#H50 SOTB 2019 With Lots More #AlexOLoughlin Pictures

Here are some more pictures and footage from last night’s Sunset on the Beach.

Word from those who were at SOTB to see the show, is that Alex is listed in the credits as one of the Producers on the show. We hope to get official confirmation of it soon.

davidnaylor_1Oh what a night. Thanks so much @jayhernandez001 and #alexoloughlin for such a memorable moment. Log onto cbs.com for more! #h50 #magnumpi
jmhpurdue  Just hanging with the homies in Waikiki!
#hawaiifive0 #hawaiifiveo #hawaiifiveocbs #sunsetonthebeach #sunsetonthebeach2019 #magnumpi
coachmandy808 So yes Alex and I have built a rapport over the years… Hawaii Five-0 premiere #ssotb2019
marypoulette 😋Alex O’loughlin getting to the Premiere, Sunset on the beach 🎥 @hawaiifive0cbs #hawaiifive0 💕
#hawaii #sotb #alexoloughlin #actor #hawaii50 #waikiki #honolu #hawaiilife #hawaiifiveo #sunsetonthebeach #fun #aloha #oahu #hawaiistagram #instahawaii #stevemagarett #808 #h50

alintokyo Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Premiere in Waikiki!🏝😎🤙 Got a pic with actor Alex O’Loughlin — and two other fans😅 Hey, he was rushed at the end and put us all in one photo😂 Luckily I knew how to airdrop it to the Japanese young woman next to me — she was hyperventilating and about to pass out🤣

#hawaii50 #hawaiifive0 #waikiki #alexoloughlin #groupphoto

nsane1 Cast from Hawaii50 and MagnumPI on one stage… that’s one big happy O’hana
hawaiiirl  On the red carpet with some of our favorite actors from #H50 & #MagnumPI at Sunset On The Beach! #SOTB2019 PC: @coachmandy808

island_stars808#h50 #hawaiifive0 #alexoloughlin #beulahkoale #meaghanrath #iananthonydale #kimmebalmilero #dennischun #katrinalaw #shawngarnett #alharrington

Credit ernsand2 for the following videos on twitter


#ハワイ #ハワイファイブオー #ファイブオー #five0 #cool #alexoloughlin #supercool #名前わからんけど #皆好きなキャラクター #とりあえず最高 #exciting #アレックスオローリン


marichinchan  今日のプレミアム試写会で一番可愛かった子😍 mahalo💕!!(=^x^=)!!
#hawaii #ハワイ生活 #hawaiifive0



Thank You to everybody who posted pictures.

Links to original posts are as always in the names of the original posters.

If we find more pictures available that are not here, we will try to post them later.

And remember to scroll back to the earlier two shorter posts of SOTB


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12 responses to “#H50 SOTB 2019 With Lots More #AlexOLoughlin Pictures

  1. mamayorkie

    It is lovely that so many people were kind enough to post pictures and were willing to share with those who could not be there. So a big thank you to them and also to you for posting them here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lana

    what about they talk in video: coachmandy808? I can’t understand…
    I like so much this blog.
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for gathering these gems! You are the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kathysr

    Thank you so much for the great photos and videos! Alex always gives a gracious interview. He’s thoughtful, honest and humble.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Many, many thanks for all these photos! Alex looks more beautiful than ever! And how patient and sweet he is with his fans, going selfie after selfie after selfie always with a smile and a kind word. And answering the same questions year after year. I adore that man !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. lindae5o

    Alex is such a sweetheart, and he looks fabulous !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nina

    Where was Alex wife did anyone see her? Did she even go to theevent?


    • No Malia was not there, but there was a seat reserved for her. They are hosting a big event over the weekend, and I would guess that she did not want to have to sit through all the events of the night.
      Now that Magnum is also part of SOTB, it becomes a very long evening. In the past they usually left early, but these days even the band perform before the two shows.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. cathy

    Merci pour ce résumé des images de cette soirée.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Magnólia

    Um encanto! Saúde e muito sucesso na sua vida🍀🎻

    Liked by 1 person

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