#H50 s10e01 – Steve started dating

And now we are in Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0. And it seems like business as usual. And also not ……

Not yet sure how we will handle the episodes for this season. But for this time I just jotted down a few thoughts that popped in my head while watching it.


The Date:

So this date was organized by Danny for Steve, with one of the teachers at Charlie’s school.

Steve thinking about Jerry getting shot while on a date – surely he can’t  find the other person (Brooke) that boring?

And Steve acting like a 40-year old virgin on a date? But I guess we are going to see a few of those during the season.

But really, who comes up with dialogue like this: “Marriage is a friendship recognised by the police” ? What does than even mean?

Weird that such a highly skilled shooter waits for Five-0 to get to the opera house, before he finds a seemingly easy exit?

If they wanted Steve to chase the bad guy, why did they not just rather have him be on a date at the Opera? Much more believable I would say.

All in all, the flow of the episode was quite good. And I guess they were setting up one or a maybe few plots for the season to follow.


And of course Alex as Steve, looked good even while just standing around …….


The new character (Quinn) seems to fit in nicely to what the show wants from characters. And I like the way that the actress is portraying the role at the moment. A character, sure of herself without being obnoxious.

So Quinn receives and rejects a call from an unknown number (Steve), even when she gave people the number to people to call her. She is after all looking for two missing people. Weird move?

And in the end the whole dramatic cliffhanger from last season was quickly done and dusted and only vaguely became instrumental in having Jerry leave the Five-0 team.

For me personally it is a pity that Jorge decided to leave the show. I liked Jerry.

At the end it looks like yet another character will finally be blown to smithereens – THE CHAMPBOX. It had SO MUCH POTENTIAL , way back in the beginning. But like many of the interesting stories and characters on the show, it never really lived up to what it seemingly offered ……..


And yes, the information which we speculated about earlier is true. Alex is listed as one of the producers on this first episode, as well as the one which he wrote and directed. If he will be listed as such for all episodes, we don’t know yet.



What does it mean to be a Producer on Television?

television producer is a person who oversees one or more aspects of video production on a television program. Some producers take more of an executive role, in that they conceive new programs and pitch them to the television networks, but upon acceptance they focus on business matters, such as budgets and contracts.

There are a variety of different producers on a television show. A traditional producer is one who manages a show’s budget and maintains a schedule, but this is no longer the case in modern television.

Sometimes the star of a successful television series can have a degree of influence over the creative process, then they are called one of the producers.. 



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27 responses to “#H50 s10e01 – Steve started dating

  1. Sun Salutation

    I’m a big fan of this show. However, Episode was boring.


  2. kathysr

    Well, Steve certainly looks gorgeous on his first date! Love the black on black outfit. I’m cutting him some slack since he’s really rusty in the dating department. I think I saw a preview of a future episode in which Steve goes on a first date with someone different. Lol, maybe this season will be “Steve goes on 50 first dates!” Kinda easing back into the saddle?

    What happened to the woman who shot at Steve? No one talked about it. Did Danny race over and disarm her?

    I wonder why Jorge left the series. I always enjoyed his character. They were integrating him better into the storylines. He was performing vital duties. Who’s going to hold down the fort, man the board and relay vital information to the team in the field now that he’s gone?

    I like the episode. I like Quinn. Let’s see how the season unfolds. Compared to previous years’ season premieres, the ratings were low: 6.5 million.


    • mamayorkie

      “What happened to the woman who shot at Steve? No one talked about it. Did Danny race over and disarm her?”

      Thank goodness someone else asked that question. Thought I was losing my mind and had to re-watch. How could they not address that?

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  3. mamayorkie

    Isn’t Steve supposed to be “Smooth Dog? Why write him as awkward and inexperienced with women?

    But I do think this is going to one of a series of first horrific dates for McG as they show him take one step forward and two steps back. Not happy about him being written as clueless. It makes no sense.

    Quinn seems to be OK. Are they positioning her as Steve’s new partner?

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    • Bec

      Honestly, I always thought the “Smooth Dog” name was his military buddies poking fun at him. It may have just been something to get a rise out of Danny, but I think it has potential for a way to kind of make fun of him a little. He never really has seemed smooth to me with dating too much, not even when taking Catherine out for the umpteenth time — I’m thinking of the time he was taking her out for lunch and just got something to eat sitting in his truck before a guy shoved a gun through the window. At least that’s my thoughts on the “Smooth Dog” name, thoughts which makes Steve so much more enjoyable to me. I love that he’s awkward!

