#H50 season 9 gagreel

Thanks to our friend Jill, from the Gorgeous Alex O´Loughlin facebook group, we got season 9 gagreel clip 😀

Not enough Alex though, but still a couple of cute bits of our star of the show ♥ Enjoy!




Meaghan fumbling her lines and Alex being supportive and adorable. I would never get my lines right if this was the price 😉


We know Alex knows his goofy faces, good to be reminded of that again 😛

What the hell is in that big canister?!! He has been seen dragging it along for years now. The secret to his hotness!?

Think I liked most the bit with Alex talking in Australian accent in high pitched voice 😀


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12 responses to “#H50 season 9 gagreel

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Love it! Alex is amazing in all the scenes featuring him, as always!



    Alex, is so funny as Commander Steve Mcgarrett all the funny faces that he makes. I agree with the one woman who said if Alex was that close to her she could not remember her lines. Neither could I. I would be watching him. I cannot get enough of Steve J McGarrett. Bring it!


  3. CassG

    Always a pleasure seeing Alex.❤❤❤ Thanks Paula.. 15 days and counting. I can’t wait!!!😁😁😘😘


  4. Yes, call Danny a *beep beep beep*, Alex! Seems like his InsideSteve is just as dannoyed as I am. 😉
    And how hilarious is this phonecall, his aussie slang and this high pitched voice, that’s too funny. Right?
    Oh sorry…
    Roooiiight? [that’s me trying to write in an Aussie accent] 8)

    Thanks for sharing Jill and Paula! And I want to know about this secret canister too. Wherever he goes this thing is not far away. Who knows, maybe there still is a tiny tiny bit of vampire in him and it’s Bloodpresso©.

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  5. mamayorkie

    Thank you Paula and to your friend Jill for this posting.


  6. Thanks for this post! I’m disappointed tho. Too much of Meghan’s teeth and Chi’s ass and too little of our man, In fact, watching this makes me reafirm MY opinion: H50 is now a run-of-the-mill show only endurable because our adorable, sweet and goofy Alex is in it.

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  7. Lena

    Thanks for posting this. It was so much fun to watch. Alex’s phone call was done in Kiwi Accent which is the New Zealand accent and might be how Beulah normally speaks, minus the high pitch


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