#AlexOLoughlin Hiatus Beard and Pink Beast Spotted!

Thanks to Jack Taufer, we finally got a glimpse of our man. Been a loooooong while since we got anything.

Very grateful of Alex´s Jiu-Jitsu hobby, at least we see these occasional glimpses. Where would we be without them…

I was thinking he might be causing the abnormal heat in Europe with his visit, but guess he was/is in LA (tag @clube_jiujitsu) https://i1.wp.com/i.imgur.com/KLFy0MW.gif

Credit Jack Taufer @jacktaufer“Met this homeless dude in the parking lot. JK. Trained Jiu Jitsu with this beast today, Alex O’Loughlin. Shout out to @clube_jiujitsu for having us.”

Jack posted a nice BJJ pic also a few months ago from training in Alex´s garage

“Part 2 of an epic day. The best part of Jiu Jitsu is likely meeting awesome human beings. These 2 (and hopefully I fit that description) are just that”



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9 responses to “#AlexOLoughlin Hiatus Beard and Pink Beast Spotted!

  1. mamayorkie

    Thanks for your post. Very little info coming out about S10 (at least that can be verified through reputable sources). I’m waiting for the EP to give an interview with some hints. Since he’s in control, his is the only opinion which I take at face value. So often the cast has made comments which have fueled speculation or been misinterpreted but turned out to be totally wrong. My money is on the Boss.


  2. Blessed BBJ from which micronews abt Alex come our way! And blessed Paula who strives hard to find us the said micronews! S10 starts filming in less than 3 weeks. CBS/PL are really stretching the suspense very far. Don’t you ladies find it weird? Is it not an ominous sign?


    • They have never really given any details about anything for the new season before filming starts. Nothing different to other years for me.
      Only differences that we can pick up is that they start filming about one week later than what they used to in the past years.
      And it looks like they will be shooting some scenes in LA this week, but most probably without the main cast, I think. Something like a Mexican “night of the walking dead” crowd scene.


      • FOYeur, you really are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Alex! He should hire you and Paula as intermediaries between him and us fans. It would make life easier for you both. He might also consider hiring me (on second thoughts, I much prefer this second option 😄!).


  3. Kathysr

    There’s Alex! Hope he’s been having fun, whatever he’s been doing, and bless him for having some privacy. I wonder if he stopped by and saw Scott’s play, since he’s in LA when the play is running (June 14-30, 2019.)


  4. CassG

    Thanks much Paula. This was nice to see. Always a pleasure to see Alex at any time and any place and esp when he is in relaxed mode. Love looking at him.💕💕

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  5. Alexoloughlinlover

    I love seeing my Alex again I have missed him so very much glad he is back oh that beard just damn sexy


  6. I love those pictures. I love the man so much I have been a huge fan for many years since he did the movie white out. I sent him a letter apologizing to him. Please ask him if you see him if he got it


    • AlexOloughlinlover

      hey friend wonder what happened to you wanted to check and see how you were doing I have a Alex blog on tumblr if you want to join me there hawaiianohana31 is the name of it


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