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#AlexOLoughlin Hiatus Beard and Pink Beast Spotted!

Thanks to Jack Taufer, we finally got a glimpse of our man. Been a loooooong while since we got anything.

Very grateful of Alex´s Jiu-Jitsu hobby, at least we see these occasional glimpses. Where would we be without them…

I was thinking he might be causing the abnormal heat in Europe with his visit, but guess he was/is in LA (tag @clube_jiujitsu) https://i1.wp.com/i.imgur.com/KLFy0MW.gif

Credit Jack Taufer @jacktaufer“Met this homeless dude in the parking lot. JK. Trained Jiu Jitsu with this beast today, Alex O’Loughlin. Shout out to @clube_jiujitsu for having us.”

Jack posted a nice BJJ pic also a few months ago from training in Alex´s garage

“Part 2 of an epic day. The best part of Jiu Jitsu is likely meeting awesome human beings. These 2 (and hopefully I fit that description) are just that”


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