not convinced he is dead. .


  5. teachergrl23

    There are even more differences between Catherine and Quinn than that, which is why I really don’t understand the “Catherine 2.0” accusations outside of them both being brunettes with a military past, who Steve asks for favors.

    Catherine was Naval Intelligence, a Lieutenant (commissioned officer), never demoted for insubordination, retired from the Navy by choice, and Caucasian. Whenever Steve asked her for a favor, he very clearly flirted with her for obvious reasons.

    Quinn is former Army CID (Army equivalent of NCIS, except that for Army CID, you have to be active duty Army; whereas with NCIS, most are actually non-military civilians), a Sergeant (non-commissioned officer), demoted for insubordination all the way down to Military Police, basically forced out of the Army due to her disciplinary issues, but saved the public disgrace by Steve deputizing her for Five-0, and Asian. Steve has never flirted with Quinn, when asking her for a favor.

    Due to the difference in job descriptions, Catherine actually had a higher security clearance than Quinn. Case in point, Catherine would have been able to get around the redacted DOD file last week that Quinn couldn’t. And even if she couldn’t, she would have gotten closer to it or at least had more contacts she could call for information.

    Not every brunette with a military past who Steve asks for favors is Catherine 2.0 or even trying to be. Catherine and Quinn are actually so different, the comparison is head-scratching. Plus, Steve asks everyone for favors. He always has. I don’t know when or why people started attributing that to being a strictly Catherine thing.

    I have to disagree with mamayorkie about Quinn’s phone call not ringing true, and her being involved in something bigger. I don’t think that’s the case at all. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made her a part of Five-0 so early.

    Cullen may or may not be dead, but I actually think he could be dead. Rob Morrow only filmed two episodes.

    I love Quinn, maybe even more than I loved Cath before they ruined Catherine’s character. There is literally nothing about Catherine and Quinn that is alike outside of their hair color, military past and Steve asking them for favors. If anything, Quinn is more like Steve. They both go rogue quite often, because they trust their instincts. That’s why Steve asked Quinn to help him tail Cullen, instead of someone like Junior, who is also a former SEAL.

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    • mamayorkie

      I seem to recall that Chin’s love interest, Abby, was in with H50 while she was actively trying to take down the task force. Much of the fandom just loved her. Not me. I didn’t trust her and it turned out I was right. Of course, when the decision to pair her with Chin was made, she repented, all was forgiven and Steve handed her a badge. I found it shocking he would hire a fox to guard the hen house or at least have some reservations about hiring her.

      So I’m not sure we can dismiss Quinn as 100% true and loyal yet. I like the actress but so far I do not love the character. In fact, what they really needed was a Jerry replacement not another Cath or Kono or Tani. They could have easily hired Quinn as an IT person to man the smart desk instead of Adam, who looks like he’s into a major arc with his father’s family business. All I see is Quinn pushing Danny aside even in those episodes where the actor is actually present. That makes me wonder if there will be even less Danny than last year. Maybe they just needed someone to ride with Steve and have some carguments.

      As far as a love interest, PL always makes the same we’ll see where it goes comment about every new female added to the cast. This time, he walked that back almost immediately in the most recent interview in Parade. Quinn is just a professional team member, not a love interest. PL has set his course. When the show ends, Steve marries Catherine .

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      • teachergrl23

        Eh, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Abby was literally doing her job, so it’s not the same thing in my opinion. Quinn has proven herself multiple times now, so there’s no reason for me not to trust her. There was nothing odd or off about that phone call. It was no different than the phone call Catherine got about Najib in S4. Quinn is a much more interesting and better character for me than Catherine. I LOVE her. And, I loved Catherine for many years. But, her character was completely ruined.

        As for a McRoll endgame, I wouldn’t be so sure about that anymore. Alex is now a producer on the show, and he’s made his feelings on that clear multiple times. He may not have final say, but he will have much more creative control and say than he has in the past. Don’t discount that. He’s now part of the production team, which means he’ll be in those production meetings with PL, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Zoe Robyn, Rob Hanning, etc.

