#AlexOLoughlin with some new faces on #H50

Hawaii Five-0 ended with a cliffhanger at the end of Season 9, but in about 5 weeks time we will all see what happened with Steve McGarrett and his Ohana when Season 10 starts on 27 September in the USA. For those of you not following social media, there will be many surprises, but I guess there are not a lot of you who don’t follow the show elsewhere. If you do not want to be spoiled with some of the things we picked up from the footage from the set, I suggest that you do not continue reading.

  • First of all we know that Alex and his character Steve McGarrett is back and it looks like he will be back in full force without physical injury. His character looks in good health on set (and after the first episode filmed, he was also without the beard).

Not only will Alex be back, but as we reported a while back, he also wrote and directed the episode that was filmed first for the season. It will however not be the first episode broadcast. My guess is that it will be broadcast close to Halloween. And we also got the pictures from Christine Lahti who will be in that episode. That even more so would suggest that it will be a great episode.

  • We also know from the Blessing ceremony, that some of the  Ex Navy SEAL’s from Trident Adventures will again be seen. This time in the episode directed by Alex.

They posted this older picture from Season 8 Epi 24, where they also featured:

Trident Adventures ( 3 August )

“Sometimes we get a little jealous of the jobs our SEAL guys have 😏 Try and spot our two veterans on the new season of H50″

  • There is official notification from CBS of the  addition of actress Katrina Law to the permanent cast as season regular. She will play a former Army  Staff Sergeant named Quinn Liu.

From Jim Halterman on 14

The island of Hawaii just got a bit more interesting.

CBS announced Wednesday that Katrina Law (The Oath, Arrow) will step into a series regular role on the network’s long-running crime drama, Hawaii Five-0, when the series returns for Season 10 in September.

Law will play a former Staff Sergeant with Army CID named Quinn Liu, who was recently demoted for insubordination. Liu is described as sharp-tongued in several languages and she has a deep knowledge of military culture, which will make her the perfect person to match wits with Five-0 Commander, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin).

Liu comes into the show after an explosive collision with Five-0 on a case involving veterans. She will soon become a local ally for the team, which also values integrity over sticking to the rules.

“We are thrilled to have Katrina join the 10th season Hawaii Five-0 as a series regular,” says Executive Producer Peter Lenkov. “She dazzles as Quinn, the team’s newest recruit, and viewers are going to love seeing how she first encounters McGarrett and Danny. If you know the show well, you’ll be feeling some déjà vu.”

(Unfortunately we can not share any pictures of Alex with Katrina  from the set. They were all posted by the person who took them, and he blocked us from his IG and Twitter pages and we can therefor not post them with full credit of original source. )

  • Actor Rob Morrow posted this picture and he also indicated that he will be in more than one episode of Hawaii Five-0. Loved him since the Northern Exposure days and hope he will have a great character to play.

W/this stud and good guy playing a good guy #AlexO’Loughlin
@hawaii50cbs hey, were ur ears burning @therealclaireforlani #waikiki #hawaii

Of course Claire featured as Alicia Brown in a number of H50 episodes. She and Rob, in their younger days, starred in a 1998 movie together. It seems as if they remained good friend all this time.

  • Claire answered back with a tweet: “Damn you two look cute together! Adore you both so much”


  • Actress Katie Wee posted a picture on Instagram a while back already, but she deleted the post. We can only guess that she did it because when it was shared by others, there might have been some indications that she could be a new love interest for Steve. 

