#AlexOLoughlin – More Pictures From the Screening of #H50 Episode 10:07

It looks like everybody thoroughly enjoyed the evening with Alex. Lots of excitement and praise from everybody who attended. The cast and crew enjoy their big family – Ohana.

chiranuj  I was honored & lucky to be invited to a private screening of #HI50 episode which Alex wrote, directed, and produced! #alexoloughlin. Awesome episode in the best close family atmosphere with all the crew members, casts and @plenkov. Alex stresses how important it is to have the great crews like this to make the show successful! Ohana 💞 #Ohana


skyler_selfmade  It was an honor and privilege to meet Alex! I’ve worked on Hawaii Five-0 for two seasons now and it’s been an amazing experience can’t wait to continue the journey!#actorslife #hawaiifive0 #hawaii #acting #alexoloughlin #movies #ohana #mahalo #aloha #film
celebrenty  #h50 #PRIDE 💯 tonight ✨ #epic Episode #kapunoadmittance ⏭


lisa_jenniferA great time tonight at a private screening to watch an episode of Hawaii 5-0 that Alex wrote and directed. Also, got to watch Beulah Koale perform a haka in Alex’shonor! #hawaii50cbs #alexoloughlin


fbrfilms Watch @beulahkoale honorAlex O’Loughlin Tonight with a Haka at our premier of Alex’s episode that he wrote and directed! It was like a mini movie. He fucking killed it. Felt like Michael Mann meets Tony Scott. The emotion was raw, the energy was amped , and it had a lot of heart.
I have to say that Beulah is the real fucking deal. His eyes, his emotion, his humor, and just that overall movie star quality of doing nothing at all. Letting the other actors play off of him. Less is more, then you build up from less to make more, giving yourself somewhere to go. Some people got it. They are born to do it. And then it’s so wonderful to see a Polynesian doing it. I can’t wait to see his journey. I’m so blessed to be a part of this world. And I got to bring my sweetie and some new friends. It’s all about sharing these times with the one I love and share my life with. Or else what am i doing it for? Life is a blessing. Enjoy it while you’ve still got it. Everyone have a blessed weekend!
#hawaiifiveo #cbs #haka #newzealand #aotearoa #hawaiitheater @yozamusic #fairai #fairairichmond
  • Beulah performing the Haka – Video credit keycurry808 on IG Stories.


Also from keycurry808

Thank You to all who shared memories from their evening with Alex!

We hope there will be more!!


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6 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – More Pictures From the Screening of #H50 Episode 10:07

  1. Magnólia

    Muito bonito Beulah homenagear Alex, parece gostar muito dele. 🎻

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  2. So many wonderful things have been said about Alex and his talents! The praise from a film maker is extra awesome.
    How long till this mini movie airs? Can’t wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mamayorkie

    Beulah is amazing. It is apparent the that love and respect between Alex and Beulah goes much deeper than just two guys who act on the same show and are workday friends. Maybe that’s why they are able to sell their stories on the screen. I expect that these two will still be friends when the show ends. I want to see more of them together doing S.E.A.L. stuff. That is the true H50 bromance.

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