        McRoll is not as guaranteed as before in my opinion. And, I’m okay with that. I think the whole McRoll storyline needs to end for good. It’s beyond exhausting and ridiculous at this point.

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        • mamayorkie

          So we will agree to disagree.

          Putting AOL’s name as a producer gives him very little say so in how the story progresses and ends. He was able to raise issues before he got this title and sometimes PL even listened as long as it didn’t interfere with PL’s overall plan. And that is the bottom line. As long as what Alex wants is the same as what PL wants then he may (or may not) have a suggestion taken seriously. It is an honor to just have his name listed in the credits but does not put him on a level with the only man in the room whose opinion counts. That’s the Showrunner, Peter Lenkov.. This man is not letting go of control over his baby, nor should he. No Showrunner does that on any series. Otherwise there is chaos. That’s what happened to Castle. Lesson learned.

          I’m glad Alex mentioned that he would like dates and I think we will probably see a series of disastrous ones this season. I am looking forward to that. It will provide some lighthearted moments for us to enjoy. I wonder if that second date will actually come off. Danny will probably say something obnoxious to ruin it and then run off to be with his true love Rachel.

          Kutrzman and Orci are also listed as executive producers but are not hands on for H50 and leave that to Lenkov. And the others you list are merely writers who take orders from the boss. The title Producer in the credits is really empty and just honorary. It’s like being given a title upgrade instead of a pay raise.

          And i am VERY confident that McRoll is endgame. And so are all the people who wish it wasn’t so–especially the people who wish it wasn’t so.

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          • Kimphin1

            People are connecting Alex’s wanting Steve to date comment at Paleyfest and that now being this year’s theme backwards. They had already discussed what this year’s overall arcs were, and he voiced that. Not that he was suddenly given the keys to the kingdom, lol. Giving producer credit is common, it’s a way to give the lead more money (and avoid the dreaded “inequality” thing that has plagued H50 in the past). It doesn’t mean it’s his show now. Im glad he’s getting more money, he’s working much harder than some of his cast members.
            Catherine and Rachel, still very much in thre picture long term. It’s PLs planned ending. McDanno at McGs house, reunited with the ones that “almost” got away. Honestly, it’s not the most ridiculous thing that’s happened on the show, it’s not even in the top 10.

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            • mamayorkie

              LOL. People wanting to believe that putting the word Producer after Alex’s name suddenly gives him the power to force PL to do whatever he wants is really funny. Well, any port in a storm when your ship is sinking and you are desperate.

              Quinn? “She’s got Betty Davis eyes”. (Kim Carnes)


            • mamayorkie

              There is a big Danny story coming up later where we will have to go out and buy tissues. Again.

              I am thinking Rachel says it’s me and the kids or your job as a cop. Choose. Then we can have this big scene of Danny handing Steve his badge and a going away party at the shrimp truck,

              Maybe I will need tissues. Sometimes I laugh so hard I actually cry!.

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        • mamayorkie

          As a means of explanation I should have added that one of my friends was a producer on a few shows and production meetings may not be as you picture them. It is not a one man one vote free for all. They are really more like business meetings. They may also take place in California, not Hawaii. I doubt Alex will even attend.


        • Kimphin1

          Lol. Kurtzman and Orci are there in name only. They bailed out after season 1.

          Also, I love it when people make my argument for me.

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      • teachergrl23

        A good example of Alex having more creative control and say over storylines as a producer is Steve actually casually dating this season. At Paley Fest, Alex told TV Guide he thought that McG should just have friends with benefits with random girls at his house once a month. So far, he’s gone on a date with Brooke. And according to him at the end of 10.01, was going on a second date with her. We know he asks out Eddie’s veterinarian next week. It’s literally what Alex wanted.

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    • You’re right. Steve asked for favors a lot of times, sometimes we knew his contacts, like Joe, sometimes not. I think that’s a pretty normal thing to do esp. if you want to save lives, he was always asking to help others, never for himself.
      I like Quinn to, and how easy going Steve and Quinn are. I never felt the need to scream at my screen. That is so much better for my health, lol.

