#AlexOLoughlin – Today, 10 Years Ago

Not all of us can recall exactly where we were today 10 years ago, but it is kind of easy for Alex this time. Of course he was on the set of The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez, celebrating her 4oth birthday with the cast and crew. They filmed the movie during the months of April to July 2009 and spesifically shots some scenes the day before her birthday untill midnight, when they all congratulated and celebrated with her.

Today on 24 July, Jennifer turns 50 and we thought it might be good to recap with some pretty pictures and links to our old posts, some of the quotes and news and stories of Alex, from his time on the film with Jennifer, a decade ago ……

“Some actors are good on TV and get lost in a movie. Alex can do both. And especially on the big screen, you want somebody who can hold your attention, and Alex proved he is one of those people who can do just that.”

Jennifer Lopez

Times Colonist (April 2010)

  • Link to a video with the transcript of an interview with Alex on set in 2009.

Alex O’Loughlin about Stan and the Back-Up Plan – 2009

  • A link to one of the interviews with Alex during their promotion of The Back-Up Plan:

Alex interview with Cinema Magazine – March 2010


“Alex is a movie star. Working with him has been amazing, given that he’s never done flat-out comedy before. He’s a classically trained actor from the Australian stage, so it was a learning process for him to find the comedy rhythms without sacrificing any emotional integrity. He’s an incredible talent. Alex and Jennifer also have such fantastic chemistry. They dig each other both as characters and as people.”

– Alan Poul (Director of The Back-Up Plan)

FlimInk (September 2009)

  • Alex about working with Jennifer:

And we both realized that we were to the other, someone who we could work with. I knew I could work with her closely because I kind of ‘got her’. She was funny! That’s a big thing. If she was someone who really took herself seriously and didn’t know how to laugh, I think I would have been like, ‘Weeeellll, I don’t know, it’s going to be a challenge to get to those important scenes,’ you know?”

– Alex O’Loughlin.

on Beyond Beautiful JLO, (April 2010)

  • Alex talking about the time on set:

“It’s the best, really. A film set is like an adult’s playground and we spend so much time on them … I work and live on them. To be on a film set where there’s a family vibe, and a family feel is kind of unusual and very refreshing. It was great to have [Jennifer’s] kids there so much and Marc there when he could be there, when he wasn’t working. [Also] to have my son there, and my best friend would [visit], and her best friend was there, and her family. It was just awesome. It was the best time.”

– Alex O’Loughlin (April 2010)

  • Link to an article by Jenny Cooney at the time of the release of the film:

Baby, I Love Your Way – May 2010

  • Link to another article where Alex not only give thoughts about The Back Up Plan, but also about his TV shows, Moonlight, Three Rivers and Hawaii Five-0.

Alex O’Loughlin stars in first romantic comedy with “The Back-Up Plan” – April 2010

  • Link to one of the fun video and articles we posted about the filming of a spesific scene on The Back-Up Plan:

Alex O’Loughlin: “Your ass is on fire!”

  • In May 2009, Alex also supported Jennifer by attending the Noche de Niños Gala at the Beverly Hilton. It is an annual celebration and concert benefiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

  • Alex was one of the guests at Jennifer Lopez’s 40th birthday bash on 27 July 2009. An Evening with Lola’ was a surprise birthday party for Jennifer, organized for her by her then husband Marc Anthony.


Alex O’Loughlin attends Jennifer Lopez’s 40th Birthday Party Celebration. Held @ The Edison Ballroom, New York City, NY. July 25, 2009. © Carmen Valdes/Photo Image Press

  •  Video taken at midnight on the set of The Back-Up Plan:


Jennifer: Alex, make a toast!” 

Alex: “Okay, here we go.”

Jennifer: “Alex is going to make a toast.”

Alex: “Here we go. To Jennifer, Happy Birthday. Welcome back, baby! [Cheers all around] …… To Jennifer!”


  • This photo was taken while the little video was filmed:

There are so many photos and articles and interviews from that time that we have shared over the years, and this post is just a small fraction of it all.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!


Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

It would be interesting to see where we will all be 10 years from now ……….


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8 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin – Today, 10 Years Ago


    I love this movie I watch it over and over again, Jennifer and both share this HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of us

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  2. lindae5o

    It’s fun to revisit all this stuff from ten tears ago. Thank you, Foyeur.
    I thought at the time that J-Lo was a decent actress, but fantastic in her recent series ‘Shades of Blue’. I watched ‘The Back-up Plan’ four times in theatres, only to see Alex.
    Though I understand that she was the bigger star, I was still pissed that she got most of the attention in articles and interviews.
    What I took away mostly from that time in Alex’s career, was that he was happy to have had that opportunity. He had no delusions of how Hollywood works in this kind of situation, and was ready for her to have all the attention.
    Alex is such a grounded individual, and that’s one of the many things that make him so special.

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  3. IMHO, this comedy is rather weak, only watchable because Alex stars in it (forgive me, J-LO lovers!). I may be biased, but I think he gave dignity to that poor story, never trying to show how cute he is. As always, he made the most of the material he had to work with.


  4. Kathysr

    I think Alex was happy to be cast in a big Hollywood movie. He had a great relationship with Jennifer. I’ve heard that she can be very difficult, a real diva. He honored and respected her talent. It sounds like they made each other laugh and they really liked each other. Who could NOT LIKE ALEX? He understood that she was the big star, and he graciously deferred to her at premieres, etc. I’ve watched promo interviews with the two of them and Alex really holds his own with her.

    I think Jennifer really liked Alex a lot. And he’s so easy on the eye! I think she trusted him to be there for her in the difficult scenes and the really silly scenes, too. I think Jennifer’s a good actress. I think the movie’s sweet, funny and tender. It works for me. If I’d known who Alex was back then, I would have gone to see the movie several times for him.

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  5. Kathleen O'Loughlin

    That is one thing, he plays very different characters well. Many actors can’t do that. Of course we have our favorites but I haven’t seen anything he is in that he hasn’t done very well.

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  6. Magnólia

    Estão muito bem 10anos depois!
    Ainda vamos ver Alex no grande ecrãn tenho grande esperança. 🎶🎻

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    • Yes, it is the one sad thing about it all – that we have not seen him on the big screen again after that.
      I really do hope that we will get the chance!


      • I think we’ll see him on the big screen again.Unlike a TV show, a movie takes only three, four months of shooting, and working on the mainland or elsewhere, far from his family and beloved island, for that relatively short period of time,might be acceptable to him. So let’s hope!


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