The Many FACES of #AlexOLoughlin 2011 – 2019

At long last the 24th also arrived in Hawaii and once again we would like to congratulate Alex on his birthday by continuing with all his gorgeous different faces over the years.



The second year of Hawaii Five-0. The year of many injuries. And the year Alex met his wife Malia



The year did not start good for Alex, with aggravation to his injuries and dependence on the pain meds for it. Luckily he got help and came back with a new lease on life and also with news of a new baby on the way.


Alex settling in family life and a successful show.


In April,  Alex and Malia got married. He also took part in a few charities in Hawaii.



Alex and Malia revamping his home with a hands-on approach and becoming more and more part of  local Hawaiian society..


Alex, once again struggling with lots of injuries, but as he called it later, managing to get Humpty Dumpty back together again.


A year with a bit of turmoil caused by lots of changes on the show, having to cast new main cast members. These changes resulted in a closed set during the Blessing Ceremony and a delay of two months with Sunset On The Beach for that year.


Alex making his debut as director of one episode on the show, with Malia and the kids visiting the set to support him. And both of them looking as gorgeous as ever at Sunset On The Beach.



Alex looking to expand his career, adding writing to his artistic expression, while he continues with  acting and directing on the show.

Alex, young and bright at the age of 26

and mature and gorgeous at the age of 43

Best Wishes for the year to come, Alex!

May all your dreams come true …..

And Thank You for all the fun over the years!!


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18 responses to “The Many FACES of #AlexOLoughlin 2011 – 2019

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    This was a very good post, and I am lucky to have found you guys, since you help feed my somewhat-unhealthy Alex obsession😋. I loved seeing all the pictures, and this post made me feel better, since my newspaper didn’t recognize Alex’s birthday, but did Scott’s yesterday, so that was a bit of a bummet. You fixed the bummer though, cause I’d take this post over his name in the paper any day.


    • Alexoloughlinlover

      well hello to another Alex fan with an obsession over this beautiful breath taking man called Alex he is the world’s sexiest man ever and I love him more than anything he is simply the greatest thing ever to be put on planet of earth


  2. Bunty

    Happy Birthday Dear Alex you feel like an old friend You have been my constant favourite since I first saw you in Mary Bryant May you have a long and happy life doing exactly what makes you most happy. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sue

    Thanks Foyeur for all of the pictures and information. Happy Birthday Alex! Many, many more. Looking forward to the new season.


  4. CassG

    Happy Birthday Alex! Hope your day was a beautiful one. All the best to you and much continued success!😘

    Thanks FOYeur and Paula for this excellent post of that gorgeous face from that sweet age of 26 to that fabulous age of 43. It was fantasic esp with the story behind them, much of which was new to me. This was truly a gift.❤❤


  5. Magnólia

    Sempre, sempre será um Grande e belo Homem!
    Muitos anos de Saúde, Paz e Amor para Alex e família.
    Muito grata,Paula e Foyeur 🥂🍾🎻


  6. lindae5o

    Thanks Foyeur, for all the Alex history. The bottom two photos perfectly
    illustrate his progression. The left side- boyish and cute, the right- mature, experienced, and heart-meltingly gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mary Enriquez

    Amen to that Linda!!


  8. Did you or Word Press block me? I posted a comment yesterday and it’s not there. Okay, it might not deserve a Nobel Prize for Literature, as it’s only my appreciation of Alex’s handsomeness (does this word exist?), but even so… Just curiosity.


    • Not sure what happened to your comment. It is not in spam either. Must have gone lost somewhere in cyberspace.


      • Then I hope Alex explores cyberspace and is the one to find it! His ego should be nicely boosted, as I was saying he is divinely beautiful. And as leiCa, I find him much more handsome & hot now than in 2002, with his boyish face (and he already the father of a 6 years-old son!).


  9. Anne Collins

    Can’t wait for Season 10. It’s also hard to believe his oldest son, Saxon, is now 22 years old.


  10. YES! Many many faces all expressive and beautiful as only our talented Alex can portray. Heck I bet he even has an expression for reading a phone book that I could watch ALL DAY! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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