#H50 season 10 blessing

Both me and Foyeur were offline for this event, but appears it was similar to previous years. The video by Hawaii News Now was really bad quality at points, why can they not get it right in this modern age of moving pictures 😛

Luckily photos have been taken and posted for our pleasure 🙂

Photos by hawaiifive0cbs instagram

hawaiifive0cbs “#H50 has started production with a traditional Hawaiian blessing ceremony! In honor of the show’s tenth season, the ceremony used ten traditional maile leis to symbolize how the production, our island home, and the viewers together create a ‘gift.’ #H50 premieres 9/27 at 8/7c. 🌺”

By Kurt Jones instagram

jonesydop “First Day of School. All blessed and ready to go here on Hawaii Five-0 Season X !!!”

Video by Hawaii News Now facebook

Photo by h50eddie instagram

Blessed this morning and always

Photos by HawaiiFive0CBS twitter

Back in action! 🎬 #H50 started production of Season 10 with a blessing ceremony that included traditional royal maile leis, Oli Aloha (welcoming chant), and Pule Ho’oku’u (closing prayer) to honor the show’s tenth season!🌺

There will most likely by interviews with Alex coming up, hopefully soon.


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21 responses to “#H50 season 10 blessing

  1. stevemcgarrettlover

    Can’t wait. Also can’t wait to see the stubbled jaw we get during the series. I find it soooo much more attractive.

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  2. D. Havard

    Hate the beard. Love the man. Mahalo for the pics.


  3. Kathysr

    Thank you so much! Cave man Alex, that’s a really thick beard! His hair’s much longer, which I love. He’s got a little red spot/bump next to his left eye. Make-up? Wonder if he’s been filming his undercover episode in secret?

    Either he’s going to shave everything off to start shooting, or maybe this episode IS the season premiere? Let’s see what Alex looks like in the next few days. Or they could just be shooting out of sequence again.


  4. Magnólia

    Gostei muito! Alex parece estar muito bem, adoro o cabelo e gosto da barba.
    Acima de tudo desejo que tenha saúde e que consiga mostrar o muito talento e carisma que tem.
    Grata, Paula 🎶🎻

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  5. AlexOloughlinlover

    Omg Alex is so damn cute and the beard is so very sexy I love it and I’m so proud of him actor,director and now writer just wow he is the very best ever

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  6. AlexOloughlinlover

    I love Alex with the beard so very sexy yummy and he’s so cute today omg me so happy right now so proud of him for all that he does for the show

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  7. I am not a fan of bearded men but I must say I would make an exception for this beautiful man. Love the longer hair but I will be happy just to see him on my tv screen again….


  8. Looks good in the beard. Good luck for season 10!

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    • AlexOloughlinlover

      yes Alex is very damn sexy with the beard if anything the sexy scale went up by a million for me and I love him so very much like words can’t explain how much I love him

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  9. Michele Archibald-Facciolo

    Can’t wait for season 10 to start, Love the long hair you need to get rid of the beard, not a fan of it. And where is the rest of the team. Do we get to see
    Grace P and Daniel?


    • Hi Michele
      Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim left the show more than 2 years ago already. I highly doubt if they will ever be back since both moved on to other projects. I think they made it quite clear that they don’t wish to come back.
      Also love the fact that Alex’s hair is a bit longer at the moment.
      And about the beard – you address Alex directly with your comment, but of course this is not his personal site, and I highly doubt if he ever reads anything on here.
      We can not speak for him, but I can quote him on his comments at the Blessing of 5 years ago.
      Alex: “Well, I don´t know why, it´s such a big deal … I love …. it´s my man-ness. It´s actually my vacation face, so you know … I´ve had lots of different … it´s funny, you grow a beard like this and people just run up and just offer their opinion: “Hey yah!” Can you imagine I walked up to you and went, “Your pants are terrible. Your face is…there’s something wrong with your face”. You’ll be like ….
      Yeah, it´s like they own my face”
      Link: https://alexoloughlinintensestudy.wordpress.com/2014/12/15/transcript-alex-live-on-hnn-season-5-blessing-ceremony-8-july-2014/

      And to add to that, from what I could see, his beard is part of his look for this spesific episode of H50 that they are filming now. And it is always better to have a real beard when you need it for a character, than some fake one that needs to be glued on every day.
      It is part of acting to have different looks for character at different times …….

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      • I’m always amazed by your ability to recover in the blink of an eye pertinent data from your extensive data base about Alex. Congratulations! And Alex is right, of course. We don’t own his face. But the right to give an opinion about it, as long as it’s respectful, is ours, 😂!


      • Kathysr

        Totally agree, FOYeur, this is Steve’s undercover look, so they must be shooting that episode now. That explains the “wound” right next to his left eyebrow. This is what he looked like when he was shooting scenes for Steve’s undercover episode two weeks ago in LA. And he looks very happy.

        They’re back!!

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      • YES!!! I wish I could like this comment more than once!
        Everytime I read something like “He (or You need to… ugh) needs to get rid of that beard” I thought about that interview and him saying “It’s like they own my face”.

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        • I really don’t mind people expressing their feelings if they do not like beards, but it is the demands or demanding tone of the comments that gets to me.
          And we’ve been through it all so many years now – it is not as if a beard is some permanent feature. And for as many who don’t like it, there ar just as many who do. Why demand and force your opinion on others?
          Some actors loose or gain weight for a role, some shave their heads while others grow it; and the list goes on and on and on ….
          On the other hand, maybe we should demand that he be naked all the time 😛

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          • mamayorkie

            As to your last line………….weren’t you supposed to get us a picture of the entire back tattoo or am I just dreaming? (You know- one of you holds him down, the other takes the shot?) LOL!

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  10. Thanks Partner (Paula),
    So frustrating that we both sat, waiting the previous day to see the Blessing, just to realize that info about the date was actually wrong. 😦
    As an Alex fan, a few things make me happy about the footage.
    Seeing Alex really relaxed and happy.
    Seeing some of the ex-SEAL’s who run Trident – Hopefully that would suggest some story about Steve the SEAL. Going back to his roots is always great stories.
    Seeing Eddie

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    • mamayorkie

      It looks like they are shooting this episode out of sequence because it does not appear to be part two of last season’s cliffhanger. I did not see Meghan, Chi or Jorge, so if it is another S.E.A.L. story then they may not be needed yet. Usually more of them attend something as important as the blessing but perhaps they had good reasons to miss it. . ( PL was at his late mother’s memorial service.) No Scott,of course. Quelle surprise.

      About the beard…………….his face, his choice. Not my personal taste but this time I think he looks pretty good and if I am not mistaken, a few pounds heavier?



  11. CassG

    I take Alex’s various looks in stride as it is probably a result of an upcoming storyline or a result of vacation mode. He’s entitled to do as he pleases. We have our various views on how we best like to see him. I’m I’m pretty sure he’s
    aware of how fans best like to see him at this stage. That’s why at some point he comes back to his regular gorgeous mode. Of course for me he’s always in that mode no matter what!!😍😍❤❤

    Thanks much Paula and FOYeur for your posts.

    I also must add that I loved seeing Eddie and esp when a lei was placed around his neck. Love that face!!😘❤


  12. I personally think he looks so awesome in these pics because he seems to be (and it shines) really happy and content with his life.

    (Did you see the manspread pic, when he was doing an interview? That showed so much respect for a shorter person. And it was sexy. Yep. Sexy too. Can’t deny it, lol)

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