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  4. dq

    Boring episodes have been way to usual. I’ve only watched the episode once yet. I will re watch again. As for Steves date. I will never believe that he can’t find a date on his own. And he being uncomfortable? When he was on his first date with Lynn he was great, He is an adult man . And Danny calling or texting?! More than twice at least?! The dialogue seemed to be written by a mid school 13 year old boy which I have suspected before. Good thing about was that she doesn’t involve with his job. I have always though he should have a personal life completely away from work. I never liked Jenna and Lori as they were hinted as possible romance. Even Catherine after when she began working the H0 force. It was better when she was a really good friend just giving him favors. And maybe a few rolls in the bed. Co-works having a romance just never works. Especially is one is the boss. What happens if they break up? How uncomfortable to go to work every day with a boss that has seen you naked?!


  5. stevemcgarrettlover

    Nah. Not me. I love goofy, slightly insecure and stuttering Steve. Makes him seem more human, since he is, whether we believe it or not. I didn’t have one negative thing to say about the whole thing. Loved it from beginning to middle to end.

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  6. I love Quinn. She is really like a Steve 2.0. But really think she and Steve click. As far as the thing with the date. Nice lady but really it will be brief. Sorry.
    But really will miss Jerry. But leaves open the door he will return. Good luck to Jorge.
    Wonder if it is a SEAL or someone from the government gone rogue that wants to kill Steve with the bomb.
    BTW, nice to see A.O.L. as a producer. Anybody catch that?!

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  7. I thought the episode was pretty good. It bothered me that Danny was the one who set Steve up. Danny should worry about his own love life and how ridiculous to keep interrupting Steve with texts. I hope all this dating leads Steve to an epiphany realizing Cath is the one and he finally seals the deal. Jerry had grown on me but I don’t think Il’ll miss him. Quinn seems ok as as long as they don’t write her as Wonder Woman. Alex, as always, is the reason I watch and was awesome. I would have preferred him to be less awkward on the date but that’s how they wrote it. I wish they would stop messing with his hair. It just needs to be more natural looking with his beard. I love the cleft in his chin and so wish he could have less stubble or be clean shaven but now I’m just being picky.

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  8. Sue

    Sorry to see Jorge leave. Will miss him. Hope he makes a few return trips. What is with Danny’s hair? Getting a little old to wear his hair that way. Doesn’t do anything for him. Quinn is ok. Reminded me of Catherine, in her fatigues. Please tel dq, that office romances can work. My husband and I, were the office romance. We are still together….45 years later!
    Agree that Steve being awkward on a date, just doesn’t fly.


    • Dq

      Sue, I was doing between a boss dating an employee in his department. Equal co-workers are fine. No hint of nepotism or favorites. I like the budding romance between Junior and Tani. Congraduate for your 45 years. I’ve been with my husband for 46.


  9. Kristine Blackman

    Why would you let Danni set you up on a date then let him keep texting and ringing you. Steve is not stupid, Danni needs to mind his own business get out off Steve’s life and go back to jersey

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    • kathysr

      Steve commented that his working relationship with Danny is like a very dysfunctional marriage. I thought that was funny and true! It was silly of Steve to let Danny keep interrupting him. Turn the darned phone OFF, except it probably has to be turned on for potential work crises. Block Danny’s calls!

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      • Dq

        I’m also wanting what he did with the teacher date ? When he was called him about the opera case. Did he continue the date? Finish his wine? Leave her there with some cab money? It didn’t seem that he had changed out of his black on black clothes at the opera scene. Maybe that’s why has problem with women. At any moment he has to drop everything to jump into a phone booth and put on the cape to make the streets to be safe.


      • Sorry, but in my eyes a dysfunctional marriage is neither funny nor a good thing.
        And in this case this *marriage* only works because on of the partners, Steve, takes it all. And with this episode I’ve reached my limit, I screamed loud at Dannoying to just shut up. He was extra extra Dannoying in this episode from the get go.
        He didn’t contribute anything getting the case done other than blaming and insulting Steve.
        Also, imho he is the last person to give relationship advice. Thank God for McEddie, McJunes and McGrover!


