And More #AlexOLoughlin ….. at #H50 SOTB 2019

The pictures do not seem to stop coming.
Here is our fifth post with some of the footage from SOTB 2019.
Some great stories with the pictures as well.
Hope you enjoy!
jennyseabolt_ Can’t believe that on the last day I was in Hawaii and on my birthday! I was able to meet some of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI! On Sunset on the Beach, premiere night of the shows! You can see the excitement in my face! I never thought this would ever happen! Like a little kid in a candy store! 😃
rebhiggs Ryleigh is always a rockstar! She fits in perfectly with our adventurous, and always on-the-go, lifestyle. She endured an 11 hour adventure today— the highlight: attending the world premiere screening of season 10 episode 1 of Hawaii Five-0 on the beach in Waikiki. We were able to snag photos with some of the actors! Alex was talking to a reporter and wasn’t coming my direction (Ryleigh and I had made friends with the people surrounding us and we were all most excited to see him) so I scream “Alex, my baby wants a photo with you!!” He walks our way and responds with “that baby looks terrified but I’ll do one more.” Ryleigh fell asleep immediately after our quick photo. She knew her work was done. She slept through the Train concert and then watched her first episode of Hawaii Five-0! What a fun and exhausting day! ❤️



The only annual beach celebration for a national tv show was held again on Thursday evening (9/19/19) down at Waikiki. CBSʻs big hoodoo, SUNSET ON THE BEACH celebrated 10 years for HAWAII FIVE-O and a renewal for their new MAGNUM series, so the party was combined. I usually tire of the crowds and retreat early, but stayed around and found an accessible spot to shoot from. At almost dark star Alex OʻLoughlin arrived and the crowd went wild and then he drifted my way which afforded me a close access to him and the crowd. Everyone had a great time. The CBS Canine stars arrived in their own car, of course, then MAGNUM STAR Jay Hernandez arrived a little later. (next post) #hawaii50, #alexoʻloughlin, #sunsetonthebeach, #waikikihawaii, #hawaiifiveO, #sonyalpha


ryleebrooke_official On the red carpet with Alex O’Loughlin, the star of Hawaii 5-0 #Hawaii50 #MagnumPI #AlexOLoughlin #SunsetontheBeach #CBS #HawaiiFive0 #RedCarpet #TVHost #Waikiki #SOTB #industrykids
murakamimaniaワイキキで開催された『HAWAll- FIVE-0』と『MAGNUM.PI』のプレミアでアレックスのセクシーな横顔、いただきました〜!
#sotb #sotb2019 #hawaiifive0 #ハワイ旅行 #ハワイ観光 #海外ドラマ

the_human_photography_machine Alex O’Loughlin who plays Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett on @cbstv hit @hawaiifive0cbs is heading into its 10th season. Alex O’Loughlin is seen here taking a selfie with fans as he makes his way up the red carpet. Hawaii Five-O premieres on September 27. Check your local listings for the time. Event: @sunsetonthebeachoficial @cbstv @hawaiifive0cbs 10th Season and @magnumpicbs 2nd Season
#cbs #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #celebrity #redcarpet #nikon #nikonphotography #seasonpremiere #media #event #night #night_captures #illgrammers #visualscollective #blue #photographer #eventphotography #photooftheday #picoftheday #bestoftheday #oahuphotographer #waikikibeach

the_human_photography_machine One of the coolest things I’ve ever had the chance to do is work a Red Carpet event. I’ve worked many Red Carpet events, but this one special. I got to watch celebrities interact with their adoring fans. See those fans smile as they take a selfie with the stars. Such an amazing night.
#alexoloughlin #hawaiifive0 #stevemcgarrett #cbs #action #dramas #nikon #nikonphotos #media #redcarpet #eventphoto #celebrities #sunsetonthebeach #night_captures #illgrammars #visualcollective #oahuphotographer #photooftheday #bestoftheday #thehumanphotographymachine

This baby! … and Alex’s face 🙂 – Priceless!

And we will end it with this recap of the night:

PS. About the shout out to the fans at the end of the video. It is amazing, whenever Alex appears with another good looking guy (like Jay) on screen, he shines even more and looks even better to me than what I have ever thought he is over the years.


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5 responses to “And More #AlexOLoughlin ….. at #H50 SOTB 2019

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Love the new pictures! Uhh, lucky girl, on her birthday? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Alex decided to come over to the East coast in the winter… (my birthday🤪) The end, when Alex and Jay are standing next to each other, ooooh, they both look soooo hot! I loved how humble they were too. Makes me love Alex even more. (Jay too) The video was also great when we got a glimpse of the theme song pictures! True, we only saw Junior’s, but isn’t it cool that they used him dacing at the wedding he went to with Tani as the focal picture in his area of the theme song? Anyway, thanks again, and can’t wait for Friday!!!!


  2. CassG

    This has been wonderful!! I say it again thank you both for the pleasures and treasures of what you bring to us.
    I also must say that I am so happy for Alex for what he’s accomplished and for what the future holds for him which I believe are even “greater” things. Love and adore him always.😍😘❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Can one melt from love? Because the picture of Alex with the baby has made me melt. I’m now a little puddle full of adoration for the man.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Magnólia

    Bonitas fotos e tão gentil com as pessoas.🍀🎶
    Obrigada, Paula e Foyeur!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lulu

    Thank you for all these wonderful new photos of Alex! Was Malia at the SOTB event?


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