She wrote:

“To say shooting Hawaii 5-0 was fun would be a huge understatement. It was a total gift 🎁 I got to be in Hawaii, (!!!) work with the loveliest people, and ultimately do the thing I have wanted to do since I was a little kid- act on TV 🤩trying to soak in how truly grateful I am, because that gratitude is what helps me remember what it’s all for in the moments between wins. Can’t wait for you all to meet me on #H50 s 10 #AlexOloughlin


Some dates that might be of interest to you:

  • This Saturday, 24 August is Alex’s  Birthday.
  • It has been announced that Sunset On the Beach will be on Thursday, 19 September
  • And a week later on Friday 27 September, Season 10 will kick of on a new and earlier time slot on CBS at 20h00


8-9 p.m. Hawaii Five-0
9-10 p.m. Magnum P.I.
10-11 p.m. Blue Bloods

As usual  a big Thank You to everybody who posted pictures and shared information on their pages, for all to see. It is good to see when the Aloha spirit from most people in the fandom.


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29 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin with some new faces on #H50

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Can’t wait for the new season! All these deets sound great, aside from the new love interest. Mcrollins FOREVER!

    Liked by 2 people


    I cannot wait for the 10th season to start. I can’t wait to see all the cast and new ones but I am most excited to see Alex O’loughlin as Steve Mcgarrett. I am jealous of the new love interest they may have for Steve. Lucky girl.


  3. Wonder if Claire will be back? But also hope Michelle B is back. As really he and Catherine are meant for each other. Just do not like it when Peter L has a love interest there one minute and disappear the next.

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  4. mamayorkie

    First: Don’t feel badly that you cannot access the photos from that site that has you blocked unfairly. They were not all that interesting or spectacular. Wait for the official ones released by the show. It is almost impossible to get a good view of Tani 2-0

    Second: The deleted shot of Steve and a young woman in a restaurant (actress


    • mamayorkie

      Here is the entire post. It was cut off.

      First: Don’t feel badly that you cannot access the photos from that site that has you blocked unfairly. They were not all that interesting or spectacular. Wait for the official ones released by the show. It is almost impossible to get a good view of Tani 2-0 from those shots.

      Second: The deleted shot of Steve and a young woman in a candlelit restaurant (actress Katie Wie ( who really looks lovely) is supposedly during a date. If the picture was deleted, it was likely because a segment of the fandom saw that and ran with the story that Steve had dumped Catherine and has a new girlfriend. We may never see this actress again but it would not surprise me if the show wants to see him trying to date again. The deletion may have been a reaction to the twitter ladies running down field without the ball and/or perhaps someone suggested it might be a good idea not to feed the fandom piranhas . The fact that the photo was deleted speaks for itself.

      i love that Rob Morrow is going to do more than one appearance this season. He will likely fill in for when Danny is off doing all those little Danny things and not appearing or hardly appearing in any episodes.
      Really, Harry needs to come back. He fits in so much better.

      Please do not kill Doris. She is still his mother and he loves her.


      Liked by 1 person

      • It is not that I can’t access or repost the pictures from that person. I refuse to do it because I cannot link the original source. It is a case of “Cutting off the nose to spite the face” for him.
        He says people do not give him credit for his pictures, but him blocking us causes the results of, if we do share it we can’t tag the origin. So now I don’t share it, because he will accuse us of sharing without giving him credit.
        Best of all, in every post before he blocked us on twitter, he was always tagged – as you know we do with all the news we share here ….
        As for the picture from Katie Wee – I was not online at the time and did not see what happened. Or maybe I could not see what happened because it was done by people who I have blocked – not sure.
        But I see no reason to hide if there will be a new female in Steve’s life – he is a man after all. And he needs some loving. Even if it is just for one evening.

        Liked by 1 person

        • mamayorkie

          Twitter games hold no interest for me. If someone wants to behave like a “Diva” then so be it. It is not a very attractive look. I repeat, grainy, hard to see videos are largely a waste of time especially when there is no context for what we are supposed to be seeing except perhaps a identify a location.

          As for the deleted photo of Alex and Katie Wie: If it is indeed true that someone added a twist to the post not intended by the actress, then that is truly inexcusable. She is a young professional trying to make her way in a very tough field, thrilled that she got this role and then had to delete her own post. Maybe she is on a date with McGarrett, maybe not. Who really cares? But to do this to her, especially when making a good impression on the boss means a possible return as a guest star and boost to her career, is cruel, stupid and exactly what i have come to expect from these harpies.


