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#AlexOLoughlin and Egan at the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii

Seems like Alex O’Loughlin, thanks to Egan Inoue , is keeping himself busy with a lot of good stuff during the #H50 hiatus. During the week they helped the kids from The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii with a self-defence workshop, all the while having some fun and raising money for the children in the community of Hawaii.

From the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii:

Transcript of the video:


Hi, I am Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii Five-0. Join me, supporting Great Futures at the Boys and Girls Club. Because every kid deserves a great future.

Have a look at what they were up to and how you can participate.

Follow the link in the name to see what  Great Futures  is all about.


After-school is a critical time for our youth, when they need guidance, support and caring adult mentors.  

67% of Boys & Girls Club alumni say that the Club kept them out of trouble with the law. 

Please join us on Great Futures Day to ensure that every child and teen has access to a safe place when school lets out – a place with caring mentors, enriching programs, friendships, and love.

With your help, we can keep the doors open for Hawaii’s keiki and help transform the lives of those who need us most.  

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii serves more than 14,000 kids each year at 9 clubhouses on Oahu and Kauai.  

The Future of Our Islands is in the Hands of Our Youth!

Click here to donate

Looks like a lot of fun
bgch808  So excited to start out Great Futures Day more than half-way to our goal of raising $250,000! Show our kids that you believe in their Great Futures by making a donation at http://www.greatfuturesday.org! #bgch808 #greatfuturesday2019


bgch808 What a day! A big mahalo to @egansbootcamp for coming out to @spaldingbgch today, and bringing their good friend Alex O’Loughlin of Hawaii Five-0 to help us kick off Great Futures Day by giving our kids a good workout AND donating $3,000 to Great Futures Day! #bgch808 #greatfuturesday2019 http://www.greatfuturesday.org

From Egan:
egansbootcamp Because of all of you amazing bootcampers, we were able to do burpees to raise $3000 for the #BoysandGirlsClubHawaii and today did a special mini self-defense workshop (video to follow) and motivational talk w/ @eganinoue and #alexoloughlin
Sharing a few life lessons with the keiki. #GreatFuturesDay #BoysAndGirlsClub #Honolulu #Hawaii #Charity #ForTheKids

From Ian Fernandez:


It was nice to help support the Boys & Girls club of Hawaii #spaldingbgch with their Great Futures Day with Alex McLaughlin of HawaiiFive-0 and Egan Inoue

Of course it is “O’Loughlin” and not “McLaughlin”, but I am afraid no correction as yet. 😦

From Goldee Nastor:


Ain’t no shame. I was totes #fangirling I don’t even watch the show 🙊
• • •
Me: I thought he’d be taller and bigger 😂

#fangirl #aintnoshame #bootcamp #fitness #fitnessmotivation #sweatsesh #workinprogress #tabata #tabatatuesday #sweatismagic #healthy #strong #mightymouse #girlswithink #girlswithtattoos #ihadtotouch

And please remember you can also still participate in raising money for another charity with Alex and Egan!

You can find all the detail by following the links on our previous post:

Self-Defence Workshop with #AlexOLoughlin at #GrapplingUnlimited



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More footage of #AlexOLoughlin getting his #BJJ Brown Belt

Thank you once again to Egan Inoue Jiu Jitsu  for posting some more footage of the Belt Ceremony from last Saturday. You can find our previous post about it here.


From Egan:

“In life, it’s not what we hope for, it’s not what we think we deserve. It’s what you go out and get.”

Mahalo coaches for staying committed to excellence and putting countless hours into training our members. Welcome back home old school family and welcome new white belts!

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted:

NEW BLACK BELTS: Eric Onishi & Darin Ho

NEW BROWN BELTS: Joey Vonblankenburg & Alex O’Loughlin

NEW PURPLE BELTS: Daryl Tomita, Frank Bailey, Boman Tokioka & Jason Holstein

…and all other members who got their well deserved stripes at belt testing. Congratulations and see you on the mat!


Link to Original Video Posted by Egan:


Egan Inoue Jiu Jitsu   Congrats everyone on your belt promotions and stripes!

Some edits from the Guantlet:

From our Instagram:



And the Gecko is still there ….

Always hoping for bigass pics of Alex having fun, getting whipped half nekkid 😛


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