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  6. teachergrl23

    Also, PL has said that Steve and Quinn are just professional colleagues for now. He did say he hasn’t ruled out a romance, but that it has to happen organically and they need to see what the chemistry/connection is like. For now, Quinn is just another member of the team. Meanwhile, Catherine was established as Steve’s girlfriend from her very first episode in S1. That was never in question.


  7. Oh, these pics are amazing, Paula! How could you decide which one you’ll post? The struggle is real, right?
    Loved this episode and it’s official: I love Quinn. The little awkward innuendo (I can so relate to „that sounded different in my head“, lol) Steve’s facial reaction to it.
    Yeah, Quinn is military, she has brown hair and she lives to help people, yeah, that reminds me so much of … Steve!!!
    Quinn said she is honored to become 50, to work with Steve and that was amazing to hear. Finally someone with respect. Such a pleasure. She could teach Tani and Dannoying a thing or two.
    Now I am looking forward to Quinno riding shotgun with Steve a lot of times, with adult conversations, lighthearted banter, and being relevant in her job. No nastiness, no insults, no blaming others while being irrelevant, that was so relieving in this episode.
    Could have been better with a reduced second storyline, there was too much Blabla around the magic table. But I enjoyed Chi‘s thing tremendously. His facial expressions need their own credits. Same goes for Alex.

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  8. BTW, I forgot, Paula I love your enlarged pic with two more points why the trident beats the spear! 😉


  9. I am enjoying the show for the first time in a long time. The writing has really improved this season, i don’t think Quinn is anything like Catherine at all. i like her. She is more of a Danny type to me.


  10. Kathysr

    Great comments! I really enjoy Quinn and Steve. I hope they partner in a lot of the episodes. Danny’s fading further into the background. He was absent again and no one cared or commented. Quinn is intelligent, in command, decisive, pro active, just like Steve. They make a very powerful team because they’re both on the same page at all times. No bickering, challenging or wasting time on silly banter. It will be fun watching this team.


  11. Karen

    Even if it never happens I will forever be a McRoll girl. I wonder why Alex is against them ending up together? I know she hurt him. I admit that. But when I see him with anyone else it just looks….awkward. It’s like Mick ending up with someone besides Beth…or Lucifer ending up with someone besides Chloe. So wrong on so many levels.


    • The presumption is made that Alex is against them (Cath & Steve) ending up together by many.
      He never really said that in my opinion.
      He said at the time, a few seasons back, that Steve would be an idiot to take her back.
      A lot has happened since then with the characters and there has been better understanding between Cath and Steve since then.
      For all we know, he might be seeing the characters and the story a lot differently now. And a lot can still happen with their story as well.
      I guess we will all have to wait and see right up till the end. It will all depend when and how the show ends.

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    • I feel that what Alex said is mostly taken out of context. I will add it here again. It might explain my earlier comment better.
      The headline for that article is often used, but if you read what was really said in context, I hardly feel that Alex meant they should never end up together.

      “And if he just jumped back into a relationship with Catherine, I think he’s an idiot.
      You have no self-respect? There’s no sense of self-protection or self-preservation?
      If that happens, I’ll play it the way it needs to be played, but it would seem like doing something like that would be a cry for help. He’s an idiot if he does. That would have to be a means to an end for a storyline.”

      At this time, we are far removed from that time and from “just jumping back” into a relationship with her.
      In the past we have seen how upset Alex can get for being misquoted or quoted out of context. I really think if he surfs the internet and see how many times this article is used out of context, he might also have strong feelings about it.

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      • Thank you, FOYeur! You’re absolutely right in my opinion. I said that a zillion times now and feel like a broken record. Both sides of the party (McRolls and abC people) made this presumption although he never said that. He said if she comes back saying ‘hey, I’m available now’ then he would be an idiot to just jump back… And that is true in my eyes. But he never said ‘they should never get together again’. And by now a lot has happened, the toothbrush got thrown away and she had her once a year appearances.
        Actually I really don’t care much about the Cath character. If she wants back in his arms, well, I hope she has a pretty good explanation why she left the way she left. That was unnecessary and cruel.

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