New 8 pm time slot for #H50

Here is a reminder from Alex 🙂





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11 responses to “New 8 pm time slot for #H50


    I’ll be there Alex front and center. Glad to see you and the cast do another season.


  2. Sunflower

    Alex orders, we obey!

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  3. I love everything this man does…even a 17 second PSA. He is too cute!


  4. CassG

    Sweet!❤ ❤❤❤ Thanks Paula.😊


  5. Debbie Fischer

    What’s this about?

    On Thu, Sep 26, 2019, 2:05 PM Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study wrote:

    > Paula posted: “Here is a reminder from Alex 🙂 > > ” >


    • We can not upload videos directly to our blog, we have to embed them from urls. We prefer to upload videos to our facebook and use those because the original posts elsewhere tend to get removed.
      So you managed to get our url for this video, somehow 🙂


  6. lindae5o

    Alex looks gorgeous !! I love his longer hair.

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  7. Lulu

    I can hardly wait to see that beautiful man on my TV screen tonight! I also love his longer hair!


  8. HI, okay this may be a stupid question but what is with Steve’s new truck? What happened to the white Silverado did I miss something from last season?


    • If I recall correctly, they also did not make any fuss about it when they changed the colour a few season’s back.
      It is all about sponsorship. They will only make the noises about it on the show, as big as the sponsorship from the car company is.


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