  5. Endings and beginnings, it’s a journey for our show. Thank you for pulling it all together. Bring on S10!

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  6. Susan Schoppe

    I’m sure the post & picture were deleted BC someone added to the top of her post making it look like she said things that she simply did not say. And yes the Twitter click of about 3 or so did run down that field with total speculation. She may be a love interest or not, but she made no reference to that at all. Only time will tell however from the way things look as of this time I’m thrilled that the Steve & Cathrine relationship is over, tried of the whiplash effect along with the fact he’s way to good for her, just my opinion but I’m sure I’ll be blasted for it!


    • mamayorkie

      I have never seen anyone “blasted” on this site for disagreeing on a “ship” . Just because I believe McRoll is endgame does not mean I do not value your opinion or right to disagree with me. I only base my beliefs on what PL has said in interviews which are direct quotes and that is that Catherine will be there to the very end. While it is true he likes to misdirect our attention, I have never found even one instance where he has lied when giving an answer which was quoted. If he chooses to answer a question put to him by a reporter, he is truthful. The problems arise when these reporters add their own spin and opinions and some fans confuse that with what PL actually has said.


      • Kathysr

        Agree, Mamayorkie, no one ever gets “blasted” on this site unless they act in a totally rude, disrespectful and unprofessional manner towards others on the site or towards the actors portraying roles on the show. We all express our opinions, sometimes very passionately, for or against whichever relationships we like or don’t like. At this point, I really don’t care. But I agree with you, Peter has stated over and over again that Catherine is Steve’s endgame. So, let’s see what happens. And I agree with FOYeur, Steve deserves some love in his life now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Susan Schoppe

        Yes PL definitely said Catherine will be there till the end. But I don’t think he said their relationship together was his end game, did he?


        • mamayorkie

          Well, what he said was that he had a romantic endgame planned for McGarrett but did not want to say because it would create a whole twitter mess on his feed. Apparently, he has had his plan for a very long time. I am paraphrasing this. It was shortly before, after or close to his statement that Lynn was not in McGarrett’s future. He sure wasn’t mincing words about that one, was he?

          This is my belief based on years of reading and analyzing his quoted comments, watching what he actually does, and carefully observing how the writers are pushing this relationship along in certain episodes where Cath is NOT present– (from Joe White’s advice on several occasions to Doris comments about her and even from Danny’s mouth. None of this is accidental. Surely Joe had more pressing problems to discuss than Steve’s love life, like trying to stay alive.?

          Maybe the strongest indication of his intention is this. He keeps bringing Cath back when all he had to do was kill her in 421. But he didn’t do that. It would have saved him a lot of fandom grief by taking the easy way out and having her die in Afghanistan. Instead, he reunites them in 525 when renewal looked uncertain, sends her away in 603 and but said that she was written into 625 when Steve was dying– until they got renewed for a 7th season. Then he took her out so he could bring her back differently in 707. None of this is necessary unless it is part of his overall plan.

          So yes, I believe that McRoll is endgame. But if anyone wants to believe differently, that’s OK with me. People who hate Cath are entitled to their opinion. I only object when the rude comments are personal about the actress and not the role she plays.

          Conversely, and just for fun, where is the evidence that McRoll is not endgame? Any quotes by PL? He is the one calling the shots so it has to come out of his mouth only. No surrogacy allowed here by eager fans thinking anyone else’s opinion matters besides what the Boss wants. Wishing won’t make it so.


          • Susan Schoppe

            All very very good points & observations. I do think that PL does ride the middle of the fandom road though in order to keep both sides of the For & Against McRoll Ship happy. That of course is his prerogative & I in his position would probably do the same. If Cathrine is the end game I hope it’s written that doesn’t make Steve to look any more like a door mat than he already has with her. Again JMO, and no disrespect meant to anyone.


