#AlexOLoughlin and The Phantom

Great to get a new good quality picture of Alex from the #H50 set. It is always nice when other people from the performing arts visit the set and share their experience with the fans.

The Phantom of Phantom of the Opera on Tour, Derrick Davis, visited the set of Hawaii Five-0. On his IG story it was clear that he was very exited to meet Alex in particular.

An incredible day spent on the set of #hawaii50
What a pleasure to meet and chat with #alexoloughlin and the entire crew! Thanks for coming to @phantomtour to check us out…your direction and acting today was inspiring


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7 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin and The Phantom

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Love the new picture! It always amazes me how he can go from too hairy and grey to this!

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  2. CassG

    I love the picture and love even more Derrick”s comment. You just can’t help loving Alex for the sweet and great guy he is. ❤❤ A consummate professional respected and admired by many. Thanks FOYeur for a very nice start to my day.😊😊😊

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  3. Is it me or is Alex looking tired, with a pinched face as he were a little bit unwell? Look at the dark rings under his eyes.


    • I agree that his isn’t the best picture I’ve seen of him lately. Personally I prefer a more closely shaven beard or even clean shaven. I do like his new longer hairstyle. Hell he deserves to look tired with how hard he works. Most importantly I want him to be healthy.

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    • Must say, Alex does not look tired to me.
      We must always remember the light in these kind of open air pictures can be cruel.
      For myself, I always look older and more tired in pictures taken outside, than what I see in the mirror.

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  4. Debra Fischer

    Oh no.. I’ve bought so many things from Amazon, it can’t go broke!


  5. Debra Fischer

    Hey alex. Keep up your beautiful smile


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