    • mamayorkie

      I am guessing that it is the writers way of trying to show a part of fandom that Danny is just a caring friend and not a big jerk.

      They failed.

      If they continually write him as a big jerk, then what the viewers see on the screen week after week is just that–a big jerk. Apparently Danny does not understand personal boundaries. He needs to concentrate on Rachel and his kids and getting away from the island so they can have their happily ever after.

      BTW, a “dysfunctional marriage” is unhealthy for everyone. Steve’s comment regarding his and Danny’s relationship is not a compliment

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  10. DoubleL

    Did y’all notice Steve got a new truck? It’s red this time which is better than silver, but I still like the blue one the best.


    • Kathysr

      lol, I totally didn’t even notice the new truck! Yeesh! I think we see a lot more of it in the next episode. I liked the blue one best, too. Wonder WHY he got a new one? Maybe dialogue will explain it?


  11. Lee Ann

    Episode was not bad, it slowed down a lot in spots. Absolutely HATED Danny’s “hair do” – it looks dreadful. His hairline is rapidly. receding Steve’s date was cute but Steve was certainly not “trying” at all – showing up with grungy half shaved face, etc., plus acting rather vague. New gal is kind of interesting, we shall see. Jorge was always pleasant, but honestly, no loss to the show. Would rather see the previous Medical Examiner return, he was original!


  12. CassG

    First and foremost I must say that I was happy to see Alex as a producer. I hope that he will maintain that status throughout S10 and not just with eps that he is writing, directing, etc.

    I was thrilled to death to see him on a date at a restaurant without his ohana. Don’t get me wrong they are great but that’s all he seems to hang with. Someone who looks like he does……come on!! Actually being at a restaurant besides grilling or cooking at his place to me was major!! I agree the conversation was immature and just weird in addition to Danny’s intrusion which was absurd. Since there is supposed to be a second date let’s see how that fares. Of course that is if we will see her again or whether or not she will be mentioned in just conversation. Women in Steve’s life come and go like the wind except for Catherine. I also must say that I realize there are some harsh feelings towards her but when Catherine is with Steve their chemistry together is quite strong. It should be interesting to see where and if romance comes into Steve’s life. My God I hope so one way or the other.

    Quinn I like very much. As mentioned earlier strong character and not obnoxious. Will also miss Jerry. Who’s going to do what he did? He was genius at that board and esp keeping them safe and on course when the team is out doing their thing. Hopefully he will do some stints occasionally. I wish him well.

    Last but not least Alex/Steve looked amazing.😍 I esp loved him in the black on black.(sigh)😘 Love seeing that face again for another season!!❤❤


  13. I liked Jerry when he was a geek full of conspiratorial ideas helping Steve from the outside. Being a member of the team added nothing to the show. The same with Cath. She was great when she was in the Navy. Being with 5.0 turned her into a regular, uninteresting cop.


    • Cath was niet alleen fantastisch bij de marine ze was ook een meer dan prima agent. Haar kwaliteiten waren meer dan welkom bij de politie. In de verhaallijn had ze ook meer dan prima met Steve samen kunnen komen en blijven. De schrijver heeft het hier niet goed gedaan. Ik blijf het zeggen. Lynn had nooit mogen komen. Cath had na de bruiloft van Kono nooit weg moeten gaan maar bij Steve moeten blijven zodat Steve het aanzoek kon doen. Cath /Michelle had met haar talent als actrice samen met Steve /Alex veel meer inhoud kunnen geven in de verhaallijn. Ze hadden samen moeten eindigen in seizoen 10 afl 22 in het vliegtuig. Zo was het ook al geschreven maar het mocht niet voor de camera komen. Jammer en nog eens jammer !!


  14. Karen

    Even in Big Bang Theory Raj was a completely useless character. Absolutely nothing about him changed from the first epi to the last. What a waste. Jerry filled a tech role at least. Maybe I am hoping for something that isn’t going to happen, but Cath and Steve figuring “it” out is the way his story should end. Although if it was up to Alex Steve would die in the end. If that happens I won’t be watching. At least we got a happy ending in Moonlight. I will be forever grateful for that.


  15. Lulu

    It was so good to see Alex on TV again. He looks so hot! I can’t believe that he would act so awkward on a date. I’ll miss Jerry and his quirky personality. Happy for Alex getting to produce more episodes.


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