    • I’m no fan of McRoll either but I never got blasted for it here or on another side I am involved. Sides with fun, drool, information, laughter and cleverness. I picked the right ones I think and I will leave it at that.
      So much nastiness from some of the fandom, you know, these weird ‘real’ fans, the WE people… I don’t ship McDanno – obviously I have to be homophobic. I don’t ship McRoll – obviously I have to be misygonistic. Yep, life is pretty simple for some. [insert big big eyeroll here]
      I like it here. I stay. ❤


  7. CassG

    I’m totally psyched about the new season!!😊Some of my favorite characters returning, new characters coming into the mix (hopefully there will be a possible love interest in this mix 😘), and last but not least Alex writing and directing (Iove to see a few of those). Sounds like some great prospects for some interesting storylines for S10.

    This was great FOYeur!! Thank you and by the way I am also a big fan of Rob Morrow. I loved him in Northern Exposure and also Numbers. He and Alex look good together like two guys that could get into mischief. Looking forward to those eps and 9/27 can’t get here soon enough.❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. L Carter

    I’m pariently waiting for Season 10!!


  9. Kathleen

    I’m so shallow. I love Alex’ hair this year! It’s back to longer with some waves in the back, thick and curly on top. Sexy! He has a full head of gorgeous hair so it’s a crime to cut it all off. I think the style makes him look younger. He had gorgeous little curls at the hairline as Mick, Andy and the first year of Five-O.

    I notice these things!!


  10. Erin Bedard

    I sent a picture of Alex O’ Loughlin to get Autographed this past this Wednesday haven’t seen it yet


  11. Mary Lou

    Thanks for the great update!

    Sadly a few McRoll fans (or that’s what they call themselves) were nasty to Katrina and the other actress on Twitter. They’re silly people who are not representative of real fans. I don’t like Catherine at all but that’s because of how she’s written and nothing to do with the actress or the way she plays the character. All these people deserve our support.


    • I must have missed those nasty comments on Twitter on their timelines, because I did not see anybody being nasty to them. Maybe the tweets were deleted?
      What I did see, was that Katrina made herself kind of vulnerable by stating that she was #Team McDanno.
      Fact is, the word McDanno means different things to different people. And depending on how you see the word, you might react to it.
      And of course all of them deserve our decency as people. It is their job and the way they make a living and should be respected. Nobody deserves nastiness and rudeness from fans.
      As far as support and being a fan of actors, I would not always agree that all of them deserve special support or admiration. We all have different taste in what we like and who we want to support.

      Liked by 2 people

      • mamayorkie

        The only thing i saw was a tweet to Lenkov asking if he was replacing Cath with the new character since they were both brunettes and in the military. He said no. That satisfied the poster as well as those who were worried about that. The team McDanno tweet by the actress was unfortunate but excusable since she apparently did not know how strong feelings run in the fandom and not everyone is on that particular “team”.

        As far as the young actress Katie Wie is concerned, there has been no evidence anyone was nasty to her. The real shame is that the actress was forced to delete her own happy post because some people on twitter decided to read things into it that she may not have intended.

        Considering how thrilled she was to get this job and what it could mean to her career it was a cruel thing to do to her.


      • Love your comment! Perfectly said as always. Especially Kudos to your last two lines…


  12. Season 10 is looking very very promising if you ask me. People (DP Kurt Jones) involved with the show said that the episode Alex wrote, directed and acted is a highlight and pretty much outstanding.
    And I love that there will be new women on the show. I really hope Steve gets some loving, he so deserves it. Although Steve is no one jumping someone’s bones randomly or sleeping with married women like someone else but this ‘lone ranger’ thing is ridiculous.
    So bring it on, Steve!!!


  13. Season 10 looks interesting and like we are getting back to more Steve centric stories, finally, There was too much Adam for me the last couple years and not enough Steve. And the 8pm time slot just to boost the other show is lame. I liked my two hour block of 50 and Blue Bloods. Oh well, looking forward to season 10 who would have thought we would be seeing that? Awesome!!!


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